Proudly Patriotic: Katy Perry Rocks American Flag Dress for Fleet Week Performance for Sailors

Stars and stripes: Katy went patriotic in an American flag dress to perform at the event

Katy showed off her patriotic side by wearing a dress inspired by the American flag during her performance at the event.

Fashion statement: Katy kept the rest of her outfit simple as she showed off the full effects of her asymmetric dress

Fashionable choice: Katy opted for a minimalist approach with the rest of her ensemble, allowing her striking asymmetric dress to take center stage.

Patriotic: Katy showed her love for her country further when she gave a sweet salute as she got ready to perform

Showing her patriotism, Katy displayed her love for her country by giving a sweet salute before she took the stage to perform.

Unique style: The frock seemed to be an asymmetric dress before Katy revealed it in all its glory

Unique style: The frock seemed to be an asymmetric dress before Katy revealed it in all its glory

The gown appeared to be a wonderfully unique asymmetrical creation until Katy unveiled its full beauty for everyone to see.

Special performance: Katy sang for a group of sailors to kick off the week in Brooklyn

Exclusive show: Katy Perry gave a spirited performance to a crowd of sailors to start the week off in the vibrant neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Chuffed: The handsome man-in-uniform was clearly thrilled

Delighted: The attractive man in his uniform looked really happy

Flying the flag: Even Katy's microphone was styled with stars and stripes as she performed her hit Part of Me

Displaying patriotism: Katy even incorporated stars and stripes into her microphone design while performing her popular song Part of Me.

Soldiering on: Katy stuck to the military theme by having her backing dancers dressed in combat gear

Continuing forward: Katy stayed true to the military inspiration by outfitting her backup dancers in camouflage gear.

Enjoying the single life: Katy looked delighted as she perched on the back of one of her male dancers

Having a blast on her own: Katy appeared happy and carefree while sitting on the shoulder of a male dancer

Honoured: Katy seemed very happy about being asked to take part in the tradition and tweeted her delight

Thrilled: Katy appeared to be overjoyed when she was invited to participate in the customary event, expressing her happiness on Twitter.

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