Learning to Embrace My Curves: Demi Lovato’s Journey with Wilmer Valderrama

After overcoming her struggle with bulimia, she has come to appreciate her body and adopt a positive mindset towards her shape. Demi Lovato attributes her newfound love for her figure to a ‘special someone.’ The 22-year-old posted a photo on Instagram over the weekend showing her relaxing on a recliner, hinting that her boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama, 35, played a key role in helping her embrace and cherish her ‘curves.’

'A special someone helped me learn how to love them': Demi Lovato suggested her boyfriend of five years, Wilmer Valderrama, showed her how to embrace her shape on Saturday

Demi Lovato shared on Saturday that her long-time boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama, helped her appreciate and love her curves. Through her Instagram post, Demi expressed how she used to dislike her curves but learned to embrace them with Wilmer’s support. The photo accompanying the post showed Demi in a white and pink floral playsuit, showcasing her toned legs while lounging on a luxurious white seat on a private jet. Her caption included hashtags such as #squats and #COOLFORTHESUMMER, reflecting her confidence and self-love journey.

Lovebirds: Wilmer cosied up to his singer girlfriend when they attended KIIS FM's Jingle Ball in Los Angeles in December 2014

Lovebirds: Wilmer and his singer girlfriend were seen getting cozy at KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball in Los Angeles in December 2014. Demi has often expressed how her relationship with Wilmer has positively influenced her life over the past five years.

Back in late 2010, the Heart Attack singer underwent a three-month rehab program to address her eating disorders and self-harming habits. In a recent interview with Fitness Magazine, Demi mentioned how crucial Wilmer was in supporting her journey towards better health.

'You are cooler for more than just the summer honey!' Wilmer recently plugged his girlfriend's newest single Cool For The Summer on Instagram

Wilmer recently showed his support for his girlfriend’s latest song “Cool For The Summer” on Instagram, emphasizing that she is cool in more ways than one. Sharing about her journey to recovery, the star opened up about her struggles. She admitted that she almost relapsed into her eating disorder last summer, feeling overwhelmed by her thoughts and fears around food. Thankfully, Wilmer was there to notice and confront her about it, bringing her a sense of relief.

'Curves': Demi shared an image of herself getting a lift from a pal on Saturday, where she showed her pride for her body as it is with the hashtags 'thickthighs' and 'curves'

‘Curves’: Demi posted a photo of herself getting a lift from a friend over the weekend, expressing her confidence in her body with hashtags like ‘thickthighs’ and ‘curves’.
The former star of That 70’s Show recently shared the cover art for Demi’s latest single, Cool For The Summer, where he openly admired his partner’s fit physique.
‘Wow, you’re cool year-round, not just in the summer babe!!… #Legs #IWannaBeAChair,’ he playfully captioned the post.
Cool For The Summer, a feel-good seasonal track, was released on July 1, with Demi describing it as ‘truly one of the best days of my life’ in an Instagram update.

'Seriously one of the best days of my life': Lovato Instagrammed a photo of herself sporting  a plush hot pink robe while admiring the city skyline the day of her single Cool For The Summer's release on July 1

One of the most amazing days ever: Lovato shared a picture on Instagram of herself wearing a luxurious hot pink robe, taking in the city skyline on the day her single Cool For The Summer was launched on July 1st.

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