Regretful Choices: Gal Gadot breaks through wall in Saturday Night Live teaser

Gal Gadot definitely knows how to make a grand entrance! In a sneak peek of her upcoming hosting gig on Saturday Night Live, the 32-year-old Wonder Woman actress bursts through a brick wall at Studio 8H, the iconic home of the NBC show. The clip kicks off with SNL regulars Leslie Jones, Beck Bennett, and Mikey Day casually chatting with their scripts in hand. Jones playfully asks her fellow cast members, “Hey Mikey, hey Beck, when is Gal Gadot going to show up?” Watch the video below to see the hilarious moment for yourself.

Dropping by: Gal Gadot, 32, makes a smashing entrance in a new commercial for her stint hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend

Paying a visit: Gal Gadot, age 32, makes a fantastic debut in a new advertisement for her upcoming hosting gig on Saturday Night Live this coming weekend.
“Super excited,” Day exclaimed, with Bennett adding, “Yeah, me too – Do you think she’s anything like Wonder Woman in real life?”
The stunning Israeli actress then bursts into the studio by breaking through a brick wall, causing Bennett to be knocked into the vacant audience seats.
An annoyed Jones scolds the action star for her dramatic entrance, stating, ‘Gal Gadot, you can’t do that! We have rules here!’
The 5ft10 beauty apologizes sheepishly, ‘I should’ve used the door – I’m so sorry!’

Business as usual: Cast regulars Leslie Jones and Mikey Day are casually chatting at the start of the clip

The usual routine is in full swing as familiar faces Leslie Jones and Mikey Day are seen engaging in a casual conversation at the beginning of the video.

Stunning: The Wonder Woman star looks amazing in a red dress on the set of the comedy show

Incredible: The star of Wonder Woman looked absolutely stunning in a vibrant red dress while filming a comedy show.

During a conversation with Jones, When Day tried to correct her pronunciation of the star’s name, Jones jokingly replied, ‘Shut up Marky!’

Over the weekend, Gadot participated in an event called Gal Gadot & Meher Tatna In Conversation with Carla Sosenko in New York City. She revealed that she confided in Meher Tatna, the president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, about her nervousness for her first time hosting Saturday Night Live.

Gadot expressed her excitement for the SNL gig, saying, ‘It’s gonna be wild – I adore this show.’ She also admitted being a bit worried about her Israeli accent coming through too strongly. She mentioned, ‘That’s my concern: sounding silly. I have experience with improv, but never on Saturday Night Live in America – I can barely even say Saturday Night Live.’

Whoa! Jones and Day react as Gadot makes a Wonder Woman-like entrance through a brick wall 

Jones and Day were taken aback by Gadot’s grand entrance, reminiscent of Wonder Woman, as she burst through a brick wall.

Ouch: In the spot, the force of Gadot's entrance sent SNL's Beck Bennett flying into the empty audience seating 

Yikes! Gadot’s powerful entrance on SNL literally sent Beck Bennett soaring into the vacant audience seats.
Reflecting on her upcoming monologue, she admitted, “I’m nervous just thinking about it, but I’m thrilled for the opportunity to host Saturday Night Live.”
Gadot has truly emerged as a major star this year, with her movie racking up a staggering $820 million globally, with over $412 million coming from the US alone.
Don’t miss this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live, featuring Sam Smith as the musical guest, airing on NBC at 11:30/10:30c.

Warning: Jones yelled at the starlet, 'Gal Gadot, you cannot do that! We have rules here!'

Warning: Jones yelled at the starlet, 'Gal Gadot, you cannot do that! We have rules here!'

“Hey, Gal Gadot, you can’t just do that! There are rules to follow around here,” Jones shouted at the actress.

Punchline: Gadot joked that she should have used the door instead of bursting through 

Gadot quipped that perhaps using the door would have been a better option instead of bursting through it.

Butterflies: The actress said earlier this week that she has jitters about her hosting stint 

Butterflies: The star revealed she’s feeling nervous about her upcoming gig as a host, expressing her anxiety earlier this week.

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