Unstoppable Style: Selena Gomez Unveils Exclusive Adidas Line with Bold Purple Lipstick and Edgy Rock-Chick Photoshoot

Floral street-wear: Selena Gomez has revealed her new Adidas collection in a rock chock photoshoot, on Wednesday

Selena Gomez unveiled her latest Adidas collection with a stunning photoshoot on Wednesday, showcasing a stylish twist on street-wear that incorporates beautiful floral designs.

Inspiration: The star posed as she was drawing flowers, the inspiration for some of the colours used in her new collection

In a moment of creative inspiration, the celebrity struck a pose while sketching flowers, drawing on their beauty for the colorful palette of her latest collection.

Flower power: It was revealed that Selena had paid a visit to rehab in early January but it wasn't for substance abuse

Flower power: Selena was reported to have checked into a rehab facility in the beginning of January, but contrary to expectations, it was not for substance abuse issues.

Textured hair: The 21-year-old singer's usually straight hair was teased into a huge curly 'do

Curly hair transformation: The 21-year-old singer switched up her typically straight hair by teasing it into a voluminous curly hairstyle.

Kicking back: Selena looked happy and relaxed as she sat back and relaxed with her pencil and pad

Taking it easy: Selena appeared content and at ease while she leaned back, casually jotting notes on her notepad with a pencil in hand.

Picture perfect: The 28 piece fashion collection is modelled by Selena in a series of sassy shots that accentuate its edgy spring floral look

On point images: Selena showcases the 28-piece fashion line with a collection of bold photos that highlight its trendy spring floral aesthetic.

She's a designer now: Selena said, 'It's all about switching it up and finding your individual style'

Selena has now transitioned into the world of design, sharing that for her, the key is to change things up and discover your own unique style.

Not your usual popstar: The 21-year-old is seen lounging around in her own design monochrome striped trousers

This isn’t your typical popstar behavior: Instead of flashy outfits, the 21-year-old is chilling in her own stylish monochrome striped pants.

Singer turned model: The 28 piece fashion collection is modelled by Selena in a series of sassy shots that accentuate its edgy spring floral look

After transitioning from a singer to a model, Selena is showing off a new 28-piece fashion collection with sassy and edgy spring floral looks in a photo shoot.

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