Selena Gomez Stuns in a Breathtaking Bridal Gown on the Set of Only Murders in the Building Season Three Alongside Steve Martin and Martin Short

On Tuesday, Selena Gomez completely transformed into a stunning bride while shooting scenes for the third season of “Only Murders in the Building” in New York City. The 30-year-old star, known for her role as Mabel Mora in the show, looked absolutely breathtaking in a gorgeous wedding dress from David’s Bridal UK. The dress, which retails for £950, featured delicate lace and tulle, creating a picture-perfect ball gown silhouette. Selena paired the dress with a traditional, floor-length veil and sheer gloves, adding an extra touch of elegance to her bridal look.

To complete her ensemble, the actress opted for a chic updo, with her dark hair pulled back into a sophisticated low bun. She accessorized with a pair of dangly earrings that added a touch of sparkle. Selena also embraced a bold and vibrant red lipstick, adding a pop of color to her overall bridal appearance.

Not only did Selena stun in her wedding attire, but her co-stars Martin Short and Steve Martin also made appearances in the snapshots, hinting at an intriguing future storyline. Steve Martin even took to Twitter to share a photo of himself with Selena in the wedding gown, playfully captioning it, “Guess what just happened!” The actor’s reference to his iconic “Father of the Bride” look suggests that fans can anticipate some exciting and memorable moments in the upcoming season.

All in all, Selena Gomez completely embodied the image of a dreamy bride while filming for “Only Murders in the Building” season three. Her ethereal wedding dress, elegant accessories, and captivating presence on set have surely left fans eagerly awaiting the new episodes.

Going to the chapel: Selena Gomez was spotted filming scenes for Only Murders in the Building season three in New York City on Tuesday

Tying the knot: Selena Gomez was seen capturing scenes for the third installment of Only Murders in the Building in the bustling streets of New York City yesterday.

Wow! She transformed into a picture-perfect bride for the shoot

Wow, she looked absolutely stunning as a bride during the photo shoot. Martin also posted a picture of Short with Selena and added, “Surprisingly, this happened as well.” Earlier this week, the talented singer, Selena, was seen in another glamorous outfit while filming in New York City. She rocked a sleek black dress with a plunging neckline and bold red lipstick, sharing scenes with Martin and Short. In one intriguing scene, Selena emerged from an elegant archway while Steve and Martin animatedly gestured beside her. After the series began in 2021, Selena couldn’t stop praising her experience working with these two comedic legends. She said, “They made me feel like I was part of a trio right away. They’re simply the best. They are incredibly down-to-earth and kind, with a unique perspective on life that I’ve never encountered before.” Selena also mentioned how she loved hearing about the industry and how it used to be. She felt like a sponge, absorbing every bit of information she could. They even have a group email chain to stay connected. In the show, all three play characters who live in the same apartment building and share a passion for true-crime podcasts.

Beautiful bride: The gown featured a full, princess-style skirt

Gorgeous bride: The dress showcased a voluminous, fairy-tale-like skirt.

The gown was styled with a long, traditional veil and sheer, wrist-length gloves

The dress was adorned with a flowing, classic veil and delicate gloves that extended to the wrists.

Glam: The actress, 30, wore dangly earrings with her dark hair pulled back into a low bun

Glamourous: Sporting a stylish look, the 30-year-old actress adorned her ears with elegant dangling earrings, while her neatly tied dark hair accentuated her appearance in a sophisticated low bun.

Pop of color: She added a pop of color with bright red lipstick

Splash of vibrancy: To inject some liveliness, she enhanced her appearance with a splash of vivid red lipstick.

Celebrating: Her co-stars Martin Short and Steve Martin were also featured in some of the snaps, giving fans clues to this future storyline

Commending the occasion: A delightful combination of her colleagues Martin Short and Steve Martin can be spotted in a few of the photographs, teasing followers with hints about the forthcoming plotline.

Stroll: She was captured strolling down a stone walkway as co-star Steve waited in the wings

Leisurely Walk: Caught in a leisurely walk along a pathway paved with smooth stones, her co-star Steve patiently waited offstage.

Busty: The strapless bodice on Selena's wow-worthy dress flattered her ample bust

Curvaceous: Selena’s breathtaking dress featured a strapless bodice that beautifully accentuated her generous bosom.

Elegant: She looked elegant as she posed for the cameras

Graceful: In front of the lenses, she exuded an air of grace and poise.

Dapper: Steve Martin looked dapper beside his glam co-star

Smartly dressed, Steve Martin exuded elegance as he stood next to his glamorous co-star.

Quick getaway: In this pic, it looks like Martin, Selena and Steve are fleeing the chapel

Spontaneous Escape: This scene captures Martin, Selena, and Steve seemingly making a hasty exit from the chapel.

Dressed to the nines: Martin Short rocked a black suede coat styled with black slacks and a red knit scarf

Looking absolutely fabulous: Martin Short was dressed to impress in a sleek black suede jacket paired with stylish black trousers and a vibrant scarlet knitted scarf.

Joyous: Steve raised his arms in the air victoriously as Martin let out a celebratory yell

Filled with joy, Steve triumphantly raised his arms to the sky while Martin erupted into a loud cheer, celebrating their achievement with pure elation.

In contrast, Selena's character appeared worried as she looked out onto the street

On the contrary, Selena’s demeanor exuded concern as her gaze extended towards the bustling street.

Spotted: The trio then made their way towards the curb

Sighted: The threesome subsequently strolled towards the side of the road.

Animated: An animated looking Martin flagged down a nearby taxi as Steve and Selena followed behind him

In a lively scene, Martin, with his animated appearance, hailed a taxi, while Steve and Selena trailed behind him.

Taxi! The taxi then pulled to the side of the road for the trio so they could hop in

Hailing a cab! As the taxi halted by the roadside, the group eagerly hopped into the vehicle.

Edgy: For an edgy touch, Selena paired her glamorous wedding dress with white platform combat boots

With a daring twist, Selena added a touch of edginess to her elegant wedding attire by opting for white combat boots with platform soles.

Helping hand: Steven helped Selena get into the backseat of the taxi for the scene

Offered Assistance: Steven lent a helping hand to Selena, assisting her as she settled into the backseat of the taxi during the filming of the scene.
In the first season, when a murder takes place in their building, the main characters utilize their amateur detective skills to unravel the mystery.
During a recent interview, Paul Rudd, who made a guest appearance in the season two finale and will be returning for season three, showered Selena with praise.
He expressed, “Being a part of it is absolutely incredible, and being in the same room as Selena is truly a remarkable experience. Selena is phenomenal, and I consider her a dear friend. I have great admiration for her.”
The beloved Hollywood actor, known for his role as Mike Hannigan in Friends, gushed about Martin Short and Steve Martin, comparing them to Mount Rushmore, emphasizing their colossal talent.

Take five! In between scenes, Selena bundled up with a comfy black puffer jacket

Let’s take a breather! During breaks, Selena cozied up in a warm and stylish black puffer jacket.

Thats a wrap! After wrapping the day's shoot, Selena changed out of her wedding attire and into a pink puffer coat and black sweatpants

And that’s a wrap! Once the day’s filming was done, Selena swiftly swapped out her wedding attire for a cozy pink puffer coat and a pair of stylish black sweatpants.

Coke break: Selena relaxed off camera in Doc Marten's Sinclair Milled Nappa Platform Boots and a can of Coke in snaps shared to Instagram

Selena took a moment to unwind behind the scenes, sporting a pair of Doc Marten’s Sinclair Milled Nappa Platform Boots and enjoying a refreshing can of Coke. These snapshots were later posted on her Instagram account.

Just work: She captioned the Instagram snap 'I have no caption. Just a regular day at work'

Simply work: On Instagram, she wrote ‘No caption needed. Just another typical day at work.’
During an episode of the Apple TV+ series Dear…, Selena recently opened up about the emotional toll she faced when being ridiculed online for her body.
She revealed that her weight fluctuated due to the various medications she had to take while battling lupus over the years.
‘And of course, people jumped on it. It was as if they were eagerly waiting to find something to bring me down,’ expressed the singer of the hit song “Come And Get It.”
Selena shared that being ‘shamed for gaining weight because of my lupus’ led her to ‘break down in tears.’

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