Selena Gomez Turns Heads in Stylish White Ensemble Celebrating 21st Birthday at Bagatelle in West Hollywood

Selena Gomez celebrated her transition into the age of 21 in style at Bagatelle restaurant in West Hollywood on a Monday evening. The brunette beauty exuded an alluring charm, looking effortlessly chic in a pair of high-waisted white shorts that showcased her long and slender legs.

The choice of the crisp white shorts added a touch of sophistication to her birthday ensemble, emphasizing both style and summery vibes. Selena further accentuated her well-toned figure by donning a trendy crop top from, which not only highlighted her slender waist but also subtly revealed her sculpted midriff.

The birthday girl confidently flaunted her enviable curves, drawing attention to her shapely derrière, perfectly showcased by the high-waisted shorts. Selena’s fashion-forward choice continued with a pair of stylish boots featuring a cream-colored trim, adding a fashionable edge to her overall look. The ensemble, a perfect blend of casual chic and trendy sophistication, showcased Selena’s evolving sense of style as she embraced her milestone birthday.

Selena Gomez’s 21st birthday celebration was not just a personal milestone but a fashion statement in its own right. Her outfit, a playful and stylish combination of high-waisted shorts, a crop top, and fashionable boots, resonated with her youthful spirit while embodying a mature and fashion-savvy persona.

As the paparazzi’s lenses captured the radiant star on her special day, Selena Gomez stood as a style icon, effortlessly navigating the delicate balance between youthful vibrancy and timeless elegance.

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