“Oops! Demi Lovato’s Pool Party Mishap at Los Angeles Event”

While busy promoting her newest single, “Cool For The Summer,” Demi Lovato’s street credibility took a hit when she took a tumble in front of a large crowd at a pool party in Los Angeles. Despite the initial concern from her fans, Demi managed to turn the situation around with a cheerful peace sign, reassuring everyone that she was okay. Watch the video below to see the moment unfold.

Demi clod: Lovato failed to live up to the title of her latest song after taking a tumble at an appearance in Los Angeles on Sunday

Demi Lovato couldn’t quite live up to the message in her newest song when she stumbled during an event in Los Angeles last Sunday.

I'm OK!: The popstrel proved she is made of stern stuff by flashing a peace sign

I’m all good!: The singer showed her resilience by flashing a peace sign after a minor mishap. The only casualty seemed to be her pride, but she quickly bounced back by diving into the water at the KISS FM Summer Pool Party. She took it all in stride and even joked about it on Twitter, saying ‘Well… It’s not a tour without a little slip-up!!!!!! #NOTcoolforthesummer.’ Demi rocked a low-cut green one-piece, white skirt, and high heels, confidently flaunting her figure at the pool party.

Drowning her sorrows: After her humiliating fall she decided to immediately leap into the pool for a cooldown

Seeking solace in her sorrow: Following a moment of sheer embarrassment, she swiftly dived into the pool to cool off.

Putting on a show: The saucy singer certainly gave her fans more than they bargained for with her fall

Putting on a performance: The bold vocalist definitely surprised her fans with more than they expected during her fall. It wasn’t just the daring outfit that excited the crowd – Demi also delighted them with a live show. However, things took an unexpected turn when she was pranked and ended up howling as she got soaked off-stage. Her upbeat summer hit, “Cool For The Summer,” was released on July 1, with Demi celebrating it as ‘one of the best days of my life’ in an Instagram post.

Sing when your winning: At this stage Demi surely did not imagine she would soon be falling over

Demi never imagined that she would soon be stumbling at this point when she was on top. Sing when your winning.

Water you doing: The Latina lovely looked less than pleased when an off-stage prankster gave her a soaking

What the heck are you up to: The Latina beauty appeared quite unhappy when someone offstage played a prank on her and sprayed her with water.

Wet a pro: But a canny campaigner like Lovato would not let a little water put her off delivering a performance

Wet a pro: But a canny campaigner like Lovato would not let a little water put her off delivering a performance

Experienced pro: Despite getting wet, the savvy campaigner Lovato didn’t let it stop her from giving a stellar performance.

Going swimmingly: There was plenty of eye candy on display for the gentlemen in the audience

Smooth sailing: The men in the crowd had no shortage of attractive sights to see as they watched the event unfold.

Sizzling: No doubt Demi wishes her turn maintained the glamour of her new single's sleeve cover

Smoking: It’s clear that Demi wants her performance to be as glamorous as the cover of her latest single.

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