Stunning Katy Perry Shines in Eclectic Green-Haired Look at Last Stop of Prismatic World Tour

Katy Perry is well-known for her quirky and colorful pop outfits that she wears during her performances. The 30-year-old singer continues to amaze fans with her amazing wardrobe choices on The Prismatic World Tour. She looked absolutely stunning during her performance at Guangzhou International Sports Arena in Asia on Saturday night.

Passion for fashion: Katy Perry didn't disappoint fans with high expectations for her wardrobe choices when she performed at Guangzhou International Sports Arena as part of The Prismatic World Tour on Saturday

Katy Perry showcased her love for fashion at the Guangzhou International Sports Arena during The Prismatic World Tour. Entering the stage in a vibrant neon dress with a unique paint-splattered design, she didn’t fail to impress her eager fans. The American singer paired the dress with yellow over-the-knee socks and a bold forest green wig, adding a playful touch to her ensemble. Later, Katy changed into a stunning yellow gown adorned with oversized sunflowers, showcasing her daring and fun sense of style.

Bright idea: When she strutted out on stage, Katy wowed her audience in an eye-catching neon multi-colourd dress, which looked like it had been attacked by several different buckets of paint

A brilliant moment occurred when Katy stole the show with her vibrant neon and rainbow-colored dress, giving the impression that it had been splattered with an array of paint colors.

Nice hair: To complete her fun look, the US singer wore yellow over-the-knee socks and a forest green wig

I love her hair: To add some flair to her ensemble, the American singer rocked yellow thigh-high socks and a vibrant forest green wig.

Having a blast: Katy looked like she had a great time as she performed with her backing dancers

Having a blast: Katy appeared to be thoroughly enjoying herself while dancing alongside her backup dancers during her performance.

Turn the lights out: The US star appeared to be embracing her sultry side as she leaned against a stage prop in UV light

The American celebrity seemed to be showing off her sexy side under UV light as she posed against a stage prop with the lights off. She rocked a vibrant wig in shades of green, pink, blue, and white for her outfit. In addition to that, she also wore a couple of outfits inspired by cats during her performance. One of the standout ensembles was a stunning low-cut ball gown with firework explosions. Katy has been on tour since May last year, and it’s been rumored that her busy schedule was the cause of her breakup with boyfriend John Mayer.

Pretty as a flower: After a quick wardrobe change, Katy then stepped out in a full-length yellow gown featuring four giant stick-on sunflowers

Stunning like a blooming flower: Katy switched up her outfit and emerged in a beautiful yellow dress adorned with four huge sunflower decals.

Embracing her inner hippy: For this outfit, she sported a bright green, pink, blue and white wig

Getting in touch with her inner hippie vibe: In this look, she rocked a vibrant wig in shades of green, pink, blue, and white.

Finishing touches: Even Katy's microphone was dressed up as a stem for the flower theme

Final details: Katy’s microphone also sported a floral design, completing the flower-themed look.

Making time for the little people: The pop diva was seen inviting a select few lucky fans up on stage to give them a cuddle 

Setting aside time for her fans, the famous singer was spotted bringing a small group of fortunate fans onto the stage for a hug.

Meow! Katy then stepped out as a bright pink cat - complete with a tail

Katy emerged with a playful “meow” and transformed into a vibrant pink feline, complete with a swishing tail.

Hear me roar: The star then accessorised her costume with what appeared to be body armour 

Listen to my powerful voice: The actress then completed her outfit by adding what seemed to be protective armor to it.

Stealing the show: Despite fierce competition, one of Katy's most noticeable numbers was a dramatic low cut ball gown featuring firework explosions

Standing out from the crowd: Even with tough competition, Katy stole the spotlight with a stunning low-cut ball gown that wowed the audience with fiery explosions.

Busy bee: Katy has been on tour since last May, and according to reports, her hectic schedule was the reason she and boyfriend John Mayer parted ways

Hardworking Katy has been on tour since May, and it seems her packed schedule may have been a contributing factor to her breakup with boyfriend John Mayer. A source revealed that the two rekindled their romance during a break in Katy’s Prismatic World Tour, enjoying a brief period of happiness before things took a turn. Issues arose due to Katy’s busy lifestyle and John’s need for attention, causing trust issues to surface while they were apart. Despite the challenges, recent sightings of the pair at a trendy West Hollywood venue suggest that they may have reconciled, with eyewitnesses describing them as appearing very much like a couple.

Interetsing: Speculation is now growing that the two are now back together after they were spotted in the new West Hollywood hot spot Ysabel two weeks ago

Exciting news on the horizon as rumors swirl about the possible rekindling of their relationship, with eyewitnesses reporting a cozy encounter at the trendy Ysabel in West Hollywood just a fortnight ago.

Back on? According to onlookers, Katy and John looked 'very much like a couple' during the night out

Are they back together? Observers noted that Katy and John seemed to be very affectionate with each other while they were out for the night.

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