Taylor Swift narrowly avoids a fashion mishap as she triumphs at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards

Taylor Swift had a triumphant night at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, walking away with two of the highest accolades – Best Female Artist and Top Selling Artist. The 28-year-old pop sensation added more trophies to her collection at the star-studded event, held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Taylor’s excitement was evident as she confidently strutted backstage in her stunning dusty pink gown, which featured a daring thigh-high split that almost revealed her lingerie.

Taylor Swift was one of the biggest winners of the night as she took home two of the highest honors - Best Female Artist and Top Selling Artist - at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night

Taylor Swift had a fantastic night at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, winning two major awards for Best Female Artist and Top Selling Artist. Despite her success, she nearly experienced a wardrobe malfunction, but it didn’t dampen her spirits. This was a triumphant moment for Swift, as she made a comeback after the release of her controversial album Reputation. In the album, she addresses her famous feuds with Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian. Swift made sure that this night would be memorable for her. During her acceptance speech for the Top Selling Album award, she expressed her gratitude to her fans for understanding her. For Swift, songwriting has always been a way to feel understood, especially when she started writing at the age of 12. She admitted that while making Reputation, she felt misunderstood by many people. Therefore, she wanted to thank her fans for consistently supporting her and making her feel understood again. It was a special moment when Mila Kunis presented Swift with the award, as she introduced a special video before giving Taylor the stage.

You really get me: 'Just, the ways that you have cared about me and the ways that you've treated me, just thank you for making me feel understood again' the songstress said

Wow: Taylor was truly tickled by her win, pausing to smile and admire her trophy while giving thanks

“You truly understand me in ways that no one else does. I am grateful for how you have cared for me and treated me, thank you for making me feel understood once again,” expressed the songstress.

Earlier in the evening, Taylor received the award for Best Female Artist. In her acceptance speech, she extended her gratitude to the female artists who have paved the way for her and her peers in the music industry. She also acknowledged Camila Cabello and Charlie XCX, with whom she is currently touring.

Taylor admitted that it had been years since she last attended an awards show. She took the opportunity to thank the new generation of female artists who are making waves in the industry, stating that they serve as an inspiration to her and her contemporaries.

Looking ahead to the future, the accomplished artist gave a shout-out to the aspiring female musicians who are just starting their journey, urging them to pick up a guitar or learn how to play the piano.

Lastly, Taylor expressed her appreciation for her fans, acknowledging their unwavering support as she received these accolades.

Sticking by her side: Swift was overwhelmed with emotions towards her fans, telling them 'I just wanna say to the fans, thank you for continuing to show up'

Standing steadfastly by her side: Swift found herself immersed in a sea of emotions as she expressed her profound gratitude towards her devoted fans, exclaiming, ‘To all my incredible fans, I cannot thank you enough for the unwavering support you continue to shower upon me.’

You go girl! During her first win of the evening for Best Female Artist, Taylor Swift thanked her fellow female artists and 'all the female artists who paved the way' while accepting the Best Female Artist honor at The Billboard Music Awards on Sunday

Inspired: She also gave thanks to 'all the new female artists killing it out there right now, we're so inspired by you'

Way to go, girl! Taylor Swift expressed her gratitude towards her fellow female artists and acknowledged their significant contributions in paving the way for others during her acceptance speech for the Best Female Artist award at The Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night.

Next generation: Continuing onto the future generations, the chart-topper 'Shout out to the future female artist that just picked up a guitar, or learned how to play piano'

Next in line: Looking ahead to the upcoming generations, a big shout-out to all the aspiring young women who have recently embraced the guitar or mastered the art of playing the piano.

Tour mates! The Reputation crooner thanked Camila Cabello (above, right with Taylor and Shawn Mendes) and Charlie XCX, who she's currently touring with

Hey, fellow tour buddies! Taylor Swift, the amazing singer behind the hit song “Reputation,” expressed her gratitude towards Camila Cabello and Charlie XCX. These talented artists are currently joining Taylor on her tour.

Sitting pretty: Taylor (L) cosied up to Camila Cabello as they watched the awards ceremony together

Enjoying the view: Taylor Swift and Camila Cabello snuggled up while taking in the awards show together.

Back in action! Though she seemed cool as  can be on stage, Taylor admitted it was her first time at an awards show 'in years'

Ready to rock! Even though Taylor appeared effortlessly composed when performing on stage, she confessed that it had been quite some time since her last appearance at an awards ceremony.

Model moment: Taylor looked delighted as she chatted with America's Next Top Model host Tyra Banks at the awards

Loving life: The duo chatted away

Iconic scene: Taylor wore a beaming smile while engaging in a cheerful conversation with the renowned host of America’s Next Top Model, Tyra Banks, during the glamorous awards ceremony.

Taylor won some of the most coveted awards of the night, but it was Ed Sheeran who dominated, taking home six awards, including the highly esteemed Top Artist accolade.
Ed Sheeran, known for his hit “Shape Of You,” also won Top Male Artist, Top Hot 100 Artist, Top Song Sales Artist, Top Radio Songs Artist, and the Top Radio Song award for “Shape of You.”
The awards ceremony kicked off with a surprise as Khalid was named the Best New Artist, outshining the anticipated favorite, Cardi B.

Turning heads: Taylor was a vision of beauty as she strutted along backstage with her awards in hand

Glam: Taylor looked phenomenal

Captivating attention: Taylor gracefully strolled backstage, exuding magnificence, clutching her well-earned awards.

Two's company: Taylor cosied up to Mila Kunis backstage, who looked phenomenal in a studded leather mini skirt 

Taylor was seen getting cozy with Mila Kunis backstage, who looked absolutely stunning in a studded leather mini skirt. Taylor, on the other hand, showcased her slender legs as she gracefully made her way through the aisles to reach her designated seating area.

Sitting pretty: Shawn Mendes and Taylor Swift sat with one another at the awards ceremony 

Shawn Mendes and Taylor Swift were seen seated together at the prestigious awards ceremony, enjoying each other’s company. Unfortunately, Cardi B, who is currently pregnant with rapper Offset’s baby, was unable to attend the event. The talented Khalid, after receiving an award from Rebel Wilson, expressed his deep gratitude and humility, acknowledging that this achievement is not just for himself but for the youth and aspiring dreamers. He encouraged everyone to ignore negativity and emphasized that the only obstacle to their future success is themselves. As the awards show came to a close, Khalid took the opportunity to express his appreciation to all his fellow artists in the audience.

Surprise win! The awards show started on a surprising note, with the Best New Artist trophy going to singer Khalid, instead of favorite Cardi B for the win

Sing out! After some opening remarks, Kelly Clarkson got the crowd doing with a medley of the year's biggest hits

Unexpected victory! The highly anticipated awards ceremony took an exhilarating turn as singer Khalid (L) claimed the coveted Best New Artist award, leaving Cardi B, the crowd favorite, in astonishment. Adding to the electrifying atmosphere, the lovely host Kelly Clarkson (R) captivated the audience by mesmerizing them with a spectacular medley of the year’s greatest hits.

Emotional: Before the event got underway Kelly took a moment to address the nation's most recently school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas

Before the event began, the hostess Kelly Clarkson took some time to address the recent tragic school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas. Just last week, 10 innocent lives were lost when a 17-year-old student named Dimitrios Pagourtzis opened fire at his high school. Clarkson expressed her frustration with the tradition of having a moment of silence in response to such tragedies. Instead, she suggested having a moment of action, a moment of change. She urged everyone to come together and make a real difference to prevent these events from happening again.

Is she fur real? Proving her true range, the starlet even went into a rendition of Kendrick Lamar's Humble before throwing on a fur coat to do a version of the Bruno Mars and Cardi B track Finesse

Can you believe she’s actually doing this? Showing off her incredible talent, the actress surprised everyone by performing Kendrick Lamar’s hit song Humble. And just when we thought she couldn’t get any cooler, she rocked a stylish fur coat while delivering her own rendition of Bruno Mars and Cardi B’s track Finesse. It’s safe to say she’s definitely keeping us on our toes!

She can do it all! The singer seamlessly went from genre to genre,  blending Marren Morris' My Church, Sam Smith's Too Good At Goodbyes, and Shawn Mendes' Nothing Holding Me Back together

She possesses immense talent! The singer effortlessly transitioned between different music genres, combining Marren Morris’ My Church, Sam Smith’s Too Good At Goodbyes, and Shawn Mendes’ Nothing Holding Me Back into a cohesive and mesmerizing performance.

She passionately expressed, “We must strive for improvement! These individuals are letting down our children, our communities, and their families — as a mother of four, I cannot fathom receiving that dreaded phone call or knock on the door. Instead of a moment of silence, let us respect and honor them by taking action, by bringing about change.”

Following her heartfelt opening speech, Clarkson captivated the audience with a medley of the most popular songs of the year.

Without hesitation, she seamlessly blended Marren Morris’ My Church, Sam Smith’s Too Good At Goodbyes, and Shawn Mendes’ Nothing Holding Me Back.

Demonstrating her incredible versatility, the talented artist even delivered an impressive rendition of Kendrick Lamar’s Humble, before effortlessly transitioning to Imagine Dragon’s Thunder. To top it off, she adorned herself with a fur coat and flawlessly performed a version of Bruno Mars and Cardi B’s track Finesse.

It's raining men! The ponytailed pop star posed on a bunch of umbrellas during her performance

It’s pouring gentlemen! The pop sensation with a ponytail struck a pose while perched atop a cluster of colorful umbrellas in the midst of her electrifying show.

Cry your heart out! Ariana Grande started the evening's festivities with an energetic performance of her hit No Tears Left To Cry, where she pranced through stage with a team of umbrella-toting back-up dancers

Get ready to unleash those emotions! Kicking off the evening’s festivities, Ariana Grande delivered a high-energy performance of her famous song “No Tears Left To Cry.” With a squad of umbrella-wielding backup dancers, she owned the stage, leaving the audience in awe. Camila Cabello, another talented artist, couldn’t resist joining in and singing along as Ariana beautifully sang her heart out. Meanwhile, in a mesmerizing duet, Khalid and Normani showcased their undeniable chemistry while performing their hit song “Love Lies.” And let’s not forget about Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato, who made a striking appearance with their debut track “Fall In Line,” both clad in sleek black trench coats. As they belted their powerful vocals, they left the crowd completely captivated.

Truly iconic: Janet Jackson looked like true music royalty at the event where she was being honored with the Icon Award

Sing it girl! She performed a mash-up of her hit Nasty and her 1993 song Throb for a glowing audience

Truly legendary: Janet Jackson exuded an air of music nobility at the prestigious ceremony where she was bestowed with the esteemed Icon Award.

She's still got it! The diva proved she was still sexy as ever at 52 as she steamed up the stage with several hunky back-up dancers

She’s definitely still got her allure! The sensational star showcased her eternal sexiness at the age of 52, igniting the stage alongside a group of attractive male dancers, creating an electrifying performance.

Can I get an amen? Jackson called it 'a great moment in history' in her speech, explaining 'at long last women have made it clear that we will not be controlled'

Can I get a hallelujah? Jackson referred to it as ‘a significant occasion in the annals of history’ in her speech, expressing ‘finally, women have unequivocally stated that we refuse to be subjected to anyone’s authority.’
Janet Jackson made an extraordinary comeback to the limelight as she received this year’s prestigious Icon Award. Following an exhilarating performance, she delivered a heartfelt speech, expressing gratitude to God and acknowledging the hardships of our era.
‘I am incredibly honored and thankful for this accolade. I firmly believe that despite all the difficulties we face, we are living in a remarkable era,’ she expressed.
‘It is a time where women have undeniably asserted that we will not tolerate control, manipulation, or mistreatment,’ the talented artist added, affirming her solidarity with both women and men who share this stance.
In addition to being bestowed with the Icon Award of the evening, Janet’s performance also marked her first appearance on television in almost a decade, during which she became a mother to her son Eissa, who is now 16 months old, with her estranged husband, Wissam Al Mana.

Loud and proud! Kelly put on a pair of fuzzy, pink earmuffs as fans of the K-pop boy band BTS screamed at the top of their lungs before the Freaky Love singers performance

Embracing her enthusiasm, Kelly adorned a vibrant set of fluffy, rose-tinted earmuffs while fervent supporters of the K-pop sensation BTS unleashed their unabated cheers right before the captivating performance by the sensational Freaky Love crooners.

Turning up! K-Pop favorites BTS had so many fans in the crowd, their screams nearly overshadowing the boy band's tune

Arriving with a bang! The beloved K-Pop group, BTS, managed to draw such a colossal number of devoted fans at their concert that their thunderous cheers threatened to overpower the delightful melodies of the talented boy band.

Heating up the stage! It was hard to hide the chemistry between Khalid and Normani, formerly of Fifth Harmony, as they performed the song Love Lies 

Setting the stage ablaze! The undeniable connection between Khalid and Normani, once part of the famed Fifth Harmony, was impossible to conceal during their scintillating rendition of the hit track “Love Lies.”

What a flirt! Dua looked sexy as ever in a silky purple robe with black lace and nothing underneath

Dua exuded an irresistible charm! She appeared incredibly alluring in a luxurious purple robe adorned with delicate black lace, leaving no doubt that there was nothing but sheer brilliance underneath.

Tickled pink! Dua Lipa climbed on top of a glittering flamingo while performing New Rules

Absolutely thrilled! Dua Lipa gracefully mounted a sparkling flamingo during her captivating rendition of the hit song “New Rules”.

That's why he's a Legend! Just coming off the heels of his Jesus Christ Super Star gig, John Legend commanded the stage

with his incredible talent and showmanship. Fresh from his unforgettable performance in Jesus Christ Superstar, John Legend once again captivated the audience with his extraordinary skills and captivating stage presence.

First time: Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato didn't disappoint as they debuted their track Fall In Line

Team work! The powerful vocalists held hands as the crowd sent then off with a round of applause

On their first collaboration, Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato showcased their exceptional skills with the release of their song “Fall In Line.”

Do we have to spell it out? It wouldn't have been a performance without the hit let's talk about sex

Can we really make it any clearer? It wouldn’t have been a true show without the smash hit that goes by the name, “let’s discuss the topic of intercourse.”

Ending on a high note! The show wrapped by bringing together some of the most powerful voices in 90s R&B as trio Salt N Pepa teamed up with vocalists En Vogue for the performance of a lifetime

Concluding on a cheerful note! The show came to a close with an unforgettable collaboration, as 90s R&B trio Salt N Pepa joined forces with vocalists En Vogue, bringing together some of the most influential voices from the era.
A touching tribute came from Halsey and The Chainsmokers, as they took the stage to honor the late Avicii, an EDM artist who tragically passed away in April. His loss deeply impacted the music world, with his suicide leaving everyone in shock.
Chainsmoker Drew Taggart expressed, ‘We were devastated by his passing and his absence is deeply felt. Avicii was not only an incredible artist, but also an inspiration to many, and his impact on the EDM community cannot be overstated.’
In addition, Jennifer Lopez wowed the audience by debuting her new song, Dinero, alongside DJ Khaled and Cardi B. She looked absolutely stunning as she graced the stage in a sparkling silver bodice.

Money on the mind! J Lo premiered her new song Dinero with DJ Khaled and Cardi B surrounded with fedora-wearing dancers

J Lo made money the center of attention during the debut of her latest song, Dinero, alongside DJ Khaled and Cardi B. The stage was filled with dancers sporting trendy fedoras, enhancing the overall vibe of the performance.

Make it rain! Bills flew every which way as she sang lyrics about raking in the cash, in both English and Español 

Well suited! Proving she means business, JLo added a fedora and white jacket for some gangster-chic vibes

Let it pour! Money fluttered in every direction as she belted out verses about making tons of money, in both English and Spanish. The enthusiastic disc jockey introduced the track, surrounded by piles of cash, while enjoying a scene from Wall Street 2. When J.Lo took the spotlight, she dazzled in a sparkling bustier adorned with gems, paired with white trousers and an abundance of diamond chains.

As the lyrics flowed and the bills flew, J.Lo proved her serious intent by donning a fedora and a white jacket, exuding a stylish gangster vibe. Unfortunately, due to her advanced pregnancy and nearing due date, rapper Cardi B couldn’t attend the awards show. Instead, she delivered her verse through a pre-recorded black and white clip, adding her unique touch to the performance.

Young at heart: Shawn Mendes and Khalid invited the members of Marjorie Stoneman Douglass High's show choir for an emotional rendition of Mendes' You Can't Take My Youth Away

Remaining forever young: Shawn Mendes and Khalid graciously extended an invitation to the talented members of Marjorie Stoneman Douglass High’s show choir, creating a profound and heartfelt rendition of Mendes’ empowering anthem, You Can’t Take My Youth Away.

Rest in power: Halsey and The Chainsmokers (Alex Pall, left, and Andrew Taggart, right) took the stage to pay tribute to EDM artist Avicii, who passed away unexpectedly in April

Taking the spotlight, Halsey gracefully joined forces with The Chainsmokers, namely Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, as they graced the stage to honor the late EDM sensation Avicii. The music world mourned the unexpected loss of Avicii, who tragically left us in April.

Getting real: The Closer collaborators used their time on stage to talk about mental health

Going authentic: The dynamic allies of The Closer utilized their stage presence to discuss the significance of mental well-being.

'A great loss': Speaking about the DJ, Chainsmoker Drew Taggart said: 'His passing was a great loss for the music world and for us'

‘Devastating loss’: Describing the DJ’s passing, Chainsmoker Drew Taggart expressed, ‘The music industry and our hearts experienced a devastating loss.’
Zedd, Maren Morris, and Grey united on stage for an unforgettable live performance of their smash hit, The Middle, despite its already prolonged reign on the music charts.
Shawn Mendes and Khalid graciously invited the talented members of Marjorie Stoneman Douglass High’s show choir to deliver a deeply emotional rendition of Mendes’ empowering anthem, You Can’t Take My Youth Away.
A visibly moved Halsey fought back tears throughout the heartfelt performance, while Shawn’s girlfriend, Hailey Baldwin, proudly joined in singing from her seat among the audience.
The breathtaking performance garnered a well-deserved standing ovation from the crowd.

Presenting... French Montana and Hailey Baldwin introduced Dua Lipa's performance

Hello from afar! Ashlee Simpson and hubby Evan Ross had the honors of welcoming Ed Sheeran, who performed via video from all the way in Dublin, Ireland

Introducing the one and only Dua Lipa’s amazing performance were the dynamic duo French Montana and Hailey Baldwin. The stage was set for an electrifying show. In a completely different corner of the world, Ashlee Simpson and her loving husband Evan Ross had the esteemed privilege of welcoming the sensational Ed Sheeran. Despite being miles apart in Dublin, Ireland, Sheeran’s presence was felt as he performed through a captivating video.

Latin flavor! Luis Fonsi took home an honor for Hot Top 100 Song for the hit Despacito

The Latin essence! Luis Fonsi was awarded for the sizzling track “Despacito” in the category of Hot Top 100 Song.

Get ready: Singer Julia Michaels introduced Demi and Christina's duet along with Grace Vanderwaal, telling the audience: 'This is going to be beautiful'

Rocking out! Post Malone and 21 Savages took home the Top Rap Song Billboard for the song Rock Star

Be prepared: Julia Michaels, the singer, introduced Demi and Christina’s duet on stage, along with Grace Vanderwaal, assuring the audience that it would be a beautiful performance. Post Malone and 21 Savage were awarded the Top Rap Song Billboard for their hit song “Rock Star”.

Prior to the televised event, several awards were announced earlier in the day.

Fresh off his Pulitzer Prize win, Kendrick Lamar took home multiple trophies, including Top Billboard 200 Album, Top Rap Artist, Top Rap Male Artist, Top Rap Album, Top Streaming Songs Artist, and Top Streaming Song.

Close behind, Bruno Mars received five awards, which included Top R&B Album for “24K Magic”, along with Top R&B Song for “That’s What I Like”. In addition, Mars also won Top R&B Artist, Top R&B Male Artist, Top R&B Tour, and another Top R&B Song.

Side-by-side! Before debuting their new duet, Demi and Christina joined forced in the audience

Together! Prior to their highly anticipated collaboration release, Demi and Christina united in the crowd.

Presenting together: Chrissy Metz and Justin Hartley of This Is Us presented the fan-voted Top Social Artist Award, which went to K-pop superstars BTS

Shining star! Marren Morris sizzled in silver sequins as she brought her new husband Ryan Hurd along for the evening

Joining forces on stage were Chrissy Metz and Justin Hartley from the hit TV show This Is Us as they presented the highly anticipated Top Social Artist Award, which was ultimately granted to the sensational K-pop group BTS. Meanwhile, Marren Morris dazzled the crowd with her sparkling sequined ensemble, making a grand entrance alongside her new husband, Ryan Hurd.

Bright eyed and bushy-tailed! Taylor was happy to smize with America's Next Top Model hostess and general diva Tyra Banks

Full of energy and enthusiasm, Taylor was overjoyed to pose with the fierce and fabulous Tyra Banks, the captivating hostess of America’s Next Top Model.

Making a sensational entrance, Ciara mesmerized the crowd in a striking gold dress that showcased her radiant beauty. Meanwhile, Bruno Mars had the privilege of introducing the esteemed Janet Jackson as she was honored with the Icon Award, adding to the grandeur of the event. Not to be outshined, Bebe Rexha commanded attention in a stunning black gown adorned with sparkling details, leaving a lasting impression on everyone present.

The great outdoors! Macklemore & Kesha's performance of Good Old Days was outside in front of a sea of fans

The vast beauty of nature! Macklemore & Kesha’s live rendition of Good Old Days took place in the open air, captivating a massive crowd of fervent supporters.

Cheers to that! Pharrell and Camila Cabello made a splash with their new track Sangria Wine

Hooray for that! Pharrell and Camila Cabello caused quite a stir with their latest hit Sangria Wine.

Giving the crowd what they wants! After getting the people going with her new Pharrell collab, Camila went into her hit Havana

Sealed with a kiss! The former Fifth Harmonizer blew a kiss to the crowd during her acceptance

Delivering exactly what the audience desires! Following the energizing collaboration with Pharrell, Camila dove into her famous hit, Havana.

Double or nothing! Kelly Clarkson did double duty as both hostess and later taking to stage to perform her tune Whole Lotta Woman

Kelly Clarkson took on two roles at once, playing the role of host and then captivating the audience with her energetic performance of the song “Whole Lotta Woman”.

It's a date! Kesha brought along beau Brad Ashenfelter for the awards ceremony

On fire! Ne-Yo enjoyed his fellow artists performances, seen singing and dancing throughout the show

Let’s go out! Kesha was joined by her boyfriend Brad Ashenfelter at the awards show (L) while Ne-Yo enjoyed the performances from his seat in the crowd (R).
Taking the lead! Radma Lakshmi and Andy Cohen proudly handed out the Billboard Chart Achievement award (L) Sam Hunt gracefully accepted the Top Country Song prize (M) and Rebel Wilson also made a memorable appearance on stage that evening (R).

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