“Laughing it off: Demi Lovato clears up mix-up during live TV interview about her go-to comfort food”

Demi Lovato is currently traveling around Europe to promote her latest album, Confident. However, she faced a bit of a language barrier during her visit to Berlin. While being interviewed by a German DJ in English, the 23-year-old singer was asked about her favorite dish. In response, she cleverly quipped, “I like mugs because they’re so comfy to hold and they can keep hot drinks warm without burning your hands. So, you know, coffee or hot tea.”

Language barrier: Demi Lovato appeared to misunderstand the question when asked in English what her 'favorite dish' was during an interview with a German radio station in Berlin. She answered: 'I like mugs'

During an interview with a German radio station in Berlin, Demi Lovato seemed to have some trouble understanding the question asked in English about her ‘favorite dish’. Instead of naming a food, she replied with ‘I like mugs’. This caused some confusion among fans, but Demi later clarified on social media that she was actually joking. She emphasized that her sense of humor may have been misunderstood by those who took her answer seriously.

European tour:  The brunette singer was doing a promotional interview for her album Confident with Energy Startalk in Berlin when she made the gaffe

During her European tour, the dark-haired vocalist was conducting a promotional interview for her latest album “Confident” with Energy Startalk in Berlin when she accidentally made a mistake.

It was a joke: Demi tried to diffuse the incident after it went viral on the Internet by claiming via Twitter that she had been joking

Demi attempted to downplay the situation when it started spreading online by insisting on Twitter that she was simply joking. This wasn’t the only news story about her this week. While in the UK, she chatted with TV presenter Alan Carr, who questioned her about the meaning of the lyrics in her song Cool For The Summer and whether they referenced lesbianism. Demi responded by saying she wouldn’t confirm or deny it, adding that all her songs come from personal experiences and that there’s nothing wrong with exploring different things. She cheekily added, “I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy it either.”

Stirring debate: The 23-year-old also performed on a British TV show and told the host Alan Carr that her hit Cool For The Summer may - or may not be - about lesbianism

Sparking discussion: During a recent appearance on a British TV show, the 23-year-old singer shared with host Alan Carr that her popular song Cool For The Summer could possibly be interpreted as relating to lesbianism. Along with dropping hints about her past relationships, Demi Lovato also mentioned that she feels more at peace with herself now. Having been candid about her struggles with depression, eating disorders, and self-harm in the past, Demi expressed that her latest album, as the title suggests, represents her newfound confidence. She explained to Alan, “I feel like there was a shift in the past year where I just stopped caring so much. Now, negative comments don’t bother me as much because I’ve grown more comfortable and confident in my own skin.”

On the road: Demi wore a cropped leather jacket  paired with an edgy pair of Christian Louboutin peep-toe booties and bright red sunglasses as she went walkabout in Berlin

While out and about in Berlin, Demi strutted her stuff in a chic cropped leather jacket, rocking a pair of fierce Christian Louboutin peep-toe booties and bold red sunglasses.

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