“Vibrant Fashionistas: Katy Perry Stuns in Hot Pink as Nicole Richie Flaunts New Hair Color at Fashion Awards”

Friends sometimes unintentionally end up wearing similar outfits, but Katy Perry and Nicole Richie took it up a notch on Thursday. Katy showed up at The Daily Front Row Fashion Los Angeles Awards in a vibrant pink ensemble that mirrored the exact shade of Nicole’s new bubblegum-colored hair. Additionally, Katy, who is 30 years old, flaunted her newly dyed hair in a bold violet color.

Coordinated: Katy Perry (L) wore an outfit that matched Nicole Richie's hair at the Daily Front Row Fashion Los Angeles Awards on Thursday in West Hollywood

Synchronized: Katy Perry showed up at the Daily Front Row Fashion Los Angeles Awards in West Hollywood on Thursday, rocking an outfit that perfectly complemented Nicole Richie’s vibrant hair color.

Friends were seen reconnecting at a West Hollywood gathering, showcasing their matching outfits with a playful pose. Katy rocked a dazzling ensemble featuring a pink tank top, shorts, and coat embellished with diamantes, paired with a fluffy stole, striped slip-on sandals, a tiny clutch resembling a leather jacket, and perfectly coordinated lipstick. Meanwhile, Nicole, aged 33, opted for a chic black leather-look mesh dress with lace detailing, completed with a pair of classic pumps.

Bright sparks: Both the pop star's ensemble and the fashion designer's hair were a bold bubblegum hue

Shining bright: The singer’s outfit and the designer’s hairstyle were both a daring shade of bubblegum pink.

Firm friends: The pals were seen sharing a hug while catching up at the event, and Katy was showing off new violet tresses

Close pals: The friends were spotted embracing and chatting at the event, with Katy proudly displaying her newly dyed violet hair.

Always taking fashion risks: Katy wore a studded matchy-matchy creation, while Nicole sported black

Always taking fashion risks: Katy wore a studded matchy-matchy creation, while Nicole sported black

Katy and Nicole are known for their daring fashion sense, with Katy rocking a studded outfit and Nicole opting for a sleek black look. They never shy away from taking fashion risks and always stand out with their unique styles.

Revealing: The 33-year-old's frock was mesh with a lacy overlay, and she wore coordinated pumps

Unveiled: The 33-year-old sported a dress made of mesh with a delicate lace overlay, paired with matching pumps. The two, known for their playful style, mingled with a roster of celebrities at the event, including Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Drew Barrymore, and Kanye West. Rihanna opted for a bold ensemble in a gold, silver, and bronze sequined dress with black fur detailing, showcasing plenty of cleavage. Meanwhile, Miley rocked a white T-shirt dress adorned with black sequins and the cheeky phrase: ‘I had nothing to wear so I put on this Moschino dress.’

Peace out: The duo posed inside the bash with Miley Cyrus

Saying farewell: The pair were seen at the party alongside Miley Cyrus.

Star-studded front row: Miley, Rihanna and Katy were there to support Moschino's Jeremy Scott

A-list celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and Katy Perry showed their support for Jeremy Scott at the Moschino fashion show, sitting in the star-studded front row.

A fashionable affair: Kanye West and honouree Mazdack Rassi were also seated in the front row

An elegant event: Kanye West and honouree Mazdack Rassi were spotted sitting in the first row, showcasing their stylish attire.

Goofing around: Party animal Miley had fun hanging out with Nicole and Katy during the evening

Having a blast: Social butterfly Miley enjoyed her time chilling with Nicole and Katy at the party.

'I had nothing to wear': The 22-year-old was clad in an embellished skimpy white T-shirt dress

‘I had no idea what to wear’: The 22-year-old rocked a bedazzled, short white T-shirt dress. She paired it with white heels, sparkling accessories, a petite personalized purse, and a bold red lip.
Rihanna, Miley, and Katy, all donning Moschino, sat in the front row alongside the brand’s director, Jeremy Scott, who received the Womenswear Designer Of The Year award.
Drew looked effortlessly gorgeous in a vibrant watercolor skirt, matched with a black and blue top, shiny gold shoes, and striking coral lipstick.

Making friends: Miley found the time to have a chat - and pose for a photo with Kanye

Building connections: Miley took a moment to catch up and snap a picture with Kanye.

His muse: The former Disney star even coordinated her ensemble with Womenswear Designer Of The Year Jeremy

Her inspiration: The ex-Disney actress carefully matched her outfit with the award-winning Womenswear Designer Jeremy.

Taking the stage: Miley and Nicole were amongst the presenters during the ceremony

Taking the stage: Miley and Nicole were amongst the presenters during the ceremony

Stepping into the spotlight: Miley and Nicole took the stage as two of the presenters at the event.

Congratulations!: Nicole gave Gigi Hadid a pat on the back as she won Model Of The Year

Fantastic news!: Nicole offered Gigi Hadid a congratulatory pat on the back after she was named Model Of The Year.

Together again: Katy had a great time chatting to Kanye, who collaborated with her on E.T.

Reunited once more: Katy enjoyed catching up with Kanye, her partner on the song E.T. The 39-year-old recently became a mother for the second time, introducing her new daughter Frankie in April and having a photo with another new mom, Ciara. The singer proudly displayed her stunning figure after giving birth to her son Future Zahir in May. Ciara, 29, looked stylish in an ivory pantsuit and bandeau top, flaunting her toned stomach.

Hot metal: Rihanna's sequined gold, silver and bronze dress with black fur trim left little to the imagination

Rihanna sizzled in a stunning sequined dress in shades of gold, silver, and bronze, paired with a touch of black fur – showcasing her bold sense of style and leaving a lasting impression.

Almost spilling out: The singer nearly had a wardrobe malfunction in the outfit, which kept slipping off her shoulder

On the verge of a mishap: The musician was seconds away from a wardrobe malfunction as her shoulder strap threatened to slip off.
Sizzling with allure: Rihanna exuded sensuality as she spun around for photographers at the star-studded event.

New mothers: Drew Barrymore, who welcomed her second child in April, posed with Ciara, who gave birth to her first in May

New moms: Drew Barrymore, who became a mother for the second time in April, was photographed together with Ciara, who recently welcomed her first child in May.

Anything goes: While the actress opted for sophistication, the singer's look was revealing

Anything goes: While the actress opted for sophistication, the singer's look was revealing

The actress went for a classy style, while the singer chose to show off more skin. On the other hand, Rose McGowan kept it simple with a black top and wide-leg pants, jazzing it up with a unique purple cap. Kanye West, clearly enjoying the company of beautiful women, elevated his casual look with a tan silk jacket and dress shoes. And the stunning Model Of The Year, Gigi Hadid, flaunted her slim, yet curvy figure in a stunning pink asymmetrical dress.

Fast friends: Drew posed with Nicole, who was also in attendance at her best pal Cameron Diaz's wedding, and Minka Kelly

Close friends: Drew was photographed alongside Nicole, who was also present at her close friend Cameron Diaz’s wedding, as well as Minka Kelly.

Heavenly: The two actresses have something in common, as they have both starred in Charlie's Angels reboots

Out of this world: Both actresses share a common ground, having appeared in different iterations of Charlie’s Angels.

Red-dy to party: Drew and Kerry Washington puckered up their scarlet lips for a photo together

Ready to rock the party: Drew and Kerry Washington sported their bright red lipstick as they posed for a photo together.

Well done!: Drew and Rachel Zoe congratulated Ariel Foxman on his Fashion Media Brand Of The Year honour for InStyle

Great job! Drew and Rachel Zoe praised Ariel Foxman for receiving the Fashion Media Brand Of The Year award for InStyle.

Glowing: The 39-year-old was a radiant sight as she addressed the crowd of fashionistas

Radiant: At 39 years old, she absolutely shone as she spoke to the fashionable crowd.

Catching up: Kanye was seen chatting to Kerry Washington and Ciara - a close friend of Kim Kardashian's

Running into each other: Kanye was caught up in conversation with Kerry Washington and Ciara – who happens to be a good friend of Kim Kardashian’s. Also in attendance was the 19-year-old along with her younger sister Bella, who turned heads in a low-cut little black dress, and her boyfriend Cody Simpson. The Australian singer rocked a black leather jacket and fedora paired with a navy shirt, ripped jeans, and stylish brown suede boots. Sitting beside Nicole at the event, Cody’s unique fashion choice caught her attention, leading her to playfully tweet, “I just want everyone to know that I got to hang out with Cody Simpson’s leather shoulder pad tonight. No more interviews, please.”

Why not?: Rose McGowan added an unusual touch to her otherwise all-black look with a purple felt cap

Why not?: Rose McGowan added an unusual touch to her otherwise all-black look with a purple felt cap

Sure thing! Here’s the paraphrased version:
Rose McGowan spiced up her all-black ensemble with a bold purple felt hat, adding an unexpected twist to her outfit.
It’s no surprise that Gigi was named Model Of The Year – she rocked a beautiful form-fitting pink dress and looked absolutely stunning.

How's the weather up there?: The 19-year-old, who stands at 5ft 10in, towered over petite 5ft 1in Nicole

What’s the weather like from your view up there?: The 19-year-old, towering at 5 feet 10 inches, stood prominently above the petite 5 feet 1 inch Nicole.

Gorgeous couple: Gigi was joined by boyfriend Cody Simpson, and Nicole joked that she 'hooked up with' his leather shoulder pad

Attractive pair: Gigi was accompanied by her beau, Cody Simpson, while Nicole playfully teased that she had a connection with his chic leather shoulder pad.

Model looks run in the family: Also there was the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue star's younger sister Bella

Good looks clearly run in the genes of this family. The younger sister of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue star, Bella, is also turning heads.

Playing it safe: Kerry Washington (L) and Rachel Zoe kept their looks simple for the occasion

Playing it safe: Kerry Washington (L) and Rachel Zoe kept their looks simple for the occasion

Playing it safe seemed to be the theme of the night, as Kerry Washington and Rachel Zoe kept their looks simple and chic. Kerry opted for a striped blue top and grey skirt, while Rachel wore a stylish black maxi dress.

Dita Von Teese, on the other hand, stole the show in a stunning red textured dress with a lace design of a female dancer, while Minka Kelly went for a futuristic pink and grey frock adorned with studs.

The star-studded event also saw the likes of Jessica White, Liberty Ross, and Armie Hammer in attendance. Christian Louboutin was honored as the Shoe Designer Of The Year, while Calvin Klein Collection’s Italo Zucchelli took home the award for Menswear Designer Of The Year.

Fashion enthusiasts Louise Roe, Liberty Ross, and Jessica White were also seen enjoying the event.

So in love: Armie Hammer looked suave as he posed on the red carpet with glamorous wife Elizabeth Chambers

Totally smitten: Armie Hammer appeared effortlessly cool as he took photos on the red carpet alongside his stunning partner, Elizabeth Chambers.

Let's talk fashion: Kanye and Dita Von Teese had a word with Mazdack Rassi after the awards were given out

Let’s chat style: Kanye and Dita Von Teese caught up with Mazdack Rassi post-awards to discuss fashion.

Anything goes: Dita's red and black vintage inspired ensemble was quite a contrast against Katy's modern look

Dita’s retro red and black outfit made a striking contrast with Katy’s contemporary style.

Does she get his seal of approval?: The 30-year-old also posed with former Fashion Police star George Kotsiopoulos

Is she getting the thumbs up from him? The 30-year-old was also seen posing with George Kotsiopoulos, the former host of Fashion Police.

They're no shrinking violets: Katy and Rose were seen leaving the event at the same time

Katy and Rose are not ones to shy away from the spotlight – they were spotted leaving the event together.

Stylish exit: Drew oozed Hollywood glamour as she left the venue

Chic Departure: Drew exuded all the glitz and glam of Hollywood as she exited the location.

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