Ongoing healing: Demi Lovato’s somber appearance at eccentric Marc Jacobs event in New York City following unexpected separation from Wilmer Valderrama

Three months have passed since Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama called it quits after being together for six years. It appears that the Confident singer is still healing from the breakup. Recently, the 24-year-old actress, dressed in an elegant black ensemble, attended the eccentric Marc Jacobs show in New York City. The runway featured models like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid donning colorful dreadlock wigs and unique platform boots.

She sure is confident! Demi Lovato looked elegant in black at the Marc Jacobs show in NYC on Thursday afternoon

Demi Lovato exuded confidence as she rocked a chic black ensemble at the Marc Jacobs fashion show in New York City on a sunny Thursday afternoon.

Somber: The 24-year-old failed to crack a smile as she sat in the front row of the show

Demi Lovato sat in the front row of the show with a serious expression, showing no signs of cracking a smile. The show featured a pastel 1970s style that appeared to be inspired by Ziggy Stardust, which was a stark contrast to Demi’s more subdued look.

Sharp: The siren had on a sequined top with long sleeves and a cowl neck. Black slacks looked perfect for a business meeting

Stylish: The female character was dressed in a glittering top with shimmering sequins, paired with elegant long sleeves and a chic cowl neck. The black trousers she wore gave off a professional vibe, suitable for any business gathering.

A 360 view of her getup: Lovato offered a nice front and back look

A 360 view of her getup: Lovato offered a nice front and back look

Taking a full look at her outfit from all angles, Lovato showed off both the front and back details beautifully.

Glum in the city: The star split from her beau of six years just three months ago

Feeling down in town: The celebrity ended her six-year relationship with her partner only three months ago.

The ex: Wilmer Valderrama was spotted solo in LA on September 10

Wilmer Valderrama was seen out and about by himself in Los Angeles on September 10th. The actress wore a sparkly top with long sleeves and a stylish cowl neck, paired perfectly with black slacks that were great for a business meeting. Her outfit was completed with black nails and a matching black purse, adding a touch of elegance. Her makeup was simple yet flattering, enhancing her natural beauty.

In the upcoming weeks, Demi Lovato is set to perform a special concert in Los Angeles for Marriott Reward Members, where she will be joined by her ex Joe Jonas. She has been on tour with his brother Nick as well. On the other hand, Wilmer was spotted solo in LA on September 10th after a short reunion in Mexico with his ex, Minka Kelly.

Wigged out: Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid looked thrilled with their out-there outfits and bizarre wigs as they posed backstage at the Marc Jacobs show

Super excited: Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid were all smiles in their eccentric outfits and funky wigs while backstage at the Marc Jacobs show.

Strike a (serious) pose: Bella Hadid looked like she meant business as she modeled a see-through lace dress

Taking on a fierce and determined look, Bella Hadid strutted down the runway in a stunning lace dress that left little to the imagination. The vibrant and eccentric Jacobs show seemed to be just what Demi needed to take her mind off her troubles. Kendall, at the young age of 20, appeared thoughtful as she glided down the catwalk in wigs of various colors, including blue, purple, and army green. Her ensemble included a striking metallic gunmetal grey coat cinched with a black studded belt. Beneath it, the reality TV star sported a sheer dress adorned with colorful hearts and stars. Making a bold fashion statement, Kendall paired her outfit with grey thigh-high stockings featuring purple embellishments and towering 10-inch platform heels in luxurious velvet with oversized buckles.

The look that says 'I won't fall!': Kendall, 20, looked pensive as she made her way down the runway in a wigs with blue and purple as well as an army green color

Kendall, aged 20, appeared deep in thought as she confidently strutted down the catwalk wearing wigs featuring shades of blue, purple, and army green, showcasing a determined stance that seemed to convey, “I won’t stumble!”

Shiny: Her coat was metallic gunmetal grey with a black studded belt

Shiny: Her jacket gleamed in metallic gunmetal grey, cinched with a black studded belt. Gigi, the girlfriend of singer Zayn Malik, rocked a patchwork leather coat in vibrant purple and pink, giving off major late 1970s vibes. However, her flowered belt seemed straight out of the 1960s. Paired with a pink sheer top, a skirt, and crystal-adorned necklaces, she exuded a unique and eclectic style. To top it all off, her wig flaunted hues of pink and purple, adding an extra pop of color to her overall look.

So disco: Gigi, who dates singer Zayn Malik, wore a patchwork leather coat in purple and pink that screamed late 1970s

At the disco, Gigi, who is in a relationship with singer Zayn Malik, rocked a patchwork leather coat in shades of purple and pink that totally channeled the vibes of the late 70s.

Quite the look: Underneath Gigi wore a pink top with splashes of blue that matched her thigh-high stockings

Quite the look: Underneath Gigi wore a pink top with splashes of blue that matched her thigh-high stockings

Gigi had a striking ensemble on, pairing a pink top with hints of blue along with thigh-high stockings.
Bella, on the other hand, went for a bold look, opting for a sheer white lace dress adorned with pink, purple, and blue embellishments.
The Weeknd’s partner flaunted her seductive outfit backstage, but decided to cover up with a coat featuring hippie-style drawings, including flowers, once she hit the stage.
Just like her sister Gigi, she accessorized with crystal necklaces. Bella’s wig sported lighter hues like soft lavender and dusty pink, and she completed the look with thigh-high boots in white featuring swirly designs for an added touch of allure.

Covered up! Bella was the most daring in a very sheer white lace dress with several pink, purple and blue designs sewn on

Drumroll, please! Bella stole the show in her bold choice of outfit – a stunning white lace dress adorned with a colorful array of pink, purple, and blue designs.

Steady there: Bella was careful after falling at the Michael Kors show on Wednesday; here she has Kendall behind her

Bella made sure to watch her step after her tumble at the Michael Kors show, with Kendall Jenner close by for support. Karlie Kloss rocked a camo top with unique to-the-calf boots adorned with maroon and turquoise colors, featuring a shark and parrot design. She also sported a wig, but hers had a mix of blonde and brunette tones. Despite her serious expression, all the models were likely focused on keeping their balance and avoiding any mishaps like Bella’s fall the previous day at the show.

Ready for battle? Karlie Kloss had on a camo top and to-the-calf boots with maroon and turquoise colors and a shark and parrot sewn on

Prepared for action? Karlie Kloss was sporting a camouflage top and mid-calf boots in striking maroon and turquoise hues, adorned with embroidered designs of a shark and a parrot.

Megawatt runway: Also at the show were Jourdan Dunn (left) and Adriana Lima

Megawatt runway: Also at the show were Jourdan Dunn (left) and Adriana Lima

The runway was lit up with megawatts of energy, featuring appearances from Jourdan Dunn on the left and Adriana Lima.

A vision in purple: Irina Shayk slayed in her satin hot pants with matching boots

Irina Shayk stole the show in her stunning purple satin hot pants and boots. The brains behind the colorful wigs was identified as Jena Counts, the talented artist behind Dreadlocks by Jena, as reported by Yahoo Beauty. Stylist Guido Palau had the challenge of finding the perfect hair to achieve the high styles, which were inspired by transgender director Lana Wachowski, known for her work on films like The Matrix. It was then that he came across Jena.

Her bestie: Jenner came over to visit Hadid after her hair was done

Jenner visited Hadid right after she got her hair done. Hadid has been dyeing wool hair extensions in Palataka, Fla., for around a year. She taught herself how to do it by watching tutorials online and has created 200 to 300 unique shades so far. The process involves cutting and rolling the roping, and the extensions can be washed with sulfate-free shampoo to maintain the colors. She sells her colorful creations on Etsy for as much as $155 per set.

Blonde and beautiful: Christina Ricci, left, and Malin Akerman, right, had similar hair styles

Blonde and beautiful: Christina Ricci, left, and Malin Akerman, right, had similar hair styles

Both Christina Ricci and Malin Akerman rocked stunning blonde hairstyles, showcasing their beauty and elegance.

Pretty ladies all in a row: (from left to right) Carla Gugino, Akerman, Tracee Ellis Ross and Leona Lewis

Gorgeous women lined up in a perfect row: from left to right, we see Carla Gugino, Malin Akerman, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Leona Lewis.

She made it too: Courtney Love posed with friend Mohammed Al Turki backstage

Courtney Love also nailed it: Backstage photo of her with pal Mohammed Al Turki.

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