“Loyal Puppy Devastated by Loss, Chooses to Stay by Mother’s Side”

Many times, heated debates have emerged online about whether animals are capable of experiencing emotions. As animal enthusiasts, we focus entirely on them. Due to our familiarity with them, we believe in their abilities. They experience emotions, show love, feel hunger, and grieve when they lose a loved one.

The bond between a mother and her children is incredibly strong, and the love children feel for their parents is just as powerful. This was evident to an Indian man who witnessed a touching moment between a puppy and its deceased mother, highlighting the special connection between parent and child, even in the animal kingdom.

Numerous individuals hesitated to assist the dogs that were discovered out of fear of their potential reactions. As they pondered the best course of action, Somi arrived at the scene and took the lead in approaching the situation with care. Although Somi had come across a photo of the dog lying beside her deceased mother on Facebook a few days earlier, he was unsure of the dog’s whereabouts.

As per information from VoSD, a dog and its mother had been in the area for about a week. Somi took some time trying to locate the puppy, but VoSD couldn’t locate the dogs during that time.

Somi did the right thing by laying the puppy’s mother to rest. Despite the puppy’s reluctance to leave his mother, Somi had to persuade him several times before he finally agreed to come with him. It was a challenging task, but Somi’s persistence paid off in the end.

It’s truly sad that the puppy’s mother has passed away and was left to decompose for a long time. The heartbreaking part is that images of the puppy snuggled up next to his deceased mother have spread widely on social media. Some people are even sharing the photo to gain donations for themselves, which is really disheartening to see. Be cautious of anyone trying to benefit from sharing these distressing images. Thankfully, the puppy has been rescued and his mother has been laid to rest. With love and care, he will soon be on his way to healing and will have a happy life ahead of him.

A big thank you to Somi and VoSD for their dedication in saving the little pup and making sure his mother was laid to rest properly.

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