Taylor Swift Severs Ties with Longtime Dancer and Friend Toshi Amid Outrage over Sexist and Offensive Online Remarks

Taylor Swift supposedly fired her loyal backing dancer, Toshi, due to his distasteful and disrespectful posts on social media. The incident unfolded during her highly anticipated performance at BBC Radio’s Biggest Weekend, where Toshi was noticeably absent following their reported disagreement. Expressing her fury, Taylor, who considers Toshi a close friend, discovered that he had shared sexist memes on his public Instagram Stories. Swift’s dedicated fans promptly captured and spread these offensive posts across various online platforms. In response, Toshi swiftly made his Instagram account private.

Singing up a storm: Taylor Swift has reportedly fired her close friend Toshi from his role of backing dancer after he shared a string of sexist social media posts (Taylor was pictured at Sunday's BBC Radio 1's Biggest Weekend 2018 without the backing dancer)

Taylor Swift has allegedly terminated the services of her longtime friend, Toshi, who served as a backing dancer. The decision came after Toshi posted a series of sexist remarks on social media. Taylor, who recently attended BBC Radio 1’s Biggest Weekend 2018 without Toshi by her side, is said to be furious and deeply disappointed by his actions. Toshi had been an integral part of Taylor’s team since joining her 1989 tour in 2014, and the singer considered him one of her closest friends on the road. Despite their history, Taylor felt that she could not condone such behavior and didn’t want to set a negative example for her fanbase. MailOnline has reached out to Taylor Swift’s representative for further comment on the matter.

Livid: Taylor was reportedly 'livid' with her friend (pictured together) for posting derogatory comments about women

Enraged: Taylor was supposedly fuming with her friend (seen in the photo) for sharing offensive remarks about women.

Long-time friends: Taylor and Toshi have worked together since her 1989 tour (pictured)

Close friends: Taylor and Toshi have been working together since Taylor’s 1989 tour, as shown in a picture they shared.
In one of Toshi’s posts, he shared an article from MailOnline discussing the loss of Australia’s national women’s soccer team against a boys’ team made up of under 15s players. A screenshot from Toshi’s account shows the words ‘Back to the kitchen’ underneath the article.
Later on, it is believed that Toshi also shared a sexually explicit meme featuring a female rabbit character being restrained by a male.
Furthermore, another offensive tweet included images of a cloth, a bottle of Chloroform, a black van, and a deserted forest. Next to these images, a caption read: ‘Every girls weakness (sic)’.

Offensive: In one of the Instagram Stories, the Toshi Adventures Instagram shares a Daily Mail article, accompanied by a derogatory comment suggesting women should 'get back to the kitchen'

In one of their Instagram Stories, the Toshi Adventures Instagram account shared a Daily Mail article along with a disrespectful comment that implies women should return to their traditional role in the kitchen.

Taunting: In another, Toshi shares a joke taunting women who eat leftovers

Teasing: In a separate incident, Toshi playfully shares a joke that pokes fun at women who enjoy eating leftover food.

Threatening: Another post shares a threatening meme about 'every girl's weakness'

Just a joke: Later, he dismissed the content as 'jokes'

Threatening: A different post circulated featuring a meme that posed a threat in relation to ‘every girl’s weakness.’ However, the individual responsible for the post later claimed that it was all in jest. In a subsequent meme, a shadow was depicted waving from a window while the caption read: ‘My sister consumed the leftovers I had been saving, so I resorted to taping the meme to her bathroom window. Enjoy your shower, dear.’ The person behind the original post dismissed the incident as a harmless prank by stating: ‘If you can’t handle a joke, then this page is not for you.’ Going by the username ToshiAdventures and referring to themselves as an LA Dancer, Creator, and Influencer, the individual garnered a following of 76.9k on Instagram. However, their account has now been made private.

Where's Toshi? Taylor has 10 more UK dates on her Reputation Stadium tour - though like this weekend (pictured), it's believed Toshi will not feature

Where is Toshi? Taylor will be performing at 10 more locations in the UK for her Reputation Stadium tour, including Manchester’s Etihad and London’s Wembley. However, it is rumored that Toshi will not be appearing at these shows.

Back in September 2015, Taylor generously donated $50,000 through a Go Fund Me campaign to support Toshi’s young nephew, Ayden Brown, who unfortunately passed away in November 2017 at the age of three.

At the time, Taylor expressed her gratitude for being able to perform alongside Toshi on tour and extended her heartfelt prayers and love to Ayden and his mother. Ayden had been battling alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma, a form of cancer that affects muscle tissue, since he was only 13 months old.

Supportive: Previously, Taylor donated $50,000 to a Go Fund Me page set up to help pay for a treatment for his nephew Ayden who later died, aged 3, after being diagnosed with alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma

In a heartwarming gesture, Taylor previously made a generous donation of $50,000 to a Go Fund Me page that was set up to support her nephew Ayden’s medical treatment. Tragically, Ayden passed away at the tender age of 3 after being diagnosed with alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma. To alleviate the financial burden, Ayden’s mother initiated an online campaign, managing to raise an impressive amount of $264,245 within the span of eight months.

Despite recently facing challenges with her dance group, Taylor showed immense kindness during her concert in Denver. A fan experienced a seizure, and the pop star immediately rushed to her aid, providing comfort and reassurance. As captured in a touching photograph, Taylor knelt down beside 10-year-old Alexis, who was in a wheelchair, and tenderly embraced her with one arm while posing for the picture.

Charitable: During Taylor's Reputation Stadium Tour stop in Denver last Friday, 10-year-old audience member Alexis had a seizure; the pop star met her and her family backstage afterwards

Generous: During Taylor’s recent concert in Denver as part of her Reputation Stadium Tour, a young girl named Alexis experienced a seizure while in the audience. Following the incident, Taylor personally met with Alexis and her family backstage. Citing a report from JustJared, it was revealed that Taylor presented Alexis with heartfelt gifts such as her own dressing room blanket and a sweater she had worn during rehearsals.
According to a statement provided by Alexis’ mother, Karen Wagner, it was Taylor’s mother, Andrea, who first noticed the paramedics attending to Alexis. Karen expressed her gratitude for Taylor’s immediate concern, recounting how Taylor rushed over to her, embracing her in a comforting manner. Karen confessed that this heartfelt moment brought her to tears, finding solace in Taylor’s presence during a difficult time.

Meeting a superstar: The 28-year-old pop act showered Alexis with presents including her dressing room blanket and a sweater she wore while rehearsing, JustJared reported

Encountering a celebrity: According to JustJared, the widely acclaimed 28-year-old pop sensation delighted Alexis with a myriad of gifts, from her cherished dressing room blanket to a cozy sweater worn during her rehearsals.

In a heartwarming interview with JustJared, she expressed her gratitude towards Taylor’s parents for their genuine concern and care towards her. She also appreciated Taylor’s thoughtfulness in taking the time to meet her and offer a warm embrace.
Taylor took the stage on Friday night at the Sports Authority Field At Mile High, which is famously known as the home of the Broncos.
The tour kicked off on May 8 at the University Of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona and will wrap up in November with two spectacular shows in Tokyo.

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