Shakira’s Courageous Encounter: Facing Wild Boars in the Heart of Barcelona’s Park

Following an exciting run-in with some wildlife, Shakira was seen having a great time during her weekend with a happy attitude. The 44-year-old musician appeared to be in good mood as she strolled along the street, wearing a casual outfit paired with a Grateful Dead tee. This marked the first public appearance she made after revealing on her Instagram Stories about being confronted by two wild boars while at a park in Barcelona.

Moving forward: Shakira was seen keeping her spirits up as she was spotted Saturday for the first time since being set upon by wild boar

Going forward: Shakira was in a positive mood as she stepped out in public for the first time since a surprising run-in with wild boars. Accompanied by her eight-year-old son Milan, they encountered the animals, but fortunately both Shakira and her son emerged unscathed. Unfortunately, her bag didn’t escape unharmed and was grabbed by the boars, leaving it in a less than perfect condition when she managed to get it back. Sharing the aftermath with her fans on Instagram Stories, Shakira posted, “Check out the damage to my bag after a surprising encounter with two wild boars in the park.”

Legging it: The 44-year-old pop sensation had a smile on her face as she sauntered up the street in a casual ensemble that included a Grateful Dead t-shirt

Troubled time: Her outing comes just a couple of days after she revealed on her Insta Stories that two wild boar attacked her in a Barcelona park

Taking a leisurely walk, the 44-year-old music icon had a wide smile on her face as she strolled down the street in a laid-back attire, rocking a Grateful Dead t-shirt.

Incidentally: At the moment Shakira, who keeps a residence in Barcelona, is in a spot of legal trouble in Spain as she is facing a potential trial there for tax fraud

By the way, Shakira, who has a house in Barcelona, is currently facing some legal troubles in Spain regarding possible tax fraud charges. The singer behind the hit “Hips Don’t Lie” recently vented her frustration, mentioning, “They took my bag to the forest with my phone inside. Everything has been ruined.” In the background, Milan, her eight-year-old son with Barcelona soccer player Gerard Pique, could be seen roaming around as Shakira jokingly said, “Milan, tell the truth. Tell everyone how your mommy confronted the wild boar.” Shakira and Pique have been together since 2011 and are also the parents of six-year-old son Sasha.

Baby mine: She was with her eight-year-old son Milan when they ran afoul of the animals but luckily both Shakira and her child appear to have escaped unscathed

When my friend Shakira ran into the animals, she had her eight-year-old son, Milan, with her. Fortunately, both mother and son came out of the situation without any harm.

Oh dear: Her bag however was less lucky - it was 'snatched' by the animals and rather the worse for wear by the time Shakira managed to retrieve it

Oh no! Sadly, Shakira’s purse wasn’t as lucky when it was taken by thieves and returned in a pretty sorry state. At the moment, the singer, who resides in Barcelona, is facing legal troubles in Spain over possible tax fraud charges. It’s been claimed that she didn’t pay 14.5 million euros in Spanish taxes for the years 2012, 2013, and 2014, despite listing Panama as her official home during that time. In July, a Spanish judge ruled that there wasn’t sufficient evidence to move forward with a trial, according to the Associated Press.

'They've destroyed everything': 'They were taking my bag to the woods with my mobile phone in it,' the Hips Don't Lie singer revealed

“They’ve completely messed things up”: The artist behind the hit song Hips Don’t Lie shared, “They were making a run for it with my bag towards the woods, which had my phone in it.”

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