Keeping it Discreet: Selena Gomez Rocks a Stylish Oversized Hat as Justin Bieber’s Weekend Escapades Create a Stir

Written by the Daily Mail Reporter, an article was published on July 1, 2014, providing updates on Selena Gomez’s reaction to her boyfriend Justin Bieber’s interactions with other women. In no mood to be photographed, Gomez kept a low-profile as she left a friend’s house in Hollywood on Monday. She concealed her face by wearing a large black hat, clearly wanting to go unnoticed.

Somber: Selena Gomez kept her head down under a big black hat as she made her way out of a friend's house in Hollywood on Monday

Casual: Selena Gomez left a friend’s house in Hollywood on Monday, keeping a low profile with a large black hat. She put together a stylish outfit, pairing tight high-waisted skinny jeans with a black sweater and tan leather sandals. Her dark hair fell straight down past her shoulders as she walked towards her car. Although she appeared somber, Selena still managed to offer a small wave as she got into the passenger seat.

Low key: She teamed her gloomy but chic ensemble with a pair of skin tight grey high-waisted skinny jeans and a pair of tan leather sandals

Casual vibes: She effortlessly combined her moody yet fashionable outfit with a snug fit of charcoal high-rise skinny jeans and a charming touch of tan leather sandals.

Staying strong: The 21-year-old looked to be in mourning as she hid her face under a big black hat and matching top while making a low key exit

The 21-year-old looked to be in mourning as she hid her face under a big black hat and matching top while making a low key exit

The young woman, who appeared to be grieving, chose to conceal her face with a large black hat and a matching top as she discreetly left the scene. This happened on Sunday, when Justin was seen with his arm around a lovely brunette, rumored to be model Kayla Phillips, at Chris Brown’s inaugural Skate Party in Glendale. At one moment, it seemed as though Justin was exchanging phone numbers with the brunette, as he leaned in attentively while holding his phone in his hand. However, this brunette was not the only person Justin spent time with in recent days.

On-again, off-again: Justin and Selena had been seen on a string of dates together over the last couple of weeks

An unpredictable romance: Justin and Selena have been spotted enjoying a series of outings together in recent weeks.

Courteous: The brunette beauty was still gracious enough to give a partial wave as she maneuvered to the passenger side of the car

Polite: Despite her busy schedule, the attractive brunette maintained her poise and offered a friendly wave as she gracefully made her way to the passenger seat of the car.

Safe and sound: The Come & Get It singer got into the passenger side of her vehicle

Secure and unharmed: The famous singer known for her hit song “Come & Get It” comfortably entered the passenger seat of her vehicle.
Later in the week, Chantel Jeffries, who had previously been involved with the singer, was spotted leaving the pop star’s residence in Beverly Hills.
The 21-year-old brunette didn’t hold back in proudly displaying her encounter with the celebrity, sharing a cozy Instagram photo in the early hours of Monday morning.
In the picture, she cuddles up to the heartthrob and gazes coyly at the camera. On his other side lies her best friend Catherine Paiz, making it a true Bieber sandwich.

Three's company: Justin posed with Chantal Jeffries and her pal Catherine Paiz in an Instagram shot

A trio in good company: Justin was caught on camera alongside Chantal Jeffries and her friend Catherine Paiz, capturing a memorable moment for their Instagram followers.

Getting cosy: The Baby singer and Catherine cuddled in another picture

Getting all snuggly: The Baby crooner and Catherine were spotted all cuddled up in yet another snapshot. Justin and Selena have been spotted going on a series of dates recently. On June 20, the couple enjoyed a romantic dinner and movie before heading to a studio in Los Angeles. Fans are speculating that they might be working on some kind of musical collaboration. With their on-again, off-again relationship history spanning four years, their love story has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride, leaving fans perplexed.

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