“Making waves in paradise! Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama captivate on St. Barts getaway with Dirty Dancing-inspired lift”

Following a hectic week, Demi Lovato finally had some quality time with her boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama on Wednesday. The pop star, aged 23, rocked a revealing black swimsuit as she relaxed with her partner in the beautiful setting of St. Barts. The pair even shared a fun Dirty Dancing moment as Wilmer playfully lifted Demi into the air. Watch the video below for more!

Time of her life: Demi Lovato was launched out of the water in a scene reminsicent of Dirty Dancing on Wednesday as she enjoyed a dip with boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama in St. Barts

Demi Lovato had the time of her life as she was seen being lifted in the air by her boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama while they enjoyed a swim together in St. Barts, giving off vibes similar to a scene from Dirty Dancing.

Getting drenched: The singer fell sideways into the refreshing waters 

Caught in the rain: The vocalist stumbled awkwardly into the cool waters
Demi appeared thrilled as her good-looking partner supported her and she extended her arms wide.
The pair couldn’t resist each other, sharing kisses and hugs in the pristine blue waters.
Wilmer, aged 35, matched his girlfriend in black swim trunks.

Soaking up the sun: The 23-year-old pop star showed off her impressive beach bod in a plunging black swimsuit

Soaking up the sun: The 23-year-old pop star showed off her impressive beach bod in a plunging black swimsuit

Enjoying the sunshine: The 23-year-old singer flaunted her stunning figure in a stylish black one-piece while at the beach.

Just the two of us: The 35-year-old That 70s Show star gave the songstress a big smooch

Just the two of them: The 35-year-old actor from That 70s Show shared a sweet kiss with the singer.

Touchy feely: The loved up duo couldn't keep their hands off each other during the splash about

Getting handsy: The affectionate couple just couldn’t resist each other while enjoying a playful splash in the water. Before diving in, they took a moment to admire the scenery, exchanging hugs and kisses on the sandy beach. Demi looked adorable in a white lace romper, while Wilmer kept it casual in a black tank top before both changing into their swimwear.

Between her busy schedule of Jingle Ball performances around the country, the talented singer has been keeping herself occupied.

Off duty: The couple enjoyed some private time after Demi's promotional duties with the Victoria's Secret models

After finishing her promotional work with the Victoria’s Secret models, Demi and her partner took advantage of some alone time to relax and unwind.

Cheeky: The songstress poked her tongue out at the actor

The singer playfully stuck out her tongue at the actor.

All mine! The singer couldn't get enough of her man as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders

All mine! The singer couldn't get enough of her man as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders

All to herself! The vocalist was smitten with her partner, enveloping him in a warm embrace.
After a performance in Washington D.C., she hopped on a flight to join the Victoria’s Secret Angels.
The models have been busy this week striking poses for photos to showcase the latest VS swim collection, and Demi has arrived to assist in shooting a promotional video for the brand’s summer line.
The details of Victoria’s Secret’s upcoming surprise are still under wraps, but Demi and the Angels have been hinting at something exciting on social media with the hashtag ‘somethingbigiscoming16’.

Beach babe: Demi wore a flattering halterneck costume 

Beach babe Demi looked fabulous in her stylish halterneck swimsuit.

Enjoying a dip: Valderrama coordinated with his girlfriend in black swim-shorts

Having fun in the water: Valderrama matched his girlfriend in matching black swim trunks.

Inked up: The songstress showed off the tattoos on her ribs during the dip

Inked up: The songstress showed off the tattoos on her ribs during the dip

Displaying her ink: The singer flaunted the tattoos on her ribcage while taking a dip.

One more time: Demi headed towards the inviting ocean

Once again, Demi strolled towards the alluring sea.

Splish splash: Demi soaked her feet in the water

Demi dipped her toes into the cool water, enjoying the refreshing sensation.

Chilling out: The singer was ready for another dip and waded in the water 

Kicking back: The musician was prepared for another swim and casually entered the water.

Free and unfettered: The make-up free Demi emerged with slicked back hair and a glowing make-up free complexion

Demi looked natural and carefree as she appeared with her hair pulled back and a radiant, makeup-free face.

Swim tease? Demi appeared to have removed her bathing suit at one point

Could Demi have been playing a swim prank by briefly ditching her swimsuit?

Look: The singer held up the article of clothing for Wilmer to see it would seem

Check it out: The singer showed Wilmer a piece of clothing which appeared to be quite large, considering Demi’s busy schedule on Wednesday. The ex-Disney star started her day by shooting scenes outdoors under the bright sun. She was spotted getting in and out of a classic convertible while the cameras were rolling.

Cheerful: Wilmer showed some holiday spirit from the lounge chair

Happy: Wilmer exuded a festive mood as he relaxed in the lounge chair. Meanwhile, Demi rocked a charming white lace romper with intricate embroidery, complete with a low-cut neckline and flowy shorts. Despite a busy day of filming, Demi’s day was just beginning.

That was nice: Demi emerged fully clothed again after her refreshing swim

That was lovely: Demi reappeared, decked out in her outfit once more, following her invigorating dip in the water.

Back on dry land: The duo clambered back up the cliff-side up to their resort

After making it back to solid ground, the pair scrambled their way back up the rocky cliff to the cozy retreat waiting for them.

Bathing beauty: The brunette beauty wrapped up in a white towel to dry off

Stunning brunette: The gorgeous brunette wrapped herself in a pristine white towel after her bath.

Happy-go-lucky: The entertainer had a huge smile on her face as she communicated with her pals

Carefree and cheerful: The performer grinned broadly while chatting with her friends.

They've got company: it looked to be a large fun party of people

They have guests: it seemed like a big and lively gathering of individuals.

Warm and welcoming: Demi raised her arm in salute to her friends

Friendly and inviting, Demi greeted her friends with a raised arm.

Pure romance: Before braving the water the duo embraced and kissed by the water's edge. Demi wore a pretty white lace romper

Pure romance: Before braving the water the duo embraced and kissed by the water's edge. Demi wore a pretty white lace romper

Romantic moment: Prior to taking the plunge into the water, the couple shared a tender embrace and a kiss at the shore. Demi looked lovely in a delicate white lace romper.

Taking it all in: She seemed to adore the scenery as she took a snapshot with her mobile

Soaking up the beauty around her, she couldn’t resist capturing a moment with her phone.

Peace: Demi took a few selfies on the beach

Tranquility: Demi snapped a couple of beach selfies.

Picture her rolling: The former Disney star was shown later driving a classic car around the island

Imagine her cruising around: The ex-Disney actress was spotted behind the wheel of a vintage car as she toured the island.

Busy day: Demi was seemingly filming something for the Victoria's Secret special as there was a large camera attached to the hood of the vehicle

Hectic day: Demi appeared to be shooting something for the Victoria’s Secret special, with a big camera mounted on the car’s hood. After that, it was time for a swift outfit change and a sound check for her upcoming performance. Despite her busy schedule, Demi managed to sneak in some fun on Tuesday night. She shared photos of herself, Wilmer, and the Angels enjoying each other’s company. In one particular picture, referred to as a “Victoria’s Secret sandwich,” the singer was seen posing with Jasmine Tookes and Stella Maxwell.

Crazy schedule: Demi arrived to St. Barts on Tuesday and was straight to work doing a sound check for an upcoming Victoria's Secret special

Hectic agenda: Demi wasted no time upon her arrival in St. Barts on Tuesday, diving straight into a sound check for the upcoming Victoria’s Secret special.

New project: The pop star hung out with some of VS models at the resort and tagged an Instagram snap of the group (including Joe Jonas) and tagged it #somethingbigiscoming16

Exciting news: The famous singer chilled with a few Victoria’s Secret models at the luxurious resort and posted a photo of the squad on Instagram (featuring Joe Jonas) with the hashtag #somethingbigiscoming16.

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