Selena Gomez dazzles at SNL after-party, flaunting a shimmering pink oversized sweater and stunning Valentino heels

Selena Gomez added a touch of elegance and allure to the lively Saturday Night Live after-party in New York City, following her surprise appearance on this week’s episode.
Stepping out of a luxurious chauffeured SUV, the 30-year-old actress made a fashion statement in a vibrant electric pink ensemble. Notably, she donned a pair of striking hot pink Valentino platforms, which carry a hefty price tag of over $1,000.
To accentuate her look, Selena wore an oversized fuchsia sweater, embellished with dazzling sequins, that gracefully draped off her shoulders.

Glamour girl: Selena Gomez brought the glitz and glamour to the Saturday Night Live after-party in New York City after making a cameo appearance on this week's episode

Selena Gomez added a touch of elegance to the Saturday Night Live after-party in New York City following her surprise appearance on the latest episode. Enhancing her overall look, Selena opted for a pair of well-coordinated opaque tights that effortlessly accentuated her perfectly toned legs, accompanied by sky-high heels. A high-ponytail gracefully gathered her dark locks, while a few strands of hair delicately encircled the base for a polished finish. Completing her ensemble, she chose large hoop earrings and a chic claw-like French manicure for her hands. Selena’s naturally beautiful visage was flawlessly enhanced with expertly applied makeup, beautifully complementing her stunning outfit.

Pretty in pink: The actress, 30, exited a chauffeured SUV in a electric pink look that included a pair of hot pink platforms by Valentino that retail for over $1,000

Looking fabulous in a vibrant pink ensemble, the actress, who recently turned 30, stepped out of a luxurious chauffeured SUV. Her outfit included a stunning pair of hot pink platforms from the renowned designer Valentino, which are priced at more than $1,000.

Enhancing her already stunning features, Selena’s makeup artist created a mesmerizing eye look. They applied a stark white eyeshadow across her eyelids, extending it into a stylish cateye flick. To add some extra allure, fake lashes were carefully placed, completing the captivating eye look.

Selena’s plump lips were not to be overlooked either. The makeup artist lined her lips with a deep nude lip liner, creating a defined pout. On top of that, a milky pink gloss was added, giving her lips a luscious and glossy finish.

To achieve a radiant glow, Selena’s makeup artist expertly applied a well-blended bronzer. This technique resulted in a beautifully sun-kissed look, complemented by a dramatic peach flush on her cheeks.

In summary, Selena looked absolutely stunning in her electric pink ensemble, paired with the luxurious Valentino platforms. Her makeup emphasized her features, with the eye-catching eye look and perfectly lined lips. The bronzer added a sun-kissed glow, making her look effortlessly radiant.

Sparkle: An oversized knit fuchsia sweater with sparkly sequin details hung off her shoulders

Sparkle: Dressed in a vibrant fuchsia sweater, its cozy knit fabric draping off her shoulders, she radiated a captivating allure with its shimmering sequin accents.

Seamless: Selena highlighted her toned legs by slipping on a pair of opaque tights that blending seamlessly with her sky-high heels

Brunette beauty: The Disney Channel alum's brunette tresses were swept up in a high-ponytail with strands of hair wrapped around the base for a sleek look

Effortlessly: Selena showcased her well-defined legs by effortlessly pairing them with a set of opaque stockings that effortlessly merged with her towering heels. Prior to joining the SNL cast and other celebrities, Selena graciously took the time to capture some selfies with eager fans gathered outside the event location. During Saturday’s show, Selena made a delightful surprise appearance alongside her Only Murders In The Building co-stars, Martin Short and Steve Martin. The audience was treated to her unexpected cameo during the opening monologue, where she exuded style and sophistication in a fashionable little black dress.

Done up: The Who Said singer naturally beautiful visage was impeccably made-up to go with her eye-popping ensemble

Completed: The artist, known for the hit song “Who Said,” showcased her naturally stunning appearance, perfectly complemented by flawlessly applied makeup, which effortlessly enhanced her striking outfit choice.

Fan service: Before mingling with the SNL cast and other stars, Selena took a moment to pose for selfies with fans waiting outside of the party venue

Selena Gomez, the popular singer and actress, showed her appreciation for her fans by engaging in some fan service at an SNL party. Before joining the cast and other celebrities, she took the time to pose for selfies with her adoring fans who were waiting outside of the party venue.

Although Selena is known for her beautiful brunette locks, she recently decided to experiment with a new look. Earlier in the week, she sported a vibrant head of rainbow hair, which certainly turned heads. She even shared a playful video on social media where she was seen in a public restroom, crouched under a hand dryer, styling her eye-catching new hairstyle.

In the caption of the video, the 30-year-old “Wolves” singer humorously remarked, “You gotta do what you gotta do.” Selena has been quite busy lately, promoting her Apple TV+ documentary, Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me, so it’s refreshing to see her embrace a lighthearted moment.

For the SNL party, Selena looked effortlessly chic in a metallic blue top paired with ripped jeans. Her fashion choices always seem to capture attention and her style sense is definitely on point.

Surprise: On Saturday night, Selena crashed her Only Murders In The Building co-stars Martin Short and Steve Martin as they hosted Saturday's show

Unexpected Twist: Selena made quite the surprise appearance on Saturday evening, gatecrashing the hosting duties of her co-stars Martin Short and Steve Martin on Only Murders In The Building.

She made her surprise cameo during the comedy duo's opening monologue, where she could been sporting a chic LBD

In a delightful twist, she unexpectedly appeared during the comedy duo’s introductory speech, donning a fashionable little black dress.
In the video, she playfully fiddled with her hair as it dried beneath the apparatus.
As the clip concluded, she gazed directly into the camera, flashing a radiant smile, while her friend couldn’t contain their laughter at the amusing situation.
Selena maintained her signature brown locks when she attended Variety’s 2022 Hitmakers Brunch on December 3.
Just a few days ago, she showcased her usual luscious chocolate-colored hair during her appearance on NBC’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Though she owned her brunette locks on Saturday night, Selena experimented with her look earlier this week when she modeled a head of rainbow hair

Seen on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on December 1

Adding some variety: While Selena confidently sported her brunette hairstyle during a Saturday night outing, she decided to shake things up during the previous week by showcasing an eye-catching rainbow-colored mane.

Interesting method: The Wolves hitmaker, 30, shared a clip of herself in a public restroom hunched underneath a hand dryer, as she styled her new tresses

Fascinating Technique: Selena Gomez, the famous singer known for her hit “Wolves,” recently shared an intriguing video on social media. In the clip, she can be seen in a public restroom, crouched beneath a hand dryer, while stylishly arranging her new hairstyle.

During her appearance on the show, Selena also opened up about her upcoming music and its departure from her usual repertoire of “sad girl songs.” She expressed her readiness to branch out and have some fun with her music, believing that people will appreciate the change.

For the interview, Selena chose to wear a stylish black dress as she promoted her documentary film, titled Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me. This film delves into her journey with lupus, as well as her struggles with mental health.

New look: 'You gotta do what you gotta do,' she jokingly quipped in the caption

Fresh appearance: ‘Sometimes you just have to do what needs to be done,’ she playfully remarked in the accompanying statement.

Ensuring the right outcome: Throughout the clip she fussed with her hair as it dried under the machine

Achieving the desired result: In the video, she continuously played with her hair as it dried under the machine.
According to Selena, she began filming the documentary approximately seven years ago.
“We covered all the different stages of my life, including the moment I was diagnosed and the challenges I had to overcome,” Selena shared. “Honestly, I can’t bring myself to watch it. I was genuinely afraid to release it, but I knew that honesty and transparency were important to me. I don’t want to be seen as unattainable. I want people to understand that they are not alone and that we are all in this together.”
During the conversation with Jimmy, aged 48, Selena was questioned about her visit to the White House and her meeting with President Biden and the First Lady, where they discussed mental health issues.
“It was simply a conversation,” Selena explained. “I’m hopeful that more action will be taken. However, being amidst a group of young individuals discussing mental health and the prevailing crisis was truly incredible.”

Brunette: Selena still had her brunette tresses while attending Variety's 2022 Hitmakers Brunch on December 3

Selena maintained her luscious brown locks as she graced the prestigious Variety’s 2022 Hitmakers Brunch on December 3rd.

Brunette: And earlier this week she was seen rocking her usual chocolate tresses while discussing her new documentary on the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on NBC

The brown-haired woman, also known as the brunette, was recently spotted with her usual dark brown locks while chatting about her new documentary on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. During a Q&A session earlier this month, she expressed her concerns about releasing the documentary. She confessed to hosts Benji Pasek and Justin Paul that she was hesitant because she was “so nervous” about exposing her struggles to the world. She further explained that her hesitation stemmed from being aware of the influential platform she holds and the personal sacrifice she would have to make for a greater purpose. Despite her reservations, the documentary was released on Apple TV+ on November 2 and has since garnered positive feedback from both fans and critics.

Release: Her documentary titled Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me hit the Apple TV+ streaming platform on November 2 and has received positive reception from fans and critics

Launch: Selena Gomez thrilled fans and critics alike with the debut of her latest documentary, “Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me,” exclusively available for streaming on Apple TV+ since November 2. The release has garnered an overwhelmingly positive response, leaving viewers captivated and impressed.

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