Summer Slip-Up: Demi Lovato Takes a Spill at Pool Party in LA

Currently, she is busy promoting her newest song, Cool For The Summer. However, Demi Lovato didn’t exactly maintain her cool factor after experiencing a not-so-graceful fall in front of a large crowd at a pool party in Los Angeles. Initially worried, her fans couldn’t help but laugh when the spirited singer reassured them with a cheerful peace sign that she was okay.

Demi clod: Lovato failed to live up to the title of her latest song after taking a tumble at an appearance in Los Angeles on Sunday

Demi Lovato couldn’t quite embody the essence of her recent song title when she stumbled at an event in Los Angeles this past Sunday.

I'm OK!: The popstrel proved she is made of stern stuff by flashing a peace sign

I’m good to go!: The singer showed her resilience by flashing a peace sign after a minor mishap. The only thing hurt was her pride, but she quickly shook it off by jumping into the water at the KISS FM Summer Pool Party. She even joked about the incident in a tweet, saying: ‘Well… It’s not a tour without a little slip up!!!!!! #NOTcoolforthesummer.’ Demi seemed to be enjoying flaunting her figure in a stylish green one-piece swimsuit, white skirt, and high heels that would turn heads at any pool party.

Drowning her sorrows: After her humiliating fall she decided to immediately leap into the pool for a cooldown

Soothing her spirits: Following her embarrassing stumble, she made a spontaneous dive into the pool to chill out.

Putting on a show: The saucy singer certainly gave her fans more than they bargained for with her fall

Delivering a memorable performance: The daring singer surprised her fans with more than just her sexy outfit when she took a tumble on stage. Demi not only wowed the audience with her vocal prowess but also endured a playful prank that left her drenched. Her hit song “Cool For The Summer” was released on July 1, and Demi shared her excitement on social media, calling it one of the best days of her life.

Sing when your winning: At this stage Demi surely did not imagine she would soon be falling over

Sing while you’re ahead: Demi had no idea that a stumble was waiting just around the corner during this time.

Water you doing: The Latina lovely looked less than pleased when an off-stage prankster gave her a soaking

What are you up to: The Latina beauty didn’t seem too happy when someone off-stage played a prank on her and drenched her with water.

Wet a pro: But a canny campaigner like Lovato would not let a little water put her off delivering a performance

Wet a pro: But a canny campaigner like Lovato would not let a little water put her off delivering a performance

Being a pro means being prepared for anything, and Lovato proved she was a savvy performer by not letting a little rain stop her from giving a great show.

Going swimmingly: There was plenty of eye candy on display for the gentlemen in the audience

Going smoothly: The guys in the audience had plenty of attractive sights to enjoy while watching the show.

Sizzling: No doubt Demi wishes her turn maintained the glamour of her new single's sleeve cover

It’s no secret that Demi wants her performance to reflect the same glamour as the cover of her latest single.

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