The Heartbreaking Behaviors Dogs Show in Their Final Moments, as Shared by Veterinarians

Losing a beloved pet can be extremely difficult and emotional for many pet owners. Some find it hard to be present during their pet’s final moments, but veterinarians emphasize the importance of being there for them. A tweet by Jessi Dietrich discussing this topic gained widespread attention.

She shared, “I recently asked my vet about the toughest part of his job, and he mentioned that most pet owners don’t want to be present when their pet is being euthanized. It’s heartbreaking to think about how animals spend their last moments searching for their owners.” Hillcrest Veterinary Hospital, located in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, echoed this sentiment in response to Jessi Dietrich’s tweet. They advised pet owners to stay with their furry companions until the very end, despite how difficult it may be.

Even though she knew it would be tough, a tired and saddened veterinarian working at the clinic asked animal owners to stay with their pets during the euthanasia process to ensure they are not alone.

I suggest you stay by their side and not force them to leave this world alone in a place they don’t like. When you walk away, they search for you, a concept that many people fail to grasp. They just want to see their loved one in the room. When they are sick, scared, or elderly, and in need of comfort, pets don’t understand why you walked away. Don’t hesitate because it might be tough for you.

According to Dr. Lauren Bugeja, a veterinarian based in Melbourne, the process of euthanizing older pets at home can be emotionally challenging. While some pet owners may find it difficult to be present during the procedure, Dr. Bugeja assures that animals tend to be comfortable and calm throughout the process.

Dr. Bugeja emphasizes the importance of comforting and reassuring the animals in their last moments to ensure they are not scared or upset. She always makes sure to have a conversation with them and provide comfort with the help of her nurse.

According to Dr. Bugeja, pets tend to get anxious when left alone in unfamiliar places like a vet’s office or consultation room because they are unsure of their surroundings. Therefore, if you decide to bring your pet to the clinic, it’s best to stay in the room with them to help them feel more at ease.

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