“Shakira Struts her Stuff in Edgy Ensemble for Electrifying Mexico City Concert on El Dorado Tour”

Upon arriving in Mexico for her live shows, she was greeted by a swarm of enthusiastic fans. Shakira once again captivated the audience at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City on Thursday night. The 41-year-old singer looked stunning in mesh and glitter leggings and stylish leather boots as she mesmerized her fans with her performance.

Edgy: Shakira, 41, channels her inner rock chick with edgy tour performance in Mexico City at the Azteca Stadium on Thursday night

Shakira, aged 41, embraced her inner rock vibes during a thrilling tour performance in Mexico City at Azteca Stadium on Thursday night. This marked the sixth world tour for the talented singer, with upcoming shows scheduled in Central and South America, including her home country Colombia. The audience witnessed Shakira’s electrifying stage presence as she confidently showcased hits from her eleventh studio album, El Dorado. Opting for a bold and edgy style, Shakira dazzled in form-fitting leggings adorned with glitter and mesh panels, exuding a chic rocker look that captivated the crowd.

Sultry: The beauty stunned in a pair of leggings that came complete with mesh and glitter panels

Seductive: The gorgeous woman turned heads in a stunning pair of leggings featuring intricate mesh and glitter accents.

Giving it her all: Shakira appeared to throw herself into her performance and made for a sassy display as she writhed around while performing hits from her El Dorado album

Rocking out: She was seen throwing her head back and forth while clutching onto her microphone

Putting her heart into it: Shakira seemed fully immersed in her performance, exuding confidence and sass as she danced and sang songs from her El Dorado album.

Sass: The star looked sensational as she hardened up her look with leather boots and a sleeveless lion motif tee

Sass: The celebrity flaunted her edgy style by pairing leather boots with a sleeveless tee featuring a lion design. Her outfit highlighted her toned figure as she danced on stage, undoubtedly thrilling her fans. Shakira rocked a lion motif tee with leather lace-up boots and a biker jacket for a tougher vibe. She kept her signature curly blonde hair down past her shoulders and added a touch of glamour with her makeup.

Stunning: Her form-fitting outfit choice made sure to highlight her pert posterior

Beautiful: The snug attire she chose accentuated her firm and shapely behind.

Delighted: Shakira appeared to be having a ball on stage

Thrilled: Shakira seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself while performing on stage.

Rocker chic: She threw a biker jacket over her edgy ensemble and wore her locks down in her trademark curls

Stage glam: Shakira teamed her perfectly preened locks with an immaculate make-up look

Rockstar cool: She topped off her bold outfit with a leather jacket and left her famous curly hair down.

All smiles! The mother-of-two looked sensational as she addressed the crowd

Radiating joy, the mother of two looked absolutely stunning as she spoke to the audience.

In the zone: Shakira has been touring the globe on her sixth world tour - it kicked off in Germany at the start of June

Shakira has been rocking stages across the world as she embarks on her sixth world tour, which began in Germany in early June. The Colombian singer adds a touch of seductive charm to her performances, including a moment when she was seen in chains as fireworks lit up the screen behind her. With her retro microphone high in the air at another point, Shakira’s tour has taken her through Europe, the US, Canada and now Mexico, with a total of 55 shows lined up. The tour will come to an epic conclusion in Bogota, Colombia at the beginning of November.

Sultry: The Voice US coach took things up a notch as she appeared on staged bound in chains at one point during her performance

The coach from The Voice US turned up the heat by making a dramatic entrance on stage, wearing chains as part of her performance.

Energetic: Shakira was seen whipping her hair as she sang along to her tracks

Full of energy: Shakira was spotted flicking her hair back and forth while belting out the lyrics to her songs.

Stunning display: Behind her, fireworks virtually exploded on a huge screen

Impressive show: A dazzling array of fireworks burst into life on the massive screen behind her.

Seasoned performer: Shakira looked nothing but slick on stage

Shakira appeared incredibly polished and smooth while performing on stage.

Still going: She is set to make her way across Central and South America, finishing up her 55 date tour in Bogota, Colombia - her native country

Continuing on her journey, she plans to travel through Central and South America, concluding her 55-show tour in Bogota, Colombia, which is her homeland.

Got company? The mother-of-two revealed in an interview with Billboard in April that she was planning to take her two sons Milan, five, and Sasha, three, on the road with her

In a recent interview with Billboard, the mother of two shared her plans to bring her sons Milan, five, and Sasha, three, along with her on tour. She mentioned that her partner Gerard Piqué, with whom she has been together for seven years, will also be joining them. The couple met when Piqué appeared in her music video for the song Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) for the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup. Shakira expressed her excitement about bringing her children on tour to give them a glimpse into her work. However, she humorously added that she hopes they will be asleep by 8 pm while she is busy performing.

Missing all the fun: They wouldn't have been in the crowd, however, as Shakira told Billboard in April: 'I hope that by 8pm they are sleeping while their mother is working'

Not experiencing the excitement: Despite Shakira’s comment to Billboard in April stating, “I hope that by 8pm they are sleeping while their mother is working,” they may have missed out on being part of the crowd.

Mother-of-two: Shakira shares her two sons with her partner of seven years Gerard Piqué

Shakira, a mother of two, has been in a seven-year relationship with Gerard Piqué, with whom she shares her two sons.

Back in action: Her latest tour comes a year after Shakira confessed she was considering giving up her musical career

After taking a break, Shakira is hitting the road again with her latest tour, which comes just a year after she revealed she had thought about retiring from music.

Put off: She said that at first the idea of juggling motherhood with making another album seemed as difficult as 'climbing Mount Everest'

Delay: Initially, she found the thought of balancing being a mother and creating a new album as challenging as facing the task of climbing Mount Everest.

Change of heart: However, Shakira admits her family encouraged her to carry on with music, with the blonde telling Hola! magazine: 'Thank God I found that incentive again, because now, more than ever, I want to sing and go on tour'

Change of mind: But Shakira revealed that her family played a crucial role in pushing her to pursue music. In an interview with Hola! magazine, the singer disclosed, “I am grateful that I rediscovered that motivation because now, more than ever, I am eager to sing and hit the road for a tour.”

In the past, she admitted that she had thought about giving up her music career to focus on being a mom. She described motherhood as the toughest job she’s ever had, saying it drains her physically, emotionally, and mentally. Shakira shared with Hola! magazine last year that looking after her family occupies her thoughts constantly, taking up a lot of her energy.

Initially, the thought of managing motherhood along with creating a new album felt like trying to climb Mount Everest. However, it was her family’s support that pushed her to pursue both. Shakira mentioned that these thoughts may have crossed her mind on a crazy night, but having a caring family helped her stay grounded.

She expressed gratitude for finding the motivation to continue her music career, stressing that now more than ever, she is eager to sing and tour.

Grounded: She added: 'These are things that go through your head one crazy night, but that¿s why one has a family that cares, and helps you put your feet back on the ground'

She explained, “These thoughts may pop into your mind during a wild night, but having a supportive family is essential to help you stay grounded and focused.”

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