Shakira wows Gerard Pique with a steamy performance on the dance floor at a Hollywood hotspot

His personal show: Shakira entertains Gerard as she puts the other dancers to shame

Shakira dazzled Gerard Pique with her mesmerizing dance moves during a private performance at The Emerson Theatre in Hollywood last Wednesday.

These Hips Don't Lie! Shakira shows off her best dirty dancing as she twists and turns with Spanish footballer Gerard Pique in a Hollywood nightclub Wednesday

Shakira shakes her hips and shows off her smooth moves while dancing with Spanish footballer Gerard Pique at a trendy Hollywood club on Wednesday night!

Date night: The couple were spotted making out as they danced together and gazed into one another's eyes

Night out together: The pair was seen passionately kissing while they moved to the music and locked eyes with each other.

Night to remember: Shakira was grinding on Gerard and at one point had her legs wrapped around his waist.

Unforgettable evening: Shakira and Gerard were dancing closely, with her legs entwined around his body at one memorable moment.

Passionate: The couple are parents to six-month-old Milan, who stayed tucked up in bed at home with a nanny

Enthusiastic: The pair are the proud parents of six-month-old Milan, who was snugly tucked in bed at home under the care of a nanny.

Keeping it casual: Shakira wore her curly hair loose and full, and dressed down in a loose white T-shirt and jeans

Going for a relaxed look, Shakira sported her voluminous curly hair down and donned a casual ensemble of a baggy white T-shirt and jeans.

Couple time: The parents earlier fitted in dinner for two

Quality time as a couple: Before becoming parents, they used to make sure they had time for a romantic dinner together.

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