Katy Perry’s Met Gala fashion fears: Could her chandelier dress ‘timber’ in NYC?

Katy Perry showed off two bold looks at the Met Gala on Monday – one inspired by a chandelier and the other by a hamburger. However, just two days later, she went for a completely different and stylish outfit, dazzling in a green three-piece ensemble with a flowing wig as she made her way into the Good Morning America studios in New York.
During her appearance on the show, the 34-year-old shared that walking in the chandelier dress was quite challenging, often feeling like she was going to ‘teeter’ over at any moment. In contrast, she found the burger costume to be much easier to navigate in.

Lady in green! Katy Perry opted for a wholly more chic ensemble just two days after her Met Gala costume as she dazzled in a green three-piece paired with a flowing wig in New York

Green goddess! Katy Perry chose a much more stylish outfit just a couple of days after rocking the Met Gala red carpet. She looked stunning in a green three-piece suit, complete with a flowing wig, while out in New York City.

“I didn’t attend any fancy finishing schools or anything like that, but I had to really focus and walk carefully,” shared Katy during the morning talk show. “I wanted to greet all my friends, but I would start to lose my balance if someone stared at me for too long. I was afraid I might stumble at one point.
“The outfit weighed around 40 pounds. It was easier to walk as a cheeseburger because it was all padded, just like it was loaded with special sauce.” The singer looked stunning in the green outfit she wore on GMA, which included a full skirt, crop top, and a stylish ruffled coat.
Katy looked amazing in the vintage-inspired ensemble she chose to wear. While she is usually sporting a short hairstyle, this time she decided to wear a wig with flowing locks for her appearance.
She completed her look with white sunglasses with thick frames and added a pop of color with bubblegum pink lipstick.

Shady lady: The 34-year-old looked sensational in the green ensemble which featured a full skirt, a crop top and a chic frilled coat

The mysterious lady was stunning in her green outfit, consisting of a flowing skirt, a cropped top, and a fashionable frilled jacket.

Happy days: She beamed and waved at her fans as she made her bold appearance

With a big smile on her face, she happily greeted her admirers as she confidently stepped onto the red carpet. Her uniquely stylish ensemble made sure she stood out among the celebrities at the glamorous Met Gala on Monday night. Surprising everyone, including Jennifer Lopez, she switched from her elegant chandelier dress to a quirky hamburger-themed outfit, adding a touch of fun to the evening. The talented singer was determined to make a bold statement and steal the spotlight at the renowned New York event known as ‘fashion’s biggest night.’

Looked sensational: She was showing off her style credentials after a wild night on Monday

She looked absolutely fabulous, flaunting her fashion sense following a fun evening on Monday.

All white? While she is known for her quirky crop, she opted instead for flowing locks by sporting a wig for her outing

Known for her unique style, she surprised everyone by ditching her signature short hair for long flowing locks with the help of a wig during her recent public appearance. Later in the night, she caused a stir by changing into a quirky hamburger costume in the bathroom, earning a nonchalant glance from Lopez as she confidently paraded past. An Instagram video posted by Perry captured the moment when Lopez casually strolled into the ladies’ room, paying little notice to her eye-catching ensemble while her coat casually hung over her shoulder. Perry had already turned heads on the red carpet earlier, wearing a stunning Moschino chandelier dress adorned in Swarovski crystals.

Green and keen: Katy looked incredible in the chic ensemble which borrowed from time gone by

Stylish and eco-conscious: Katy rocked the vintage-inspired outfit like a pro, looking absolutely stunning.

Oops! She sported a hamburger costume at the Met Gala on Monday night

Oops! She showed up at the Met Gala on Monday night wearing a costume that looked like a hamburger.

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