Loyal Pup Clings to Hope, Seeking Reunion with Missing Owner beside a Sofa

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From the moment our furry companions step foot into our homes, they instantly become part of our family. We shower them with love, attention, and security, ensuring their well-being and happiness.

It is truly disheartening to think that there are pet owners out there who would abandon their loyal four-legged friends and break the trust that was built between them.

One such dog, La-Z-Boy Gatson, experienced the pain of being left behind by his owners, unaware that they would never return to him.

Waiting on a Solitary Path

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puppy on sofa outdoor

In June 2019, a tiny puppy, only four months old, was discovered abandoned near Gatson Road in Lincoln County, Mississippi. Animal Control Officer Sharon Norton arrived at the scene and was deeply moved by the sight of the helpless pup sitting alone on a recliner chair, placed next to a discarded TV. The puppy appeared weak and malnourished, showing clear signs that it had gone days without food. Despite his dire condition, his eyes still sparkled with optimism, hoping that his owner would return. Unaware of being abandoned, the puppy stayed rooted to the spot, refusing to move.

human feeding abandoned puppy

Sharon Norton approached the dog and offered him food, providing him with the care and attention he desperately needed. She spoke comforting words to him and gave him treats, making him feel at ease. Through her efforts, Norton was able to gain the dog’s trust.

Filled with joy, Norton lifted the dog and carried him to the animal control truck. It was evident from the wagging of his tail that he felt safe in Norton’s arms. She took him to the Brookhaven City Shelter, where he received a bath and treatment for his ringworm. From there, he was transferred to the Brookhaven Animal Rescue League for further recovery.

Norton decided to name him La-Z-Boy after finding him near a recliner and the road. The staff at the rescue league describes La-Z-Boy as a friendly puppy who loves to nap and spend time with others. He is sociable and has many playmates. One of his favorite activities is playing in the water.

After nursing him back to health, La-Z-Boy was placed in foster care, hoping for a swift adoption. Fortunately, he didn’t have to wait long for his happily ever after.

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happy couple posing with dog

On his Instagram page, @lazboy.gatson shared the heartwarming news in July 2019 that he had finally found his forever home and a loving family. Dave Trammell and Sommer Guy, his new parents, were deeply moved by his story and made the incredible journey from Michigan to Mississippi – a distance of over 15 hours – to meet and welcome him into their lives.

Trammell couldn’t help but be drawn to La-Z-Boy when he first saw him. The way he looked, with his adorable yet melancholic expression, just tugged at Trammell’s heartstrings. It was as if La-Z-Boy’s eyes were silently pleading for love and belonging.

Fortunately, the little pup didn’t take long to settle into his new home. In just a matter of days, he appeared completely at ease, even going so far as to sleep with his belly exposed – a clear sign of trust and relaxation. Trammell believes that La-Z-Boy simply yearned for a place to call his own, and his gratefulness shone through when they finally arrived at their destination.

Now residing in Plymouth, Michigan, La-Z-Boy lives a blissful life with his family. His favorite pastime still involves indulging in naps, and he particularly enjoys accompanying his dog sister, Penelope, on car rides. It brings immeasurable joy to know that La-Z-Boy is thriving and relishing every moment of his newfound happiness.

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