Radiant in an Enchanting Orange Gown: Selena Gomez Steals the Spotlight at the ACLU Southern California Bill of Rights Gala

Selena Gomez looked absolutely stunning on Sunday evening as she attended the Bill of Rights Dinner, a prestigious event organized by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Southern California. Known for its passionate defense of individual liberties and rights, the organization always attracts high-profile individuals who share the same values. Selena, a talented actress and singer, not only graced the occasion with her presence but also captivated everyone with her choice of attire – a breathtaking, reflective copper-colored dress. The 27-year-old star not only attended the event but was also honored with the task of presenting an award. The socially aware evening was filled with other notable personalities like Don Cheadle and Chrissy Metz, making it a night to remember.

Striking style: Selena Gomez, 27, stunned in a copper-colored dress Sunday at the Bill of Rights Dinner in Beverly Hills, put on by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Southern California

Dazzling Look: Selena Gomez, a 27-year-old celebrity, captivated everyone’s attention as she appeared at the Bill of Rights Dinner in Beverly Hills hosted by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Southern California. Radiant in a stunning copper-colored gown, Selena’s dress boasted a glossy fabric with an elegant, floor-length design and long sleeves. Embellished with diagonal ribbed stripes, the dress was cinched at the waist by a striking belt and featured a distinctive collar. Adding to her allure, the actress of Spring Breakers strutted her 5ft5in frame confidently in black open-toe platform heels. Completing her glamorous ensemble, she sported a burgundy lip, exuding a sultry vibe, and elegantly swept her dark locks to gracefully cascade over one shoulder.

Shining through: Selena was unmissable in the lustrous dress, which featured long sleeves and reached down to her ankles

Standout Glow: Selena couldn’t be overlooked as she dazzled in the radiant gown, showcasing elegant long sleeves and flowing down gracefully to her ankles.

Trim figure: The outfit, which was covered in diagonal ribbed stripes, was belted around her waist and had a prominent collar

Sleek silhouette: This ensemble boasted an assortment of slanted, textured lines adorning it, with a waist-hugging belt and an eye-catching collar stealing the show.

Standing tall: The Spring Breakers star elevated her 5ft5in stature with a pair of black open-toe platform heels

Standing proudly: The actress from Spring Breakers gave herself an extra boost in height by slipping into a pair of sleek open-toe platform heels, effortlessly adding to her 5ft5in frame.

Honored: Selena was enlisted at this year's awards dinner as a presenter, and she posed on the red carpet with singer and activist Justin Tranter

Proudly acknowledged: Selena, with great admiration, had the privilege of being appointed as a speaker during the prestigious awards ceremony. She radiated charm as she gracefully walked down the red carpet alongside the renowned singer and passionate advocate, Justin Tranter.

Changemaker: They were being honored with one of the Bill of Rights Awards for their musical activism on behalf of the LGBTQIA+ community

Agent of Change: They were receiving recognition for their outstanding contribution as musical advocates for the LGBTQIA+ community, earning them one of the prestigious Bill of Rights Awards.

At this year’s awards dinner, Selena had the honor of being a presenter. On the red carpet, she was seen striking a pose alongside Justin Tranter, an influential singer and activist. Justin was being recognized and celebrated with a prestigious Bill of Rights Award for their remarkable contributions to the LGBTQIA+ community through their music. Another deserving recipient of an award that evening was Don Cheadle, a renowned actor who has consistently used his platform to advocate for various important causes such as racial and gender equality. Don looked effortlessly stylish in his navy suit, pairing it with a striped shirt adorned with delicate pale flowers. Accompanying him was his partner, the talented actress Brigid Coulter, who garnered attention in her eye-catching candy-colored dress embellished with whimsical cartoon scenes.

Cute couple: Don Cheadle, who was also being honored, looked classy in a navy suit with a shirt covered in pale flowers. His partner, actress Brigid Coulter, stood out with her low-cut candy-colored dress covered in cartoon scenes

Adorable pair: Don Cheadle, who was also receiving recognition, exuded elegance donning a navy suit paired with a shirt adorned with delicate blossoms. His companion, talented actress Brigid Coulter, caught everyone’s attention in her vibrant, plunging candy-colored dress adorned with whimsical cartoon illustrations.

Glittering: This Is Us star Chrissy Metz sparkled in a black dress adorned with silver spangles

Shimmering: Chrissy Metz, beloved actress from the hit show This Is Us, dazzled onlookers as she stepped out in a stunning black dress embellished with glistening silver spangles. Joining her in the spotlight was the legendary songwriter Diane Warren, who had penned a heartfelt song for Chrissy to perform in the inspiring Christian movie, Breakthrough. Diane made quite the fashion statement herself, donning a fierce black suit adorned with striking metal studs that ran up her sleeves. Adding an extra touch of uniqueness, she wore a black turtleneck featuring a beautifully beaded wolf’s head design.

Pals: Legendary songwriter Diane Warren, who wrote a song to be performed by Chrissy in the Christian film Breakthrough, accompanied her in a fierce black suit with large metal studs running up her sleeves

Friends: The iconic songwriter Diane Warren, renowned for penning a heartfelt tune for Chrissy’s performance in the inspirational movie Breakthrough, joined her in an edgy, yet sophisticated black suit adorned with striking metallic studs along the length of her sleeves.

Chic: Nickelodean star Breanna Yde looked stylish in a raincoat-like dress with white, black and brown panels

Chic: Breanna Yde, known for her role in Nickelodeon, exuded style with her ensemble consisting of a raincoat-inspired dress adorned with white, black, and brown panels.
On the other hand, Camryn Manheim, who is recognized for her performance in Stumptown, graced the red carpet donning a sleek top in solid black, enhanced by wide sleeves embellished with shimmering rhinestones.
Meanwhile, Shea Diamond, the singer and advocate for transgender rights, made a bold statement with her attire. She captivated attention in a jacket embellished with alternating waves of black and silver sequins. In perfect harmony, Shea paired this dazzling jacket with a lacy black skirt and topped it off with a wide-brimmed hat.

Back in black: Stumptown actress Camryn Manheim hit the red carpet in a sheet black top with wide sleeves decorated with rhinestones

Dressed to impress, Camryn Manheim, the talented Stumptown actress, made a striking entrance on the red carpet. Clad in a sleek ebony ensemble, she graced the event wearing a stylish top. The black sheet-like fabric flowed gracefully around her, complemented by the elegant wide sleeves adorned with dazzling rhinestones, accentuating her fashionable flair.

Eye-catching: Singer and transgender activist Shea Diamond stood out in a jacket covered in waves of black and silver sequins, which she paired with a lacy black skirt and a wide-brimmed hat

Singer and transgender advocate Shea Diamond made a bold fashion statement with her unique ensemble. She caught everyone’s attention as she rocked a stunning jacket adorned with beautiful black and silver sequins. To complete her stylish look, Shea seamlessly paired it with an elegant lacy black skirt and a fashionable wide-brimmed hat.

Chrissy took the stage as the star of the night’s musical entertainment, ready to deliver a captivating rendition of “I’m Standing For You,” a heartfelt song penned by the talented Diane Warren. Just a few months ago, Chrissy took on a remarkable role in a film that touched the hearts of many. In the movie, she portrayed a loving mother whose son faced a treacherous incident of falling through the ice in a partially frozen lake, only to experience a miraculous rescue. Diane, who has shared the stage with Chrissy before, joined her with her melodious guitar skills during those performances. However, this time, the renowned TV personality was supported by an entire band and a talented group of backup singers for the prestigious ACLU awards.

On stage: Chrissy was the evening's musical performer and was set to sing I'm Standing For You, written by Diane Warren

Taking the spotlight, Chrissy stepped onto the stage as the headlining musical artist for the night. The anticipation was palpable in the air as she prepared to mesmerize the audience with her heartfelt rendition of “I’m Standing For You,” a beautiful composition crafted by the talented songwriter, Diane Warren.

Poignant drama: Chrissy starred in the film, which was released earlier this year, as the mother of a son who falls through the ice of a semi-frozen lake and is miraculously saved

Heartfelt tragedy: Chrissy took on the lead role in the recently premiered movie where she portrays a mother whose son tragically plunges into a partially frozen lake and is miraculously rescued.

More firepower: Diane has accompanied her on guitar at previous performances, but the TV star was accompanied by a full band and backup singers for the ACLU awards

Increased firepower: In the past, Diane has joined her on the guitar during her previous shows; however, for the ACLU awards, the television sensation was accompanied by a complete ensemble of musicians and supporting vocalists.

Making a statement: Selena took to the stage during the award ceremony

Statement: Selena dazzled the audience as she graced the stage at the prestigious award ceremony.

Personal: She presented the award to her friend Justin

Informal: She handed over the award to her buddy Justin.

Collaborators: The songwriter has written multiple songs performed by Selena, including Bad Liar, Body Heat and Revival

Partners in Melodies: The talented tunesmith has penned a plethora of enchanting tracks showcased by the ever-dazzling Selena, among them being the catchy Bad Liar, the sizzling Body Heat, and the soul-stirring Revival.

Funnyman: Judd Apatow was among the evening's presenters

Judd Apatow, the master of comedy, was among the presenters at the star-studded event.

Old school: The comedian and filmmaker stuck with a classic blue suit and a matching shirt

Traditional: The comedian and filmmaker opted to stick to a timeless navy suit paired perfectly with a coordinating shirt.

Black and white: Breanna was another of the evening's prformers. She changed into a white pleasted outfit with sparkling black sleeves

Monochrome Magic: Among the stars of the night, Breanna dazzled the audience with her mesmerizing performance. She gracefully donned an enchanting ensemble, featuring a stunningly pleated white attire adorned with captivating black sleeves that sparkled beautifully under the spotlight.

Regal: Gomez got up to the podium to speak in her outfit

Relaxed and effortlessly, Gomez gracefully ascended the stage, capturing everyone’s attention as she took her place behind the podium.

Happy: She grinned from ear-to-ear as she took the stage in her orange dress

Ecstatic: A wide, joyous smile stretched across her face as she confidently ascended the platform, clad in a vibrant orange gown.

Hugs: She gave honoree Justin Tranfer a warm embrace as he came up to the stage

Embracing with open arms, she welcomed Justin Tranfer onto the stage, showering him with heartfelt hugs as a gesture of honor.

Praise: She continued to show Tranfer love

Compliment: She consistently demonstrated her affection towards Tranfer.

Love: The two hugged before Tranfer accepted the award

Love: Tranfer gratefully accepted the award, and the room was filled with warmth as the two embraced each other tightly.

Beaming: Tranfer smiled as he was given the award

Beaming with joy, Tranfer wore a broad smile as he graciously received the well-deserved recognition.

Statement: Tranfer made a speech at the podium

Paraphrased statement: Tranfer delivered a speech while standing behind the lectern.

Glam: Gomez finished off her look with burnt orange lipstick to match her dress

Glam: Gomez completed her ensemble by applying a shade of lip color resembling the warm, fiery tones of burnt orange that perfectly complemented her dress.

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