Stunning Gal Gadot flaunts her incredible post-pregnancy figure in a captivating gown while attending the grand premiere of Wonder Woman alongside Chris Pine in Shanghai

Looking absolutely stunning, Gal Gadot wowed the crowd at the Wonder Woman premiere in Shanghai, China. The 32-year-old actress was radiant in a captivating cobalt blue gown that accentuated her famous curves and left everyone in awe. With delicate button detailing at the front and a daring low-cut neckline, Gal confidently showcased her gorgeous figure, including her alluring cleavage.

She's the woman: Gal Gadot looked sexy at the Wonder Woman premiere in Shanghai on Monday

With her captivating appearance at the highly anticipated Wonder Woman premiere in Shanghai, Gal Gadot proved once again why she is the woman of the hour. The Israeli actress exuded an air of elegance and allure in a mesmerizing floor-length gown, enhanced by a daring slit along the left side that beautifully showcased her endless legs.

To complement her ensemble, Gadot opted for a pair of sleek blue stilettos, perfectly harmonizing with her attire. Adding a touch of glamour to her ensemble, she adorned her fingers with an array of tasteful rings, elevating her overall look.

Her signature long brown tresses cascaded effortlessly down her back, impeccably styled with a slicked-back finish that exuded sophistication. Accompanying Gadot on this momentous occasion was her dashing co-star, Chris Pine, who added an extra element of charm to the star-studded premiere in China.

Keeping close: Joining the stunning star at the Chinese premiere was her handsome co-star, Chris Pine

Staying connected: Accompanying the beautiful actress, Chris Pine, her charming co-star, was present at the Chinese premiere.

Sexy: The Israeli actress' floor-length gown featured a long split down the left side, which accentuated her long legs

Seductive: Highlighting the elegance of the Israeli starlet, her dazzling ensemble elegantly cascaded to the floor, embellished with a sensuous slit along the left side, perfectly enhancing the allure of her elongated limbs.

Looking effortlessly dapper, the 36-year-old Star Trek actor gracefully donned a sophisticated dark blue suit complemented by a pale blue shirt. His stunning co-star exuded elegance in an ensemble that effortlessly matched his impeccable style. As they posed for photographs, it was evident that the camaraderie shared between them extended beyond the silver screen, as they shared a joyous laugh alongside the film’s director, Patty Jenkins, who sported a striking blue outfit as well. In the midst of the glamorous affair, the ever gracious Gal took a moment to connect and interact with the adoring fans who had gathered, graciously acknowledging their unwavering support.

Blue day: Joining the Wonder Woman co-stars was the film's director, Patty Jenkins, who also dressed in blue

A day painted in shades of blue: Accompanying the cast of Wonder Woman were Patty Jenkins, the film’s director, who gracefully embraced the blue wardrobe as well.

Hamming it up... The trio posed for photos together, and appeared to share a laugh, as Chris pulled faces at the cameras

Having a good time… The three of them gathered for some snapshots, gleefully exchanging laughter while Chris playfully made silly expressions for the camera lenses.

Write on: When she wasn't posing for the cameras, Gal took time out at the premiere to mingle with fans

When Gal was not busy striking poses for the cameras, she took a moment during the premiere to casually interact and connect with her devoted fans.

It's a sign... The smiling star was seen signing autographs for fans who had lined the nude-colored carpet

It’s a sure indication… The cheerful superstar was caught in the act of giving autographs to enthusiastic fans who had gathered along the bare-toned pathway.

Dream role: 'Somehow I think that I always wished to play Wonder Woman, without even knowing it myself,' Gal told Collider during an interview in March

I’ve always had a sneaky feeling that my ultimate aspiration was to portray Wonder Woman, even before I consciously realized it,” Gal confessed to Collider in a laid-back interview back in March.

Pals: Gal has forged a strong friendship wit Chris during filming, which was evident at the press conference 

Friends: Gal and Chris have developed a deep bond while working together on the film, and this was clearly seen during the press conference.

Beauty: She later made another stylish outfit change for the Wonder Woman film premiere in Shanghai, China

Beauty: She later made another stylish outfit change for the Wonder Woman film premiere in Shanghai, China

Beauty: Afterwards, she made a delightful fashion transformation at the premiere of Wonder Woman in Shanghai, China.

Promoting: She seemed in high spirits as she talked enthusiastically about the movie 

With great exuberance, she animatedly discussed the movie, clearly exuding a contagious positive energy. On the nude-colored carpet, devoted fans eagerly awaited their chance to obtain her autograph as she graciously obliged, her bright smile illuminating the scene. During an interview with Collider in March, Gal revealed, almost in disbelief, that she had unknowingly harbored a deep desire to embody Wonder Woman. She expressed her desire to highlight the resilience and fortitude of women, lamenting the scarcity of such empowering narratives. Little did she anticipate that five years later, destiny would grant her the opportunity to portray the iconic character herself.

Flashing flesh: Her figure-hugging garment boasted sexy cut-out detailing on either side of her decolletage 

Revealing attire: The form-fitting outfit she wore featured alluring cut-out accents on both sides of her neckline.

Hunk: Chris looked dapper in a blue shirt and dark bottoms

Hottie: Chris was rocking a stylish ensemble with a cool blue shirt paired with sleek dark bottoms.

Having a fun time: he cracked some jokes during the premiere 

Having a blast: he shared some hilarious jokes while the premiere was in full swing.

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