‘My Beloved Beaus!’ Selena Gomez Shares a Sweet Kiss with Former DJ Zedd at the Jingle Ball, Expressing Gratitude for his Onstage Support

Selena Gomez expresses her gratitude towards DJ Zedd, with whom she had been romantically connected. The 23-year-old was captured affectionately pecking the music maven on the cheek following their joint performance at Z100’s Jingle Ball in New York City on Friday. In an Instagram post that followed their electrifying on-stage collaboration, Gomez profusely thanked Zedd, referring to him as her “babes” and expressing her immense appreciation for concluding the year with such exceptional individuals. New York, where the event took place, also earned her heartfelt gratitude.

A friendly couple? Selena Gomez gave ex DJ Zedd a smooch on the cheek before she went on for her set during Z100's Jingle Ball in New York City on Friday

Selena Gomez showed her friendly nature by giving a sweet peck on the cheek to her former collaborator, DJ Zedd, before taking the stage at Z100’s Jingle Ball in New York City on Friday. The pop star looked stunning in a figure-hugging white dress that fell just below her knees. However, she later switched into a more daring ensemble for her performance.

For her time on stage, Selena rocked an edgy black outfit, radiating a punk-inspired vibe. She paired thigh-high black boots with a sheer, long shirt, which she wore over a gold bra and panty combination. This bold look showcased her fearless fashion sense.

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For old times' sake? After changing, Selena took a few snaps with her one time flame, 26-year-old Anton Zaslavski, also known as Zedd

For old times' sake? After changing, Selena took a few snaps with her one time flame, 26-year-old Anton Zaslavski, also known as Zedd

How about a trip down memory lane? Selena and her former flame, the talented 26-year-old musician Anton Zaslavski, widely known as Zedd, captured the moment with a series of candid photographs after their recent reunion.

Going dark: She exchanged the innocent white for an edgy black palette that exuded a punk vibe

Embracing the darkness: She abandoned the pure white essence for a rebellious black color scheme that emitted a captivating punk energy.

Rocking out: Her outfit consisted of some thigh high black boots and a sheer long shirt over a gold bra and panty combination

Getting into the groove: The woman’s ensemble featured a pair of black boots reaching up to her thighs, complemented by a see-through, flowing shirt worn over a glamorous gold bra and matching panties.

Throughout the entire performance, a casually tied blue flannel shirt adorned her waist in a trendy manner.
To perfect her look, Selena opted for smoky eye makeup and left her long, wavy hair effortlessly styled.
Once she had changed outfits, Selena took some snapshots with her former flame, Anton Zaslavski, famously known as Zedd.
In a playful moment, she affectionately planted a kiss on the cheek of the acclaimed EDM artist while both of them posed for the camera.

Punk diva? Some smoky eye makeup and keeping her long, wavy tresses loosely styled helped complete the transformation

A rebellious glam icon? Adding some intense smoky eye makeup and styling her long, flowing locks in a laid-back manner perfectly completed the punk-inspired makeover.
In February, Zedd and Selena collaborated on their song ‘I Want You To Know’ and speculation about them dating began after they shared pictures on social media, showing them spending time together in the studio.
Although their relationship ended shortly after, Selena, the former star of Wizards of Waverly Place, clarified the mysterious connection in June.
During an interview with New Zealand radio show The Edge Afternoons, she confirmed that the whole thing was indeed real.
‘I really admire Anton [Zedd] and we definitely had a relationship, which was great,’ said the beloved Disney princess.

Snow white: Selena arrived in a stunning white form-fitting number that dropped just below her knees, but she soon changed outfits before her onstage performance

Selena made a grand entrance in a dazzling dress that hugged her figure and was as white as the purest snow, reaching just a little below her knees. However, she later opted for a different outfit as she got ready to captivate the audience with her onstage performance.

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