Selena Gomez’s Chic Ensemble Keeps Her Cozy on the Set of “Only Murders In The Building” alongside Steve Martin and Martin Short

Selena Gomez exuded glamour as she stepped onto the set this week, donning an alluring black dress that showcased her plunging neckline. Complementing her look, she added a bold pop of color with scarlet lipstick. The talented 30-year-old singer and actress was filming scenes for the highly acclaimed Hulu series, Only Murders In The Building, which is currently in the production of its third season.

During the Tuesday shoot, Selena Gomez was joined by the well-respected comedy icons, Steve Martin and Martin Short, who have been her co-stars on the show since its inception. In one particular sequence, an air of mystery surrounded the scene as Selena gracefully emerged from an elegant archway, with Steve and Martin passionately gesticulating by her side.

Despite the chilly weather typical of the northeastern region, Selena stylishly protected herself from the biting cold by wrapping a long, quilted anorak over her dress. Her sleek raven locks were elegantly pulled back, accentuating her stunning features.

By bringing together these talented individuals, the set of Only Murders In The Building buzzed with excitement, and fans eagerly anticipate the release of the upcoming season.

Off she goes: Selena Gomez glammed up in a sleek, plunging black dress and scarlet lipstick for her latest day on the set of Only Murders In The Building this week

Heading out: Selena Gomez got all dolled up in a chic, low-cut black gown and bold red lipstick as she embarked on another day of filming for her current project, Only Murders In The Building, earlier this week.

The look: She swept her raven locks tightly back into an updo and wrapped a long, quilted anorak over her dress to keep out the biting northeastern cold

Incidentally: Paul Rudd, who had a cameo in the season two finale and is reprising his role for season three, called Selena a 'really good friend'

The appearance: With her raven hair tightly pulled back into an elegant updo and a long, padded anorak draped over her dress, she prepared herself for the harsh chill of the northeastern weather.

Shortly after the series premiered in 2021, Selena expressed her enthusiasm for working alongside the two comedic legends.
“They made me feel like I was part of a trio from the very start. They are simply the best. Their humility and kindness are extraordinary, and their perspective on life is unlike anyone I’ve ever met,” she told People.
“I would often ask them about how things used to be in their industry, and it was always fascinating to hear their stories. I was like a sponge, absorbing every little detail. We even have a group email chain.”
In the show, the three of them portray individuals residing in the same apartment building, all sharing a strong interest in true crime podcasts.
When a murder occurs in their building during the first season, the main characters utilize their amateur detective skills to uncover the truth behind the crime.
Paul Rudd, who made a cameo in the season two finale and will be reprising his role for season three, recently showered Selena with compliments during an interview.
“It’s the most incredible experience to be a part of, and to be in the same room with them. Selena is amazing, and we’ve worked together before. She’s a dear friend of mine whom I deeply admire,” he shared.
The beloved Hollywood heartthrob, known for his role as Mike Hannigan in Friends, described Martin Short and Steve Martin as the Mount Rushmore of comedy in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Off they go: She was spotted shooting a scene Tuesday with comedy icons Steve Martin (right) and Martin Short (left), who have been her co-stars on the series from the start

They are on their way: On Tuesday, a scene was captured featuring our leading lady alongside comedy legends Steve Martin (on the right) and Martin Short (on the left), who have been her incredible co-stars since the beginning of the show.

What's going on?: In one mysterious sequence, Selena could be seen emerging out of an elegant archway while Steve and Martin gesticulated wildly beside her

What’s happening?: In a scene filled with intrigue, Selena gracefully emerged from a sophisticated archway, while Steve and Martin animatedly gestured beside her.

Warm words: Selena has described Martin and Steve as 'extremely humble and kind, and they just have a different human perspective on life than anyone I've ever met'

Friendly words: Selena affectionately portrayed Martin and Steve as ‘incredibly down-to-earth and compassionate individuals, who possess an unparalleled outlook on life that sets them apart from anyone I have encountered before.’

Candor: In an episode of the Apple TV+ series Dear..., Selena recently bared her soul about the emotional toll of being mocked online for her figure

Candor: In a recent episode of Apple TV+ series Dear…, Selena opened up about the devastating impact of online ridicule regarding her body. She revealed on the show that her weight had fluctuated due to the different medications she had to take while fighting against lupus for a long time. The singer, famous for the hit song “Come And Get It,” expressed her disappointment as people eagerly jumped on the opportunity to bring her down. Selena shared that being shamed for her weight gain, which was a result of her lupus, left her in tears.

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