Selena Gomez stuns in a curve-hugging black dress, stealing the spotlight at a star-studded SNL celebration following her hosting gig

Upon hosting this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live, Selena Gomez made sure to make a lasting impression at the afterparty in New York City. The 29-year-old singer confidently strutted her stuff in a stunning black strapless dress that perfectly accentuated her enviable physique. The show-stopping garment boasted a daring high leg split, revealing her toned legs, while Selena added a touch of glamour with a pair of sparkling silver heels, elongating her already statuesque frame.

Stunning: Selena Gomez ensured all eyes were on her as she arrived to the Saturday Night Live afterparty in a slinky black dress by GAUGE81.

Selena Gomez made a stunning entrance at the Saturday Night Live afterparty, stealing the spotlight in a sleek black dress designed by GAUGE81. The multi-talented star effortlessly pulled off a loose bob hairstyle and complemented her natural beauty with a subtle makeup look. In high spirits after a successful hosting gig, Selena greeted and waved to her fans as she gracefully made her way to the afterparty. Another notable attendee was the fashion-forward Cara Delevingne, who showcased her impeccable style in a black sheer top featuring a daring plunging neckline. Completing her fashionable ensemble were black skinny jeans paired with matching ankle boots in sleek black.

Fashion: The singer, 29, put on a leggy display as she attended the bash in the strapless dress that highlighted her jaw-dropping figure

Fashion: The talented songstress, aged 29, confidently flaunted her stunning physique at the event in a gorgeous strapless gown that accentuated her breathtaking curves.

Style: The garment featured a high leg split while Selena added height to her frame with a pair of silver heels

Looking good: The former Disney star styled her brunette locks into a loose bob

In terms of style, Selena rocked a garment that showcased a daring high leg split, while she effortlessly elevated her stature with a lovely set of shiny silver heels.

Ink: The star showed off a floral tattoo on her left thigh as she arrived to the event

Ink: Arriving at the event, the star proudly displayed a beautiful floral tattoo adorning her left thigh. To complete her ensemble, she wrapped herself in a stylish black jacket and carried a matching handbag.

On the other hand, Post Malone opted for a black shirt with intricate dark purple embroidery, which he wore beneath a flowing black robe. He completed his look with a pair of sleek black shoes and a trendy printed cap, engaging in friendly conversations with fans outside the venue.

Adding to the star-studded guest list was Lewis Hamilton, who made a grand entrance wearing a sleeveless denim shirt in a serene light blue hue. He effortlessly paired it with matching jeans, exuding an effortlessly cool vibe at the bash.

Glamour: Selena accentuated her natural beauty with a light pallet of makeup

In demand: The star looked in good spirits as she greeted fans

Glamor: Selena enhanced her innate beauty using a subtle range of cosmetics.

Suave: Lewis Hamilton arrived to the bash in a light blue sleeveless denim shirt which he wore with matching jeans

Stylishly dressed, Lewis Hamilton made an entrance at the party wearing a sleeveless denim shirt in a gentle blue hue. He effortlessly paired it with matching jeans, creating a fashionable ensemble.

Trendy: Also in attendance at the event was Cara Delevingne who showed off her sense of style in a black sheer top with a plunging neckline

Outfit: The model also sported a pair of black skinny jeans

Fashion-forward: The event was graced by the presence of Cara Delevingne, who effortlessly flaunted her impeccable fashion sense in a daring black top. With its sheer fabric and daringly low neckline, it truly showcased her impeccable style.

Guest list: She also donned a pair of chunky black boots for the bash

List of attendees: In addition, she wore a stylish pair of sturdy black boots for the celebration.

A-list: Post Malone wore a black shirt with dark purple embroidered detail which he wore under a black robe

Casual: The rapper also sported a pair of black shoes and a printed cap as he chatted with fans outside the venue

A-list: Post Malone opted for a chic ensemble, donning a sleek black shirt adorned with intricate dark purple embroidery. He effortlessly layered it under a stylish black robe for a refined look. To complete his outfit, the musician rocked black high-top trainers and added a pop of color with a vibrant orange cap.

Selena took the stage for her hosting debut on Saturday Night Live and received some assistance from her beloved Only Murders in the Building co-star, Steve Martin. The duo showcased their undeniable chemistry as they performed together. Steve Martin, a seasoned SNL host, played the role of a comedic inventor, delighting the audience with his creation of the classic Whoopee Cushion and other iconic prank devices.

During her opening monologue, Selena playfully teased both Steve Martin and her other co-star, Martin Short, in an endearing manner. She humorously expressed her admiration, exclaiming, “I felt incredibly honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with the legendary Steve Martin and Martin Short, especially after conducting a quick Google search to discover their impressive careers.”

Radiant: Selena looked nothing short of sensational after completing her hosting stint

Selena’s radiance was simply breathtaking as she gracefully concluded her role as a host, leaving everyone in awe.

Gig: Post Malone flashed a grin for the cameras following his performance on this week's show

Performance: Post Malone’s infectious smile lit up the camera lenses as he basked in the afterglow of his spectacular show this week.

End of the night: Selena and a friend went for a bite to eat at 4am following the afterparty

End of the night: Selena and one of her buddies decided to grab a late-night snack at 4am after the afterparty.

Cosy: Selena wrapped up for the outing in a black jacket

Comfortable: Selena cozied up for the adventure, donning a sleek black coat.

Colour: Selena's pal sported a bright green mini dress with a black leather jacket

Description: Selena’s friend wore a vibrant green minidress along with a stylish black leather jacket.
Selena showcased her well-toned legs in a chic little black dress and teamed it with elegant black high-heeled shoes.
As part of her role as the host, Taylor Gosh, in the TV show American Inventors, Selena featured a segment on Martin’s character as an inventor.
“Think about it – the automobile, the paper cup, dancing, the computer – these incredible inventions all have a fascinating backstory. So, who were the masterminds behind them?” she exclaimed, introducing Martin. “Let’s start with the creative genius Archie Gizmo, the brilliant mind behind the invention of the iconic whoopie cushion.”

Debut: Selena made her Saturday Night Live hosting debut with a little help from her Only Murders in the Building co-star Steve Martin

Premiere: Selena graced the stage of Saturday Night Live for the very first time, accompanied by her talented colleague from Only Murders in the Building, Steve Martin.

SNL legend: Selena was joined by Martin, 76, in a bit where he played a gag inventor of the Whoopee Cushion and other famous practical joke devices

Iconic SNL performer Selena teamed up with the legendary Martin, aged 76, in a hilarious skit where he flawlessly portrayed an innovator behind the popular Whoopee Cushion and several other well-known prank gadgets.

Playing host: The segment on Martin’s inventor character was part of the show American Inventors, where Selena played the host, Taylor Gosh

Being the host of the show American Inventors, Selena took on the role of Taylor Gosh and Martin had a segment showcasing his inventor character. The show featured Gizmo, who shared his journey as a struggling gag inventor in the early 60s. He had created an early prototype of a cushion that made a funny noise when someone sat on it, particularly their boss. However, he couldn’t crack the code of what the noise should be. Thankfully, Gizmo’s life took an interesting turn when he met his wife, portrayed by Aidy Bryant, known as Ms. Dina Beans, at the time being 35 years old.

Struggled: Gizmo explained that in the early 60s he was a 'struggling gag inventor' before he met his wife, Ms. Dina Beans, played by Aidy Bryant, 35

Struggling: According to Gizmo, during the early 1960s, he described himself as a “struggling inventor of comical pranks” until he crossed paths with his wife, Ms. Dina Beans, portrayed by Aidy Bryant, aged 35. He recalls being captivated by her presence from a distance, feeling drawn to her magnetic energy and mesmerizing eyes. Interestingly, every time she would sit down, a fart sound would accidentally escape her. This incident led Gizmo to realize that the funniest noise originating from the posterior was indeed a fart.

Expanding on their story, Gizmo shares that Dina’s peculiar misfortune served as a constant inspiration for his subsequent inventions. The hand buzzer, google-eyed slinky glasses, and electric gum were all born from her notorious streak of bad luck. Gizmo developed a deep affection for Dina, acknowledging her role as the driving force behind every brilliant idea he ever had. It was not just her chronic flatulence that fascinated him but also her status as the unluckiest woman he had ever encountered.

Muse: 'I saw her from afar. Her energy was magnetic. Her eyes were endless. And every time she sat down - Gas,' he stated, explaining she was the inspiration behind the device's fart noise

Inspiration struck when he caught sight of her from a distance, captivated by her undeniable magnetism. As he gazed into her eyes that seemed to stretch into infinity, a humorous idea sparked in his mind. He chuckled, revealing that her mere presence was the driving force behind the hilarious fart sound produced by the device he created.

Funny: 'She was behind every good idea I ever had. Because you see, she wasn't just a chronic gas-passer. She was also the viciously most unlucky woman I had ever met,' he stated

Humorous: “She was the driving force behind every stroke of brilliance I ever had. You see, she wasn’t just a frequent emitter of flatulence. She also had the unfortunate knack of being the most unlucky woman I had ever crossed paths with,” he declared with a chuckle.
In a hilarious turn of events, the show then showcased a series of misfortunes that befell poor Dina. From being ambushed by venomous snakes cleverly concealed in a jar of peanuts, to being repeatedly struck by lightning bolts, and even experiencing the bizarre phenomenon of her eyeballs popping out of their sockets.
“How Dina managed to survive a snake attack, two lightning strikes, and everything in between, well, only she and the higher power know. But Archie’s pranks just kept rolling in,” Selena explained, barely able to contain her laughter.
Archies’s talent for crafting practical jokes catapulted him to global fame as the ultimate prankster. And it was all due to Dina Beans, as Selena cheerfully pointed out.
While Gizmo amassed great wealth, he affectionately admitted, “Dina was the ultimate reward, and the greatest prank she ever pulled off was tying the knot with a guy like me.”

Unlucky: The show then cut to a montage of all the unlucky things that happened to Dina, including having her eyeballs pop out of their sockets

Unfortunate: The program immediately transitioned into a sequence featuring a compilation of all the unfortunate incidents that befell Dina, such as the surprising instance of her eyeballs coming out of their sockets.

His inspiration: That led Gizmo into inventing the google-eyed slinky glasses and becoming rich

Gizmo’s inventive spirit led him to create the popular google-eyed slinky glasses, which brought him great wealth and success.

Selena kicked off the show with a witty monologue, reminiscing about a conversation she had with a friend regarding her role in “Only Murders in the Building.”

“I remember telling my friends that I got the lead role in ‘Only Murders,’ and she asked if there were any hot co-stars. I replied, ‘Well, it depends. Are you a fan of the banjo?'”

She also showed appreciation for Steve and Martin, referring to them as SNL legends. Selena mentioned seeking their advice as soon as she was offered the hosting gig.

“Steve told me to trust no one, and Marty joked that Steve Martin has been using his credit. They’ve got a great sense of humor!”

Poking fun: Selena also poked fun of Martin and her other co-star Martin Short, 72, in her opening monologue

Having a good laugh: Selena also playfully teased Martin and her other co-star, Martin Short, aged 72, during her introduction speech.

Legends: 'I was so honored to work with Steve Martin and Martin Short, especially after I googled them to find out who they were'

Celebrities: ‘I felt incredibly privileged to collaborate with the legendary Steve Martin and Martin Short, especially after doing a little research on them through Google.’
Afterwards, Selena disclosed that she sought advice from another famous friend. ‘I also turned to one of my oldest pals, Miley Cyrus. She told me to stay true to myself and enjoy the experience,’ the stunning brunette shared, playfully mimicking Miley’s distinct husky voice.
‘I jokingly asked Miley, “Does that mean I can impersonate you on the show?” And she responded with a resounding “Hell yeah, I’m Miley Cyrus.”‘
Furthermore, the charming individual, who had previously been romantically linked to singer Justin Bieber, also spoke about her single status and expressed her hopes of finding love on the comedy program.

Looking for love: The beauty, who's previously dated singer Justin Bieber, also touched on being single and hoping to find love on the comedy show.

In search of love: Exploring the realm of romance, the charming individual, who has had a romantic involvement with vocalist Justin Bieber in the past, also delved into the experience of being unattached and eagerly desiring to discover true affection in the realm of the comedy show.

Single: 'I heard that SNL is a great place to find romance. Emma Stone met her husband here. Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost. And Pete and Machine Gun Kelly,' she said, poking fun of Kim Kardashian

“I’ve heard through the grapevine that SNL is like a matchmaking hub. I mean, just look at all the celebrity love stories that have unfolded here. Emma Stone found her forever person, Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost too. And of course, there’s Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly,” she jokingly teased while taking a light-hearted jab at Kim Kardashian.

“One of the reasons I’m super excited about hosting SNL is because, well, I’m currently single. And this place has this legendary reputation for sparking romance. So, hey universe, I’m putting it out there that I’m open to finding love. I wouldn’t mind finding my soulmate, but honestly, at this point, anyone who sparks that connection will do.”

Despite the tempting offers from various SNL crew members, she gracefully declined, holding out for the elusive afterparty where her odds of finding love might be just a tad bit higher.

Jesse's scandal: Another hilarious bit appeared to poke fun of actor Jesse Williams' recent nude leak scandal, as Kenan Thompson, 44, played the director of a play with nudity

Jesse’s controversy provided ample material for a laugh-out-loud skit, where Kenan Thompson, aged 44, hilariously portrayed the role of a director overseeing a play that involved nudity.

Nude show: 'As I'm sure you're aware, there is a penis in the show. Yes, we go there. And it better not end up online. If you post it, you will lose the penis,' he stated


During the comedic sketch, the topic of a nude show was addressed humorously. The skit seemed to mock actor Jesse Williams’ recent scandal involving the unauthorized release of a full-frontal nude video from his Broadway play Take Me Out, even though strict rules prohibiting cellphones were in place for audience members. In the skit, comedian Kenan Thompson portrayed the role of the show’s director, who introduced a play named A Storm Within to the viewers. In a lighthearted manner, the director emphasized the presence of a male genitalia in the production and warned against sharing it online, stating that whoever posted it would no longer have access to the said appendage.

Tough show: Selena then played one of the understudies who couldn't remember her lines and kept on doing the wrong accents

Challenging performance: Selena, on the other hand, portrayed one of the stand-ins struggling to recall her lines and struggling with the correct accents. In addition, due to the widespread presence of Covid among the cast, all the actors were understudies with only a brief 30-minute rehearsal. Despite the possibility of canceling the show, Selena expressed her desire to be away from her apartment, as she was currently in a disagreement with her husband. Perhaps their dispute pertained to the scene involving a penis, which is also being understudied, making it an intriguing prospect. As the scene unfolded, Selena’s character continued to fumble through her lines and accents, causing her co-star, portrayed by Cecily Strong, to inquire if the current mishap was related to the penis. However, the mishap was scheduled for act two and required an hour of preparation.

Anticipating it: 'Is it the penis now?' Her co-star played by Cecily Strong, 38, asked, as Kenan replied, 'No. It's in act two. It needs an hour to prep'

Looking forward to the moment, Cecily Strong, aged 38, posed a playful query to her co-star, “Has the focus shifted to the male genital organ now?” Kenan, not missing a beat, responded with a relaxed tone, “Not yet. That scene is scheduled for act two. We’ll need about an hour to get everything ready.”

Ready: While Kenan was onstage, another actor played by Bowen Yang, 31, ran in, announcing: 'I'm sorry, I know I'm early but it's ready and it needs to be now'

While Kenan was performing on stage, Bowen Yang, a fellow actor, abruptly entered, exclaiming that something was ready and needed to be presented immediately. Frustrated by the interruption, the director decided to take on all the roles himself. As the director took the stage, Bowen Yang’s character rushed in once again, insisting that it had to be shown right away. Kenan, confused by the timing, pointed out that it was not supposed to happen until act two. Despite this, he gave in, allowing the eager actor to proceed. The audience gasped in astonishment as the actor prepared to remove his pants, capturing the moment on their cellphones.

Spicy show: Just go ahead and show it,' Kenan replied as the actor got ready to take off his pants

Fiery exhibition: “Don’t hold back, go on and unveil it,” Kenan casually retorted, encouraging the actor to proceed with removing his trousers.

Taking photos: The camera then cut to to a gasp from the audience who all had their cellphones out

Capturing Images: The camera abruptly shifted its focus, causing an audible gasp from the captivated audience, who were all eager to document the moment with their cellphones.

Post Malone, the brilliant guest artist of the night, effortlessly showcased his musical prowess and participated in two entertaining skits alongside Selena.

Known by his birth name, Austin Richard Post, the 26-year-old rapper magnificently delighted the crowd with a mesmerizing rendition of his latest track titled “Cooped Up,” which will be featured in his much-anticipated upcoming album, aptly named “Twelve Carat Toothache.”

Exuding his signature coolness, the musician donned an effortlessly stylish ensemble consisting of a sleek black leather jacket perfectly complemented by matching pants.

Musical guest: Post Malone was the night's musical guest. The talented musician also performed in two skits with Selena

Musical performer: Post Malone took on the role of the evening’s musical guest. This exceptionally gifted artist also delighted the audience with two comedic sketches alongside Selena.

Crowd pleaser: The 26-year-old rapper first pleased the audience with a performance of his latest song Cooped Up, from his upcoming album Twelve Carat Toothache

Audience Delighter: The talented 26-year-old rapper instantly captivated the crowd with his electrifying performance of his latest single “Cooped Up” from his highly anticipated album titled “Twelve Carat Toothache.” Adding to the excitement, the song featured the incredible talent of 23-year-old Roddy Rich, who graced the stage in a fashionable black and white sweater.

Post’s show continued to amaze as he flawlessly delivered a stunning rendition of his heartfelt track “Love/Hate Letter To Alcohol.” Not one to shy away from style, he took the stage once again in a striking white shirt paired with a daring black kilt skirt, showcasing his unique fashion sense.

With Roddy: The song features Roddy Rich, 23, who also made an appearance on the show and looked stylish in a black and white sweater

With Roddy: Roddy Rich, a 23-year-old artist, collaborated on the song and even graced the show with his presence, sporting a trendy black and white sweater.

Emotional: Post later returned to perform a beautiful rendition of his song Love/Hate Letter To Alcohol

Emotional: Later on, Post made a heartfelt comeback by delivering a captivating rendition of his heartfelt tune titled Love/Hate Letter To Alcohol.

Outfit change: He also had an outfit change, sporting a white shirt and a black kilt skirt

Wardrobe change: Additionally, he switched up his attire, opting for a crisp white shirt paired with a sleek black kilt skirt.
Following this, Malone made a comeback in a skit where Selena played the role of a mistrustful girlfriend suspecting her partner of infidelity.
When her significant other unexpectedly left to grab paper towels during an odd hour of the night, Selena’s ‘intuition’ (played by Ego Nwodim, 34) personified as a tiny figure perched on her shoulder, paid her a visit.
“He’s not just getting paper towels, girl. He’s cheating,” the intuition warned Selena, who initially brushed off the notion, replying, “No, he isn’t.”

Jealous: Malone then returned in a skit which saw Selena as a jealous girlfriend, who suspected that her boyfriend was cheating on her

Envious: In a comical skit, Malone made a comeback as Selena’s boyfriend’s girlfriend who was consumed by jealousy and had suspicions of infidelity. All her inner instincts urged her to confront the situation, leading her to burst into a melodious rap with lyrics like, ‘He by that woman’s residence.’ Perplexed, Selena inquired about the meaning behind the lyrics, to which Malone explained that it implied her man was secretly visiting that woman. Seeking advice, Selena was advised to snoop into his Instagram, track his whereabouts, and even take extreme measures like breaking his Xbox gaming console.

Cheating: After her man left at a suspicious time in the night, Selena was visited by her 'intuition' (played by Ego Nwodim, 34) who told her he was probably cheating

Infidelity: As the night grew suspiciously late, Selena’s instincts began to nag at her, personified by Ego Nwodim, a lively sense of intuition. This intuitive companion hinted that her man might be involved in infidelity. Acting on this gut feeling, Selena impulsively propelled the game player out of her window, coinciding with her boyfriend’s return.

Engaging in a conversation, her boyfriend fervently denied any misconduct as he briskly departed again to retrieve his Xbox from downstairs. However, Selena’s intuition stubbornly persisted, compelling her to “accidentally” break his television, yielding to her innate mistrust.

Infuriated, her boyfriend reacted with exasperation and exclaimed, “This can’t become a recurring episode every time I step out of the damn house!” Seeking understanding, Selena revealed, “I apologize, but my past experiences with dating basketball players and celebrities have left me wary and cautious.”

Back at it: Her boyfriend was then visited by his own intuition, played by Post, who also advised him that his girlfriend was probably cheating

Back in action: Selena’s boyfriend found himself in a peculiar situation when his own gut feeling, personified by Post, paid him a visit and suggested that his girlfriend might be unfaithful. Bewildered, he questioned, “Wait, what?”. The tables turned as he couldn’t help but feel a hint of jealousy. When Selena decided to take some time alone in the bedroom, her boyfriend experienced his own intuition, represented by Post, giving him advice.

Post expressed his belief that Selena suspected him of cheating, implying that if she believed that, then she might be the one engaging in infidelity. Post even went as far as assuming that she was receiving explicit photos from other guys, insinuating that they were more well-endowed than her boyfriend. He playfully rapped these thoughts to his concerned counterpart. Post’s unconventional advice for the boyfriend was to “snoop into her phone and thoroughly check her entire history.”

Size issues: 'She probably getting dude nudes and all their thingies are bigger than yours,' he rapped

Size concerns were brought up during a conversation between two individuals. One of them suggested that the woman might be receiving explicit photos from other men, insinuating that their physical attributes surpass those of the boyfriend. Perplexed, the boyfriend questioned who would even be texting her in such a manner. The response, somewhat humorously, hinted at the possibility of famous basketball player LeBron James. Seeking clarification, the boyfriend confronted Selena, who promptly stated that she was simply messaging her mother. A heated argument ensued, but the couple eventually resolved to end their evening with passionate intimacy. Despite the tension, Selena remained composed and continued to entertain the crowd. She proceeded to participate in a skit alongside Post, portraying a fun-loving babysitter attempting to enjoy herself while looking after her younger siblings.

Babysitter: Selena kept the audience laughing into her next sketch where she played a babysitter who was trying to party with friends while watching her baby brother and sister

Selena had the crowd in stitches during her following sketch, portraying a babysitter who attempted to have a fun time with her friends while also looking after her younger brother and sister. Her friends expressed their concern about being able to enjoy themselves while taking care of the babies, but Selena quickly reassured them.
“Don’t worry, we can definitely have an amazing party all night. And by the way, who’s up for trying my dad’s beer?”
“Count me in!” one of her friends eagerly responded, just as the twins unexpectedly burst into tears.
“Oh no, I think one of the babies woke up.”

Scary: However the babies did not go to sleep, and instead began throwing each other around the crib as Selena's friends watched them on the baby monitor

Frightening: However, the infants refused to doze off and instead initiated a wild game of tossing one another around the crib, while Selena’s buddies observed the chaotic scene through the baby monitor.
“Stay calm. They’ll eventually drift back to sleep,” reassured Selena.
Contrary to expectation, the babies remained wide awake and transformed the crib into their personal playground, much to the astonishment of the onlookers. Concerned, Selena’s friends inquired if she should offer some comfort to the restless duo.
“No, we’re supposed to let them soothe themselves,” Selena responded.
However, rather than succumbing to slumber, the mischievous twins began racing each other around the crib. Selena reluctantly confessed that she had secretly treated them to M&M’s, packed with a generous dosage of sugar.

More interesting: Her friends then decided that they wanted to stay in and watch the babies instead of going out to party

Adding excitement to the situation, Selena’s buddies opted to ditch their plans of hitting the town and instead stay in to babysit the adorable munchkins. Chaos ensued as the mischievous twins engaged in a friendly wrestling match, seemingly turning their cozy crib into a makeshift wrestling ring. To pacify the rambunctious duo, Selena quickly offered them a slice of bread, hoping it would serve as a distraction. As they attentively observed the nursery monitor, a surprising twist unfolded before their eyes – a third baby, mysteriously dubbed “Post”, materialized in the cozy crib.

Post as a baby: Suddenly while watching the monitor they noticed a third baby (Post) appear in the crib

As new parents, they were casually observing the baby monitor when a delightful surprise unfolded before their eyes – an unexpected addition to the crib, a delightful third baby later named Post.

Stranger: 'Hey, ma, you got any milk? This bread is mad dry,' he complained

Random person: ‘Hey, mom, do we have any milk? This bread is really dry,’ he whined.
‘Hey, mom, do we have any milk? This bread is really dry,’ he whined.
‘Who is that?’ one of the companions inquired.
‘I have no idea. Sometimes he’s around and sometimes he’s not,’ she casually responded.
Eventually, the group of friends discovered that the infants were secretly observing them through the surveillance camera.
In a different skit, Selena was part of a threesome portraying Bratz Dolls who paid a visit to a teenager dealing with her parents’ divorce.

She's a doll: In another sketch Selena was part of a Bratz Dolls trio who visit a teenage girl whose parents are getting a divorce

She’s incredible: In a different skit, Selena played a role in a trio of Bratz Dolls who paid a visit to a teenage girl dealing with her parents’ divorce.
“Hey there, we’re a worldwide fashion phenomenon. Alluring dolls for pre-teens,” the dolls introduced themselves cheerfully.
“Wait, you’re actually alive?” the girl asked in disbelief.
“Oh, darling, we’re like your personal guardians, observing you every day, but with a sassy twist,” one of the dolls responded with a playful smirk.
“We come to life whenever a girl’s parents go through a divorce,” another doll explained.
“That’s right! We’re here for girls who have outgrown Claire’s but aren’t quite ready for Talbots,” added the third doll.

Sexy dolls: 'Well, we're a global fashion sensation. Sexy dolls for pre-teens,' the dolls introduced themselves to the surprised teenager

Seductive dolls: With an air of confidence, the dolls proudly proclaimed, “We’re a worldwide fashion trend, catering to fashion-forward pre-teens.” They introduced themselves to the bewildered teenager, leaving her utterly amazed.

Mean dolls: But instead of helping make the teen feel better, they teased that they would escape to Miami with her father

Creepy dolls: Instead of comforting the teenager who was feeling guilty about her parents’ divorce, they made fun of her and joked about running away to Miami with her father.
“Hey Bratz, do you think I’m to blame for my parents’ divorce? I feel so guilty.”
“Quit whining about it, your mom seems mean anyway.”
“But what’s the deal with my dad? You guys seem interested.”
“I don’t really like how you asked that, but he’s a research analyst,” the teenager responded.
However, instead of providing support, the dolls continued to tease her by saying they would go to Miami with her father.
“We’re planning a trip to Miami with your dad!” the dolls exclaimed.

Inept: In another hilarious sketch Selena was a woman participating in a TV show that depicted inept adult men running errands for their girlfriends

In an amusing skit, Selena played a role in a TV show where she portrayed a woman named Kelsey. The show aimed to humorously depict the incompetence of adult men when it comes to running errands for their girlfriends. The sketch was inspired by the popular Japanese show “Old Enough,” which features toddlers completing tasks on their own. To cater to American viewers who do not typically send toddlers out alone, the concept was modified into a version called “Old Enough: Long-term boyfriends.” In this sneak peek, Selena’s character, Kelsey, lived with her boyfriend Matt (played by Mikey Day, aged 42). After dating for three years, Kelsey believed it was finally time for Matt to prove his ability to complete an errand independently.

Bad relationship: Selena was introduced as Kelsey, a woman who lived with her boyfriend Matt (played by Mikey Day, 42) who was finally ready to run an errand on his own

Troubled relationship: Selena, also known as Kelsey, was portrayed as a woman cohabitating with her partner, Matt (portrayed by Mikey Day, 42), who finally mustered the courage to run an errand by himself. Kelsey, seemingly not taking his nervousness into consideration, requested him to walk four blocks to Sephora and purchase an eyeliner for her, and then proceed to the grocery store to pick up two shallots.

However, upon reaching Sephora, Matt found himself feeling overwhelmed, eventually succumbing to tears. To add further misfortune, he mistakenly grabbed two five-pound bags of onions instead of the required shallots while shopping at the grocery store. Being in front of the camera, Selena sarcastically praised his efforts before coming to the conclusion that their relationship needed to come to an end.

Overwhelmed: However, once he made it to Sephora to buy her an eyeliner, he became overwhelmed and started to cry

Feeling an immense sense of emotional turmoil, he found himself overcome with emotions as he entered Sephora on a mission to purchase an eyeliner for his partner. The overwhelming sensation washed over him abruptly, causing tears to stream down his face.

Reflecting on the situation, a sense of pride emerged within her. Recalling the previous night’s request for an eyeliner pencil and two shallots, she found herself astonished by his efforts. However, instead of acquiring the intended items, he returned home with an unexpected haul of ten pounds of onions and a blush palette specifically designed for African American women. Consequently, she contemplated whether this humorous incident should lead to the end of their relationship.

The overwhelming feeling that had consumed him extended beyond just the unexpected shopping experience. It permeated their entire relationship, rendering them nothing more than mere roommates. Seeking to exemplify this impression, she posed a bold question to him, asking if they should engage in intimate activities at that very moment.

Responding nonchalantly, he pointed out the obvious, remarking on the daylight that flooded their surroundings. Her playful response, filled with sarcasm, marked the end of their conversation as the show came to a conclusion.

Done: Selena then sarcastically praised him on front of the camera before deciding they needed to break up

Completed: Selena proceeded to mockingly compliment him in front of the camera before deciding that it was time for them to end their relationship. Gomez continued to entertain with another skit in which she portrayed the character Sofia, who formed a Hispanic duo on a talk show called ‘A Peek at Pico’ with her co-host Vanessa, played by Melissa Villaseñor, aged thirty-four. Unfortunately, they did not conduct thorough research for their show and consistently interrupted their guests and interviews midway through. The duo introduced a guest, Becca, stating, ‘Alright. It’s time to bring out our next guest. She frequents the library and enjoys spending time with books. Welcome, Becca!’

Talk show host: In another sketch where she played Sofia, who was part of a duo with a talkshow called 'A Peek at Pico' with her co-host Vanessa played by Melissa Villaseñor, 34

During a comical skit on a talk show, Sofia and her co-host Vanessa, portrayed by the talented Melissa Villaseñor, were seen as a dynamic duo on their popular program called ‘A Peek at Pico’.

Not great hosts: However, they did not do proper research for their show and continued cutting off all their guests and interviews in the middle

The hosts of the show were not very skilled at their job. They failed to conduct proper research and repeatedly interrupted their guests and interviews abruptly.
“Hey, thanks for having me. Just to clarify, I work as a librarian and my connection with books is professional,” the guest explained.
“Ah, that’s good to know,” responded Vanessa, while Sofia chimed in, “Yeah, I thought it was pretty unfortunate when I first heard about it.”
In another segment, Selena portrayed the character Regalia, one of the three sisters (Lucillia, played by Nwodim, and Blondelia, portrayed by Kate McKinnon, 38) who were being introduced to Prince Edmund, a knight played by Day. The prince was contemplating which sister to choose as his wife.

Lovely ladies: In another bit she played Regalia, one of three sisters (Lucillia, played by Nwodim, and Blondelia, played by Kate McKinnon, 38) who were being presented to Prince Edmund, a knight - played by Day - as he considered which one should become his wife

Charming women: In a different scene, she portrayed Regalia, a sibling trio consisting of Lucillia (performed by Nwodim) and Blondelia (performed by Kate McKinnon, 38). The sisters were introduced to Prince Edmund, portrayed by Day, as he contemplated choosing a suitable spouse from among them.

Normal: Day continued to test the ladies with different questions, to discover whether any of them had strange traits, as he insisted that McKinnon must have something wrong with her

Day continued his quest to test the women with a variety of questions, hoping to uncover any peculiar attributes they might possess. He remained convinced that there must be something amiss with McKinnon, as she was the third amongst the group. In an attempt to justify his suspicions to their father, portrayed by the talented Kenan, he explained, “I just had this notion that there would be some flaw in her. You know, like how it usually goes with three women – one’s attractive, one’s intelligent, and the other has some kind of major issue.”

After numerous examinations, the Prince ultimately reached a decision, selecting Blondelia as the chosen one. However, he couldn’t help but express his hesitation, admitting, “I apologize for being judgmental. The truth is, I feel an undeniable attraction to Blondelia, although I can’t shake the feeling that there might be a catch.”

The one: After many tests, the Prince finally decided on Blondelia: 'I'm sorry I was judgmental. The truth is, I'm drawn to Blondelia, though I fear there's a catch'

The chosen one: Following numerous examinations, the Prince ultimately settled on Blondelia as his preference. Reflecting on his initial judgmental mindset, he humbly confessed, “Apologies for my assumptions. The reality is that Blondelia captivates me, despite my lingering concerns that something might be amiss.”

Bubbles: In the end, he chose Blondelia, however, unbeknownst to him, his fears about her being strange turned out to be correct, as she had a hole in the back of her dress and blew bubbles from her behind

In the final decision, he ultimately selected Blondelia. Little did he know, his concerns about her eccentricity were not unfounded. It turned out that Blondelia had an unusual feature – a gaping hole at the back of her dress, showcasing her entire behind. Adding to her peculiarity, she even emitted bubbles while walking.
Later on, Selena joined in the amusement by appearing at a high school and delivering an inspirational speech, urging the students to follow in her footsteps and pursue a career as a model.

Model: Selena continued the fun in another bit where she showed up to a high-school to give students a pep talk and encourage them to become a model like her

Selena kept the excitement going by surprising a group of high-schoolers with a visit, where she delivered an empowering speech to inspire them to pursue their dreams of becoming successful models, just like herself.

Proud: 'I am proud to say I am the first person in my family to not go to college,' she stated

Delighted: She expressed her delight by stating, “I am overjoyed to announce that I am the trailblazer in my family who opted against pursuing a college education.”
In response to a student’s proclamation of their mathematical prowess and aspiration to become an accountant, Selena queried, “Are you envisioning a career at H & M or H & R Block?”
Subsequently, she managed to persuade the entire class to join her in an impromptu modeling session, where they practiced an array of poses.

Influenced: She then convinced the class to all be models with her, as they worked on their various modeling poses

Inspired by her enthusiasm, she managed to persuade her classmates to join her in becoming models as they practiced different posing techniques.

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