Unforgettable Encounter: A Woman’s Heart Races Upon Finding a Stranded Pup Bound to a Subway Station Post

An individual from New York City had always dreamed of fostering a dog. Heather Hamm, a jewelry designer and photographer, has a deep love for dogs and grew up with one, so she desired to provide a temporary home for a furry companion. While casually browsing through Instagram one night, something caught Heather’s attention and filled her with excitement. An Instagram page dedicated to sharing information about free furniture in the city posted about an abandoned dog tied to a pole at a subway station, with no one claiming ownership. Heather felt as though it was meant to be, and without hesitation, she took immediate action. The image accompanying the post showed the helpless dog, serving as a powerful reminder of the situation.


@nycfreeatthecurb Prior to stumbling upon the image of a lone dog sitting at a subway station, Heather was in the comfort of her New York City residence, searching online for a dog to temporarily foster. Suddenly, her heart skipped a beat! The Nycfreecurb team took to Instagram and shared, “Someone left this poor dog tied to a pole at a subway stop.” Although she hadn’t devised a concrete plan, Heather made the impulsive decision to hail a cab and investigate the situation. As she embarked on the journey to the specified location, a sense of nervousness enveloped her, for this would be her very first dog rescue attempt. [Image Description: A joyful woman smiling alongside a dog] Image Source: pupvine.com

happy woman smiling with dog

Heather Hamm saw her doubts vanish as soon as she arrived at the location. The dog she encountered was incredibly friendly, wagging its tail joyfully around Heather. She couldn’t help but be grateful for the presence of this kind-hearted woman, as the dog immediately warmed up to her, licking her face as if to say, “Thank you, human!” People who came across Heather’s post online pondered about the dog’s fate for hours until a comment finally appeared on their screens. Heather wrote, “She’s coming with me tonight,” under Nycfreecurb’s post. This unexpected encounter with the dog was undoubtedly one of the most remarkable finds on a stoop so far.

dog with big ears

Heather Hamm, as featured in the Daily Mail, found solace in the companionship of a dog she later named Peaches. With permission from the New York City police, Heather took Peaches home, embarking on an incredible journey together. Right from the start, the two formed a strong bond. Peaches displayed friendly behavior and exhibited impeccable manners. She already knew several commands and enjoyed playing fetch with Heather. One of Peaches’ favorite activities is going on daily walks to the park. Additionally, she has a deep affection for stuffed toys. Despite the cruel circumstances of Peaches’ abandonment, she found a loving foster in Heather. The presence of Peaches in Heather’s life has been immensely rewarding, and Heather cannot express enough gratitude. With her newfound momma, Peaches’ heart has healed, proving that love and care can triumph over past suffering.

rescued dog on the bed

Original and unique paraphrasing: According to a post by Heather Hamm on The Dodo, Peaches has finally found her permanent home. Heather shared that Peaches has been adopted into a loving family, where she is receiving all the affection and care she deserves. Peaches, who was once a homeless pup with an unclear future, is now a joyful and content doggy.

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