Unforgettable Performance by Beyonce at MTV VMAs: A Spectacular 20-Minute Medley, Surrounded by Love from Jay Z and Blue, and Multiple Awards

Written by Mike Larkin and published on MailOnline on August 24, 2014, this content has been revised on August 25, 2014.

United front: Delighted Beyonce thanked her loves Jay Z and their baby Blue after her presented her with the Vanguard Award at the MTV VMAs on Sunday

Coming together in unity: Beyonce expressed her joy and gratitude towards her partner Jay Z and their adorable little one Blue, as she graciously accepted the prestigious Vanguard Award at the MTV VMAs last Sunday.

Raunchy: She put on a show for her husband in the audience by writing around with her trope of dancers

Spicy: In an entertaining spectacle, she delighted her husband, who was among the spectators, by skillfully moving alongside her group of dancers.

Cheeky girl: She seemed to have a great time hamming it up for the massive television audience

Cheeky girl: She seemed to have a great time hamming it up for the massive television audience

Playful girl: She appeared to thoroughly enjoy showing off for the enormous TV viewership.

Powerhouse: Beyonce gave a typically energetic, passionate performance, seen here with her backup dancers

Dynamo: Beyonce showcased her trademark enthusiasm and fervor with an electrifying performance, as captured in this image alongside her vibrant troupe of backup dancers.

Hands off: She seemed to be sending a message when she shoved this backing dancer away from her

No interference: It appeared as if she was conveying a signal as she forcefully pushed aside one of her backup dancers.

32 not out: The pop superstar seemed to delight in proving she is as Bootylicious as ever

32 and still going strong: The pop sensation appeared to take great pleasure in demonstrating that she is just as captivating as ever

Feeling sparkly: Beyonce wore a skintight mirrored leotard and fishnet tights

Feeling all aglow: Beyonce dazzled in a fitted leotard adorned with shimmering mirrors, paired with chic fishnet stockings.

Rainbow bright: Beyonce and her dancers stood in formation against an ethereal colour backdrop

Vibrant spectrum: Beyonce and her skillful dance troupe aligned themselves against a mesmerizing backdrop of ethereal hues.

Her biggest fans: Jay Z and their daughter Blue were loving every minute of her marathon performance

Jay Z and their daughter Blue were absolutely enamored throughout the entirety of her marathon performance, proving once again that they are her most devoted supporters.

Loving it: Beyonce was savouring every moment of acclaim as she accepted her latest award

Enjoying it thoroughly, Beyonce was relishing in the joy of receiving her most recent accolade.

Getting emotional: Beyonce was seen crying into a towel as her husband and daughter joined her onstage

Experiencing intense emotions: Beyonce’s tearful moment, while her husband and daughter joined her on stage, unfolded as she sought comfort in a towel.

The Beyonce show: It came after the singer dazzled with 20-minute marathon medley

The spectacular Beyonce concert took place following an awe-inspiring 20-minute medley by the talented singer.

Tears of joy: And as they held each other the emotion became too much for the bawling singer

Happy tears: As they embraced, the overwhelming rush of emotions proved too powerful for the teary-eyed vocalist.

Hands full: Beyonce posed with her three awards following the ceremony

Busy bee: Beyonce proudly flaunted the trio of accolades in her grasp post the event

Flawless: The star wore a fitted dark pink frock that featured sequined sleeves

Flawless: The star wore a fitted dark pink frock that featured sequined sleeves

Perfect: The celebrity sported a figure-hugging dress in a deep shade of pink, adorned with shimmering sequined sleeves.

Sitting pretty: Beyonce crouched down as she posed with her awards

Looking glamorous: Beyonce gracefully lowered herself as she struck a pose alongside her well-deserved collection of awards.

Perfecting her performance: These backstage pictures show Beyonce and her team rehearsing for the VMAs

Achieving excellence in her act: These exclusive behind-the-scenes snapshots capture Beyonce and her dedicated crew practicing diligently for the highly anticipated VMAs.

Queen Bey: The singer stole the show at the awards bash and it's clear a lot of prep went into her performance

Queen Bey: Beyoncé completely dominated the awards ceremony with her remarkable performance, indicating that an immense amount of effort was put into creating her unparalleled show.

Grand designs: Beyonce is seen scribbling over a blueprint of the stage

Creatively envisioning her spectacle, Beyonce playfully scrawls on the blueprint of her grand stage design.

All the Single Ladies: Beyonce's dancers are seen enjoying a moment together backstage during rehearsals

The fabulous dancers of Beyonce take a delightful break backstage during rehearsals and are caught cherishing a special moment of togetherness.

Mucking in! The superstar even helped out styling one of her dance's hair backstage

Getting involved! The celebrity went the extra mile by lending a hand in styling the hair of one of her fellow dancers backstage.

Unseen: Beyonce also tried a a glitter-covered look that was not featured in the performance

Unseen: Beyonce also tried a a glitter-covered look that was not featured in the performance

Unseen: Beyonce also experimented with a dazzling glitter-covered appearance that did not make an appearance during the performance.

Larking around: Jimmy Fallon did a little jig before presenting an award

Having some fun: Jimmy Fallon broke into a spontaneous dance before announcing a winner.

Here you go: The talk show host was seen handing a gong to Jesse, a homeless man who was accepting Miley Cyrus' award for her

Here’s the scoop: The chatty presenter was spotted presenting a shiny trophy to Jesse, a displaced individual graciously receiving Miley Cyrus’ accolade.

He came prepared: Jesse read for a small piece of paper while stood next to the chat show host

He arrived well-equipped: Jesse glanced at a folded piece of paper as he stood beside the charismatic talk show host.

Cheering him on: Miley Cyrus applauded wildly as her homeless friend accepted her best video award

Cheering him on: Miley Cyrus applauded wildly as her homeless friend accepted her best video award

In a jubilant display of support, Miley enthusiastically applauded her dear friend, who happened to be experiencing homelessness, as he gracefully accepted the prestigious best video award.

Moved: Miley looked on with tears in her eyes while Jesse accepted her award

Changed: Miley witnessed, with tears welled up in her eyes, as Jesse graciously received the well-deserved recognition.

Tender moment: Miley hugged Jesse after he accepted her award on her behalf

Heartwarming Scene: Miley wraps her arms around Jesse as he graciously accepts her award in her stead

Helping hand: Miley was seen walking off with her companion, while holding onto his arm

Aid in need: Miley was spotted strolling alongside her friend, firmly gripping his arm for support.

Finally: She seemed delighted when she finally got her paws on her award for Wrecking Ball

At long last, her face lit up with pure joy as she eagerly clutched the well-deserved accolade for her outstanding performance in Wrecking Ball.

Dynamic duo: She sent  My Friend's Place representative Jesse to pick up her prestigious paperweight

The incredible pair: She dispatched Jesse, a representative from My Friend’s Place, to collect her valuable trophy.

Perry nice: Katy won the best female video award for Black Horse at the MTV VMAs on Sunday

Katy Perry had quite the delightful surprise at the MTV VMAs this Sunday, as she took home the highly coveted award for Best Female Video for her sensational track, “Black Horse.”

Poking fun: Katy wore a long denim dress in homage to Britney Spears' ensemble to an awards show in 2001

Playfully teasing: Katy playfully paid tribute to Britney Spears’ iconic outfit from a 2001 awards show by sporting a lengthy denim dress.

Big title: The busty singer was grinning with glee after receiving her trophy

Captivating Singer Overjoyed as She Clutches Prestigious Award

Sheepish Sheeran: Ed delivered a typically low-key speech after picking up his award

Bashful Sheeran: Ed charmingly delivered his usual modest address upon receiving his well-deserved prize.

Overjoyed: But after getting off stage he was quite literally jumping for joy

Delighted: However, once he stepped off the stage, he couldn’t contain his excitement and started leaping with pure joy.

Opening: Ariana Grande kicked off the awards show with a futuristic performance

Beginning the awards show with a captivating and futuristic performance, Ariana Grande seized the stage.

Space-age: The singer wowed in a silver sequined bodysuit paired with matching knee-high boots

Futuristic Fashion: The vocalist dazzled everyone with a stunning outfit consisting of a shimmering silver ensemble, complete with a dazzling bodysuit and knee-high boots to match.

Jungle fever: Nicki Minaj came on after Ariana, shaking her hips in a green sequined two-piece

Tropical vibes: Following Ariana, Nicki Minaj took the stage, swaying her hips in a mesmerizing emerald sequined ensemble.

Wild thing: Nick wore her dark hair curly and loose as she belted out the lyrics to her hit song

Untamed beauty: Nick let her luscious dark locks flow in loose curls as she passionately sang the lyrics to her chart-topping tune.

Going out with a Bang Bang! The star was gyrating against a fake tree stump

Feet first: Before throwing her leg into the air

Partying in Style! The celebrity was dancing provocatively next to an artificial tree trunk

Flash opening: Arianna, Nicki, and Jessie J performed together to kick off the ceremony

To commence the event, the stage lit up with a mesmerizing collaboration between Arianna, Nicki, and Jessie J. The trio came together, their voices harmonizing in perfect unison, setting the tone for an unforgettable evening.

They've got it: The singers had the crowd on their feet as they belted out their song together onstage

They’ve done it: The vocalists had the audience up off their seats, harmonizing their song passionately in front of the crowd.

Sexy siren: Jessie J left little to the imagination in a mini-dress slit up to the waist paired with black leather booties

Sultry temptress: Jessie J showcased her daring side in a short dress that revealed a generous thigh slit, teamed with sleek black leather ankle boots.

In sync: The trio moved together effortlessly during their performance

Flowing seamlessly, the trio effortlessly synchronized their movements throughout their mesmerizing performance.

Dramatic: Iggy Azalea was seen standing on a podium in a black skintight bodysuit at the start of her performance

Exciting: At the beginning of her performance, Iggy Azalea stunned the crowd as she confidently took the stage in a sleek, form-fitting black bodysuit.

Doing her thing: The Australian performer shimmied her hips as she rapped for the screaming audience

Showing off her unique talent, an Australian entertainer swayed her hips rhythmically while captivating the enthusiastic crowd with her rap skills. The audience couldn’t help but scream in delight as they witnessed her brilliant performance.

Matchy matchy: Iggy was joined onstage by Rita Ora, who wore a nearly identical black bodysuit

Twinning together: Iggy captured the stage accompanied by Rita Ora, sporting a strikingly similar black bodysuit.

Grinding: Iggy put her crotch front and centre as she went through her provocative routine

Grinding: Iggy confidently showcased her pelvic region as she gracefully performed her alluring routine.

Dressed to impress: Iggy was clearly trying to make a big impression with her revealing catsuit

Looking sharp: Iggy definitely made a bold statement with her daring catsuit, aiming to leave a lasting impression.

Striking: The singers made quite a pair with their blonde hair and skintight outfits

Impressive: The vocalists formed a striking duo with their golden locks and form-fitting ensembles.

Blonde against blonde: The women were seen crouching on the stage as they sang to each other while masked dancers moved behind them

Two blondes facing off: The ladies could be observed hunching down on the platform, serenading one another while masked performers danced in their vicinity.

Famous pal: Lorde was hugged by friend Taylor Swift after she won for Best Rock Video

Celebrity BFF: Lorde received a warm embrace from her close friend Taylor Swift following her well-deserved victory in the category of Best Rock Video.

Happy for her: Taylor looked thrilled that her friend has won an award as she laughed and cheered while Lorde made her way to the stage

Taylor was filled with joy as she witnessed her friend’s triumph, beaming with excitement as she enthusiastically laughed and applauded Lorde’s journey to the stage to accept her well-deserved award.

Her moment: Lorde grinned happily as she held her award alongside actress Nina Dobrev

The joy on Lorde’s face was impossible to miss, as she flashed a wide, delighted smile whilst clutching her well-deserved trophy. Standing beside the talented actress Nina Dobrev, she radiated happiness and pride.

It girl: The New Zealand native smiled for the camera as she held her award following her win

The fashionable trendsetter: With a beaming smile, the Kiwi beauty posed for the photographer, proudly clutching her well-deserved trophy after emerging victorious.

FROW: Taylor was also sat next to Jordin Sparks and Demi Lovato on the night

Front Row: In addition to Jordin Sparks and Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift enjoyed the company of her fellow celebrities.

A Common cause: The rapper called on a moment of silence for Ferguson shooting victim Michael Brown

A Shared Purpose: The rapper asked for a brief pause in honor of Michael Brown, the victim of the tragic incident in Ferguson

Taking part: An emotional looking Snoop Dogg nodded his head as he kept quiet

Participating: Snoop Dogg, with a visible display of emotion, nodded his head while maintaining a serene silence.

Edgy pair: Gwen Stefani spoke onstage alongside Snoop Dogg

Cool collaboration: Gwen Stefani took the stage with Snoop Dogg

Flawless: Gwen looked gorgeous in a pink fitted top paired with matching trousers

Impeccable: Gwen appeared stunning, wearing a fitted pink top that perfectly complemented her matching trousers.

Risque: Country girl Taylor Swift then performed a raunchy rendition of her tune Shake It Off, wearing a tiny glittery outfit as she went through her dance routine

Provocative: Taylor Swift, the charming rural girl, delighted the audience with a seductive rendition of her hit song Shake It Off. Dressed in a dazzling and skimpy outfit, she captivated everyone with her mesmerizing dance routine.

Model good looks: The 24-year-old displayed her lithe frame in a silver tasseled two-piece as she sang onstage

Flaunting her slender figure in a stunning silver tassel ensemble, the talented 24-year-old mesmerized the audience with her captivating performance on stage.

Lucky girl: Taylor was surrounded by dapper dancers clad in black suits for her saucy number

Fortunate lady: Taylor found herself encircled by stylish performers donning sleek black attire during her sizzling performance.

Acrobatics: One of her dancers was seen leaping through the air while she sat perched atop the shoulders of three others

Acrobatics: One of her performers caught the attention as they soared gracefully through the sky, while she gracefully sat positioned on the shoulders of three other members.

Class acts: Fans were thrilled to see Kim Kardashian and sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner at the event

Fans were overjoyed to catch a glimpse of the famous Kim Kardashian alongside her renowned sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner during the highly anticipated event.

Bust on show: Kim Kardashian let it all hang out when she went up to introduce singer Sam Smith

Kim Kardashian didn’t hold back as she confidently took the stage to introduce the talented singer, Sam Smith.

Best Supporting Act! The trio were seen putting their arms around each other as they sang along to Sam Smith's Stay With Me

Outstanding Supporting Performance! The group affectionately embraced one another while enthusiastically singing along to Sam Smith’s captivating ballad, “Stay With Me.”

Crooner: Sam gave a smile for the audience while he sang his hit single

Singer: With a beaming face, Sam mesmerized the crowd as he belted out his chart-topping song.

Famous roots: Sam is a third cousin of singer Lily Allen

Notable family ties: Sam happens to be singer Lily Allen’s third cousin.

Backstage: Iggy was seen chatting to Sam, after opting for a striking monochrome look

Behind the scenes: Iggy was spotted engaging in conversation with Sam, following her decision to rock a bold black-and-white ensemble.

A booty-ful pair: Kim Kardashian had earlier shared an embrace with Jennifer Lopez

A perfect match: Kim Kardashian was seen exchanging hugs with Jennifer Lopez

Schmoozing: Kim shared a photo with Sam Smith, who looked smart in a dark suit and white shirt

Socializing: Kim posted a picture on her social media platform featuring her interaction with the dapperly dressed Sam Smith, sporting a sophisticated dark suit and complementing it with a crisp white shirt.

She's still got it: Jennifer Lopez later took to the stage to introduce a performance of Black Widow from Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora

Jennifer Lopez proved she’s still got her charm as she graced the stage to present a sensational performance of the hit song “Black Widow” by Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora.

Sleek style: The star wore a silver sequined dress and her blonde hair loose and straight

Chic Fashion: The celebrity dazzled in a shimmering silver sequined gown, leaving her beautiful blonde tresses flowing freely in a sleek and smooth fashion.

Adoring fans: JLo made sure to greet the excited crowd by touching their hands as she walked across the stage

In a delightful gesture, JLo took the time to connect with her adoring fans by reaching out and touching their hands while gracefully stepping across the stage.

She's a natural: Jennifer shouted into the microphone, lifting it high in the air as she stood onstage

Jennifer effortlessly showcased her talent as she triumphantly raised the microphone above her head, exclaiming her words to the crowd from the stage.

Matchy Matchy: Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels presented the award for Best Pop Video

A Fun Match: Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels team up to announce the winner of Best Pop Video.

Putting on a show: At one point the actor and comedian was seen twerking at the audience

Putting on a spectacle: At a certain moment, the actor and comedian amused the spectators with their twerking skills.

Winner: The pair later posed with Ariana Grande, who was awarded with the gong

Champion: Afterwards, the duo took a photo alongside Ariana Grande, who was graciously presented with the prestigious trophy.

The drama: Usher started his performance under a spotlight as he looked down at the floor

In the midst of the spectacle, Usher initiated his act while positioned beneath a radiant beam of light, casting his gaze upon the ground below him.

Killed it: Usher dressed in all-white as he took to the stage for a performance surrounded by smoke machines

Crushed it: Usher looked sharp and stylish in his all-white ensemble while being enveloped by a mesmerizing haze created by smoke machines.

Uniform: Usher was backed up my dancers also clad in white during his spirited performance

Outfit: Usher received support from a group of dancers, all dressed in pristine white, as they joined him on stage for his energetic performance.

Only the best: Usher was seen singing into a gold microphone

Exclusive quality: Usher was spotted using a microphone coated in luxurious gold.

She's busy! Nicki Minaj joined Usher onstage after already performing earlier in the night

Nicki Minaj was showing off her never-ending energy as she surprised the crowd by joining Usher on stage, even though she had already delivered an impressive performance earlier in the evening.

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