The Heartbreaking Scene of a Beloved Dog’s Howls of Pain from Multiple Thorns Embedded in its Mouth

In Sao Paulo, Brazil, Thor, a beloved dog, was found by its owner with a shocking sight – it was covered in a multitude of quills. Astonishing photographs showcased the golden brown dog’s muzzle, forehead, nose, ears, and legs adorned with hundreds of vibrant yellow quills.

Adriano Bertoline, a man who was out of work, initiated an internet fundraiser when he found himself unable to afford a bill from the veterinarian. Driven by kindness, local council member Dr. Jose Roberto Apolari intervened to lend a hand, personally taking Thor to the clinic and covering the associated costs.

Thor, a playful three-year-old, seems to have gotten himself into a prickly situation yet again. It appears that he engaged in a second encounter with a porcupine, leaving him with some pretty gnarly injuries. Concerned for his well-being, Bertoline took to the internet to ask for assistance in getting Thor the medical attention he desperately needs.

“Mornin’ everyone!” he tweeted. As I opened my eyes today, I was faced with the sight of my pupper in this sorry state… Any recommendations for a veterinary clinic that can lend a hand? “I’m strapped for cash, unfortunately.”
Dr. Jose Roberto Apolari, a caring councillor, caught wind of the distressed dog owner’s plea and offered his support.

Adriano expressed on his Facebook post how incredibly grateful he was for the invaluable role that Dr. Apolari played in his beloved canine companion’s life. Having fallen on hard times and finding himself unemployed with a household full of four children to care for, Adriano was unable to afford the services of a private veterinarian. However, his rescue came in the form of this compassionate councillor who not only took Thor, Adriano’s furry friend, to the clinic but also generously assisted with covering the expenses. After providing the necessary medical attention and care, Dr. Apolari ensured Thor’s safe return to his loving home.

As per the information provided by the owner of Thor, this is the second incident involving the dog and a porcupine within a span of a year. In February 2021, Adriano’s friend, who was employed at a private veterinary clinic, helped treat the injured canine.

The wellbeing of the porcupine, following its encounter with the dog, remained uncertain for the time being.

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