“Katy Perry’s Vibrant Vegas Wardrobe: Singer’s Psychedelic Style with Mushroom Hats and Beer Can Accents”

Las Vegas’ newest sensation, Katy Perry, wowed fans with her eclectic wardrobe choices during her residency PLAY. The pop icon, aged 37, spared no expense in putting together a collection of eye-catching outfits that included a fungus-themed ensemble, a beer can dress, and plenty of glittering sequins evoking the spirit of the seventies. With a total of eight daring looks and extravagant stage sets, Perry kicked off her ‘Perry Playland’ concert at The Theatre at Resorts World in style. Fans were treated to a psychedelic journey through Perry’s fashion sense, as she dazzled in each and every one of her unique costumes.

Legs for days: A sequin dress featured cutouts and high slits which showed off her incredible legs

With a sequin dress flaunting cutouts and high slits, Katy Perry’s incredible legs stole the show.
Unsurprisingly, Perry dazzled fans with a 95-minute concert, complete with eight costume changes and a mix of her best hits.
Her quirky and creative wardrobe, typical of her style, received plenty of attention online.
A standout look included a red latex outfit inspired by fungi, featuring a bodysuit, fringed chaps, and a mushroom bucket hat.
Performing “I Kissed A Girl” surrounded by giant toadstools and a feminine frog in a sparkling bikini, Perry brought her unique charm to the stage.

Over the top: One striking red latex look was fashioned after a fungus and featured a bodysuit with fringed chaps and a mushroom bucket hat

Going all out: A bold red latex outfit was designed to resemble a mushroom, including a bodysuit with fringed chaps and a unique mushroom bucket hat.

PLAYTIME! She belted out I Kissed A Girl amongst giant toadstools and alongside a feminine looking frog in a sparkling bikini

Barbie girl: Perry looked like a doll in a pink striped latex dress and white heeled boots

Having fun! She enthusiastically sang “I Kissed A Girl” surrounded by oversized toadstools and next to a female frog wearing a glittery bikini.

Take a bow! 'A lot of my shows have been figuratively larger than life, but I play a doll in this show, so everything is, like, three times the size of me' Perry told GMA, with one look including an oversized bow

Katy Perry showcased her unique style in a recent performance, where she transformed into a doll character with larger-than-life outfits. Speaking to Good Morning America, she mentioned how everything in the show was three times her size, adding a playful touch with oversized bows and doll-like ensembles.

Her wardrobe included a pink and white striped latex dress paired with white boots and a half ponytail hairstyle. She also rocked a seventies-inspired trench coat dress in bright purple adorned with flowers, hearts, and, of course, an oversized bow on the back.

During her performance of “Teenage Dream,” Perry dazzled in an orange spiral sequin dress featuring cutouts and high slits, showcasing her toned legs. She highlighted the intricate details of her costumes, mentioning the hidden tricks and abundance of rhinestones in outfits like her iconic California Dreams dress.

Overall, Katy Perry’s larger-than-life outfits added a fun and whimsical element to her show, truly bringing her doll character to life on stage.

Surprises in store: 'These costumes, some of them have tricks in them, like my California Dreams dress...There's a lot of rhinestones,' she previously told E! News' DailyPop

Exciting Revelations: In a recent interview with E! News’ DailyPop, the singer revealed that her costumes are full of surprises, particularly her California Dreams dress which she described as being adorned with plenty of dazzling rhinestones.

Bubble dress: One white dress featured bubble-like adornments which were lit up, and a sparkling headband to match

Think pink: Another look featured a beaded collar fit for a queen which she paired over a figure-hugging pink dress

Perry had previously mentioned that her fiance, Orlando Bloom, assisted her in designing some of the costumes for her performance in PLAY, sharing with DailyPop that they collaborated on the outfits and makeup. Some of the meticulously curated costumes included a striking white bubble dress paired with a sizable gem-encrusted headband, as well as a form-fitting pink dress featuring a colorful rainbow collar.

One of the most buzzed-about ensembles was a silver dress ingeniously crafted from can tabs and recycled beer cans, with two cans creatively placed on each breast. To enhance the look, she added a black trash bag raincoat and a hat made from a garbage lid for an extra touch of style before removing them onstage.

During her performance, Perry appeared alongside a large face mask named ‘Mr. Maskie’, where she subtly referenced her motherhood by incorporating a moment of breastfeeding her daughter Daisy Dove with a beer in hand. She also symbolically addressed the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic by performing California Girls on a backdrop constructed from oversized toilet paper rolls.

For this particular number, she dazzled in a fringed cocktail dress complemented by a sequined white head wrap and matching gloves, perfectly embodying the playful and extravagant aesthetic of her performance.

Upcycled: Perhaps no look was more talked about then a silver dress fashioned out of can tabs and upcycled beer cans — two of which were strapped to each breast

Redesigned: One of the most buzzed-about outfits was a silver dress made from can tabs and recycled beer cans, with two cans serving as unique breastplates.

Quenching her thirst: Performing amongst giant beer ans she even lactated beer at one point as a nod to breastfeeding one-year-old Daisy Dove

Details: Her white cocktail dress was adorned with sparkles and she capped off the look with a white head wrap

She has a diverse fashion sense, rocking an upcycled beer dress and a gown that seemed to be inspired by toilet paper, creating buzz among her fans.

COVID-19 times: And continuing to address the COVID-19 pandemic both literally and metaphorically, she performed California Girls on a set made of giant toilet paper rolls

During the COVID-19 pandemic, she creatively addressed the situation by performing California Girls on a stage made of oversized toilet paper rolls. Perry mentioned that her fiancé Orlando Bloom assisted with some of the costumes for her show, PLAY. She shared that they discussed the outfits and makeup together, showing him options and asking for his input.

Reflecting on the past couple of tumultuous years, Perry acknowledged the uncertainty of the future during her performance in front of an audience of nearly 5,000. She expressed gratitude for their support and willingness to take a chance on her. Katy is the second artist to grace the stage at Resorts World theatre after Carrie Underwood. Her Las Vegas residency is scheduled to run until March 2022, with Perry earning a whopping $168 million for a total of 32 shows.

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