Man’s Unexpected Discovery of Hidden Treasures in French Inheritance!

A man in France was completely surprised to discover buried treasure in the house he inherited from a family member.
How incredible is that? What an amazing stroke of luck!

There are 100kg of gold hidden in this house, which includes gold coins, gold bars, and gold bullion. Additionally, the man found another stash of gold bullion buried in different locations. The total amount of gold stored includes 5,000 pieces, with two 12kg gold bars and 37 1kg gold bars among them.

This house contains a hidden treasure of 100kg of gold, including gold coins, bars, and ingots. The certificates discovered in the deceased owner’s estate indicate that the gold was legally obtained in the 1950s and 1960s. The fortunate individual who discovered this treasure left by the previous owner will need to pay a 45% inheritance tax. If the deceased owner did not declare the gold, the heir will also be responsible for paying the inheritance tax.

There is a hidden stash of 100kg of pure gold buried within this house, containing a variety of gold coins, bars, and ingots.

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