“Shakira Takes the Stage in Fishnets and a Bra on Fallon as Piqué Sets Ground Rules: No Working with Hot Models”

Won't be able to forget her: Shakira puts on a very racy performance on the Jimmy Fallon Show on Tuesday night

I can’t get her performance out of my mind: Shakira delivers a sultry show on the Jimmy Fallon Show last night.

Dressing up: On Tuesday night, Shakira made a very racy appearance on the Jimmy Fallon wearing fishnet tights, knee high boots and a black bra.

Attire for the evening: During the latest episode of Jimmy Fallon’s show, Shakira rocked a daring look with fishnet stockings, stylish knee-high boots, and a sleek black bra.

Making an entrance: Shakira waved to the crowd, excited at her racy outfit

Making an entrance: Shakira waved to the crowd, excited at her racy outfit

Arriving in style: Shakira greeted the audience with a wave, thrilled with her daring ensemble.

Hips don't lie: Shakira is doing the rounds at the moment promoting her new album, titled Shakira

Shakira is currently making the rounds to promote her latest album, aptly named “Shakira,” proving that her talent is undeniable and her music is not to be missed.

Racy: Hopefully boyfriend Gerard wouldn't have minded Shakira's racy ensemble after she recently revealed he has banned her from working with hot models

Sultry: Shakira hoped that her boyfriend Gerard would be okay with her daring outfit, despite her admission that he has prohibited her from collaborating with attractive models.

Burlesque: Shakira could have passed for a Pussycat Doll as writhed around on stage during her performance

In her burlesque act, Shakira exuded a Pussycat Doll-like vibe as she moved sensually on the stage.

Getting great exposure: Host Jimmy Fallon hold up the LP cover of Shakira which will have pleased the singer's record company no end

Receiving excellent publicity: Host Jimmy Fallon showcases Shakira’s LP cover, bringing delight to the singer’s record label.

Going for it: Shakira certainly didn't hold back as she performed her latest single on the show

Taking the plunge: Shakira went all out with her performance of her new single on the television program.

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