Selena Gomez Rocks Denim Suit and Flaunts Her Stylish Midriff in Chic Bralet a Day After Teasing New Music

The day before, Selena Gomez teased a preview of her latest song on the popular social media app Snapchat. It’s clear that she has a knack for creating buzz around her new music, as she made quite the statement while catching a flight out of Miami on Saturday. The 23-year-old singer confidently showed off her toned midriff and generous cleavage by wearing a small bralet, which she paired with a stylish denim outfit. Be sure to check out the video below to see her bold fashion choice.

Showstopper! Selena Gomez, 23, flaunted her bare midriff and ample cleavage in a tiny bralet as she departed from Miami on Saturday

Selena Gomez, the famous singer aged 23, confidently revealed her toned midriff and generous cleavage while departing from Miami on Saturday. To complete her stylish ensemble, the “Hands To Myself” singer wore a small bralet, which she paired with a full-length denim coat and matching trousers. Accentuating her look, she chose black strappy heels and carried a designer handbag with her initials elegantly monogrammed on the side. Her luscious honey-colored hair flowed effortlessly in loose waves down her shoulders, and she shielded her eyes with fashionable sunglasses. Explore more about Selena Gomez’s stunning appearance as she confidently showcases her bare midriff and ample cleavage.

Fashion jean-ius! The Hands To Myself hitmaker strutted her stuff in a double denim ensemble

Fashion denim expert! The talented singer flaunted her style in a fabulous two-piece denim outfit.

Shaded: The former Disney Channel star kept concealed behind chic dark sunglasses

Shaded: The former Disney Channel star kept concealed behind chic dark sunglasses

In a cool and fashionable manner, the ex-Disney Channel celebrity hid her eyes behind stylish and dark sunglasses. Selena, who was recently honored with the Triple Threat award at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, unveiled a snippet of her newest song on social media. However, this anticipation was short-lived as the song was removed within a brief span of 24 hours. In a Snapchat post, Selena showcased her vocal talents alongside the track while riding in a car with her friends. As she grooved in the front seat, the lyrics of the song asked, “Do you prefer staying awake at night just to avoid dreaming?” To accompany the video, she added the caption, “New new new music.”

Custom carry-on! Gomez carried a designer handbag with her initials monogrammed on the side

Personalized travel accessory! Gomez sported a stylishly crafted handbag emblazoned with her unique initials elegantly stitched on one side.

Teased! Gomez showed off her toned tummy the day after she shared a bit of her latest track

Playful! Gomez flaunted her well-toned midriff the day after she gave a sneak peek of her latest music.
Fans will surely rejoice to see that she is already working on fresh material shortly after her previous successful studio album.
Revival, her second solo studio album, achieved the impressive feat of topping the US Billboard charts upon its release in October, with over 333,000 copies sold.
The former Disney Channel icon is also preparing for her Revival Tour, which commences in Las Vegas on May 6.
This will mark the performer’s second individual concert tour, concluding in Tokyo, Japan on August 3.

Upcoming! The brunette beauty teased a snippet of her latest track on Snapchat on Friday

Coming soon! The attractive dark-haired beauty gave a sneak peek of her newest song on Snapchat last Friday.

'New new new music': Selena sang over the track while in the car

Selena was in the car when she enthusiastically sang over the new music playing on the track.

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