The Feline That Refused to Be Abandoned: A Heartwarming Tale of a Woman’s Dedication

Once upon a time, a compassionate lady took it upon herself to rescue a young feline who was merely three months old and grant him a new lease of life. And thus began the tale of Titus, the cat with a single eye.

Upon his initial rescue, Titus was a tiny 14-ounce pup with a noticeable bulging eye. He also had to fight off a respiratory infection and was undernourished. The saddest part was that he was marked for euthanasia. However, Titus’s luck changed when Holly Wise from Union, South Carolina, took it upon herself to raise funds to cover his medical expenses.

She had a strong intuition that the only solution to his problem was to undergo surgery and have his bad eye removed. PURR, an animal rescue organization, provided him with a foster home where he could recuperate after the procedure. The end result was truly remarkable: Titus made a complete and astounding recovery!

Kaitlyn happily reported that her cat is now able to eat everything he desires and has achieved a healthy weight. Whenever they spend time together in a peaceful environment, he loves to climb and rub himself all over her. Whenever Kaitlyn tries to leave the room, he circles around her feet and meows since he doesn’t want her to go away. His purr is contagious and starts right away as soon as he jumps on their laps.

Titus thoroughly enjoys entertaining himself and having fun with his foster sister Maggie, who coincidentally also has one eye. Maggie reciprocates Titus’s affection and adores him just as much.

Titus and Maggie are great playmates who could spend hours running and rolling around while being very happy.

In case you’re keen on giving Titus a loving home, shoot a message to PURR through their Facebook page!

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