Selena Gomez makes a stylish return to the music scene in ripped jeans and a stunning red bodysuit

Returning to the music scene with her latest single “Good For You,” Selena Gomez is back in the spotlight and looking fabulous. The 22-year-old songstress, who took a break from music to focus on acting, showed off a daring outfit in New York City on Monday. Sporting a bold red bodysuit paired with heavily ripped jeans, Gomez exuded confidence and style as she strutted her stuff in the Big Apple. Watch the video below to see her fierce look in action.

Making a statement: Selena Gomez looked red hot in a bodysuit paired with ripped jeans as she ventured out and about in New York City on Monday

In a bold fashion choice, Selena Gomez rocked a fiery red bodysuit and ripped jeans while exploring the streets of New York City on a Monday. Despite her slender figure, Selena has unfortunately faced harsh criticism from online trolls after photos of her in a swimsuit in Mexico surfaced, with hurtful comments about her weight.

She shut down the critics by flaunting her stunning physique in a revealing backless bodycon dress, paired with a stylish metallic choker necklace. The celebrity’s high-waisted jeans gave a glimpse of her well-defined thighs, complemented by a chic pair of camel ankle boots to complete the look.

Proving her haters wrong: Selena looked incredible in her bodycon top, which clung to every curve

Defying her critics: Selena rocked her body-hugging top, flaunting her gorgeous curves with confidence.

Selena rocked her dark and luscious hair in a chic blowout and went for a more subtle, fresh-faced makeup style. The ex-Disney star, who first appeared on Barney & Friends alongside Demi Lovato as a kid, was swarmed by enthusiastic fans asking for her autograph as she stepped out of her car. Selena has been working on her music comeback with renowned producers like her rumored ex-boyfriend Zedd, and she seems to have adopted a more optimistic outlook following her tough breakup with her on-again, off-again ex Justin Bieber.

Body confidence: The singer and actress silenced the haters by showcasing her amazing figure in the backless bodycon number

Self-assurance in one’s body: The musician and actress shut down her critics by flaunting her stunning physique in a sleek, open-back bodycon dress.

Revealing: Selena's curves were on full display in her figure-hugging top as she greeted her fans

Showing off: Selena confidently flaunted her hourglass figure in a tight-fitting top while warmly interacting with her supporters.

On-trend: The star added a pair of suede ankle boots and heavily ripped jeans, topped off with a silver choker

In the latest fashion trend, the celebrity paired suede ankle boots with heavily ripped jeans and accessorized with a stunning silver choker. During a Q&A session with Adidas NEO in Los Angeles, the singer shared that she was choosing to ignore online bullies and not let negative people affect her mood.

When asked about a change she would like to see in the world, Selena expressed her desire to eliminate bullying. She described how hurtful and draining it is to deal with mean-spirited individuals. Despite facing challenges in life, the pop star emphasized that she always strives to be the best version of herself and simply wants to enjoy every moment.

Drama-free: Selena recently declared she'd love to banish bullying because mean people were 'exhausting'

Drama-free: Selena recently declared she'd love to banish bullying because mean people were 'exhausting'

No more drama: Selena recently expressed her desire to eliminate bullying because dealing with mean individuals can be extremely tiring.

She's popular: The gorgeous star posed for selfies with her fans, showing off the backless detail of her outfit

She is well-liked: The stunning celebrity took photos with her fans, flaunting the open back design of her outfit.

Gifts: A smiley Selena left with a pretty bunch of flowers in hand as she made her way through the crowd

Presents: Selena walked through the crowd, carrying a beautiful bouquet of flowers, leaving behind smiles in her wake.

Devoted following: Selena has shared her body confidence journey with her fans who have been full of support

Selena’s loyal fan base has been there every step of the way as she opens up about her journey to embracing body confidence.

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