Selena Gomez stuns in a revealing white nightgown at the AMAs

Just a few months after undergoing a kidney transplant, Selena Gomez made her return to the stage at the 2017 American Music Awards. The 25-year-old singer performed her new song “Wolves” in a stunning white nightgown, marking her comeback in style at the star-studded event.

Guess who’s back? Selena Gomez made her grand return to the stage at the 2017 American Music Awards after undergoing a kidney procedure.

The 25-year-old celebrity’s outfit was extremely short, causing her underwear to be visible as she rolled around on the ground and car during the broadcast. She also revealed a new blonde hairstyle for her performance, which was meant to depict a scene after a car crash involving a red Ford Mustang. Selena appeared with faux ‘cuts’ on her knees and forehead while wearing a white mini nightgown.

Impressive touch: Additionally, she unveiled a fresh blonde hairstyle during the show, which was meant to depict the aftermath of a car accident involving a red Ford Mustang.

Standing out from the crowd, Selena showed off her unique style with ‘cuts’ decorating her knees and forehead, while confidently rocking a chic white mini nightgown.

Expressive: During the show, she moved energetically by rolling on the floor and around the car.

I catch a glimpse of London, I spot France: Selena might have unintentionally revealed her underwear in the process.

Admiration: A thunderous round of applause greeted her from the audience.
To complement her outfit, she wore white Puma sneakers and socks that stopped just above her ankles while being surrounded by dancers mimicking wolves.
On September 14, Selena opened up about her kidney transplant by posting a picture of herself and her best friend Francia Raisa in hospital gowns holding hands.
She has also reignited her romance with her on-again, off-again beau Justin Bieber, with whom she has been spotted out and about in the past few weeks. However, he was not in attendance at the gala.

Relaxing: Watching Selena’s stage performance in black and white truly brought out the dramatic essence of the moment.

The leading act was truly spectacular and served as a grand entrance back into the spotlight.

Lots of feelings were on display during her intense live performance last Saturday.

Casual: She totally killed it on stage with her amazing new blonde hair, leaving everyone in awe.

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