Don’t Forget This: Selena Gomez Rocks NYC with Knit Crop Top and Braless Look, Spreading the Word about her Latest Album

Selena Gomez made quite the impression in New York City as she showcased her versatility by donning four fabulous outfits to promote her latest album, Revival. The stunning 23-year-old captured the attention of onlookers as she confidently strutted through the streets on Tuesday, flaunting her impeccable fashion sense with a series of black and white ensembles. However, it was her most daring look that truly turned heads – a trendy knitted turtleneck crop top paired with a thigh-revealing skirt, a bold choice that she opted to wear without a bra. Embrace the allure and watch the video below.

Showstopper: Selena Gomez looked phenomenal in a knit crop top while in New York City to promote her new album, Revival on Tuesday

Head-turner: Selena Gomez stunned onlookers with her mesmerizing presence, donning a trendy knit crop top during her visit to the bustling streets of New York City. The purpose of her visit was to promote her much-anticipated album, Revival, which heightened the excitement surrounding her appearance on Tuesday.

Stopping traffic: The starlet brought out major sex appeal on the outfit  that showed off her flat stomach, pairing it with a high slit skirt

Causing a commotion: The glamorous celebrity exuded incredible sensuality in the ensemble that effortlessly showcased her toned midriff, beautifully complemented by a stylishly provocative skirt with a daring high slit.

The ex-child celebrity arrived at an office building, flaunting her curves in a sheer top that left little to the imagination. With her dark hair flowing, she effortlessly slipped into black mules, reminiscent of the ’90s fashion era. Her makeup featured playful cat eyes inspired by the 1960s, complemented by rosy lips and sparkling nail polish. For more updates on Selena Gomez, including news, pictures, and videos, explore further.

Fall vibes: The dark haired beauty wore a revealing two piece look that showed a lot of leg

Fall vibes: The dark haired beauty wore a revealing two piece look that showed a lot of leg

Autumn vibes: The stunning brunette donned an eye-catching ensemble that flaunted her long legs. This bold choice coincides with the exciting news of her selection as one of the performers in the upcoming Victoria’s Secret fashion show, set to air on December 8. Joining the likes of Rihanna and The Weeknd, this Hollywood actress will grace the stage as one of the magnificent musical talents for this annual lingerie extravaganza.

All black everything: The musician kept her look monochrome while out and about in NYC

Going for an all-black ensemble, the musician maintained a monochromatic look during her time in the bustling streets of NYC.

Come & Get It: The songstress appeared to have some important appointments ahead

Join the Fun: The talented singer seemed to be preoccupied with significant engagements in her schedule.

Remarkable tone: The singer displayed more of those six-pack abs

Noteworthy observation: The vocalist showcased an enhanced display of their toned six-pack belly muscles.

Vixen: The former child star's top was see-through, putting her curves on full display as she headed into an office building

Vixen: The former child star's top was see-through, putting her curves on full display as she headed into an office building

Vixen, the ex-child celebrity, confidently flaunted her figure as she made her way into a corporate establishment, wearing a sheer top that left little to the imagination.

Communication: Selena clutched her cell phone while heading out again

Selena firmly grasped her mobile phone as she made her way outside once again. Embracing the morning, the famous actress donned a loose-fitting jumpsuit in a pristine white shade. The jumpsuit boasted intricate frayed accents along the neckline and hem, highlighted by dazzling gold buttons that injected a vibrant touch to the overall outfit.
With wide-legged trousers gracefully concealing her dark heels, Selena effortlessly balanced the entire ensemble in a monochromatic white palette. Exhibiting a laid-back style, she casually rolled up her sleeves, exuding a relaxed and carefree vibe. To shield her eyes from the sun, she sported oversized black sunglasses with elegant gold rims, allowing her natural beauty to shine through with minimal makeup.
Her luscious dark brown locks cascaded down her shoulders, styled with a side part and gentle curls, further enhancing her effortlessly chic appearance.

Comfortable: Selena traded her revealing two-piece ensemble for a cosy black jumpsuit

Cozy and relaxed: Selena opted for a comfortable black jumpsuit, leaving behind her revealing two-piece outfit.

Walk this way: Selena wore the same delicately strapped heels as before

Walk this way: Selena wore the same delicately strapped heels as before

Stroll along with me: Selena flaunted the identical elegantly strapped stilettos as she did previously.

Nice hairstyle: Selena's long brown locks shone in the sunlight

Great hairdo: Selena’s gorgeous chestnut tresses glistened under the warm rays of the sun.

Got it made in the shade: The Good For You songstress kept her eyes shielded behind chic shades

Living the good life: The talented singer of “Good For You” effortlessly concealed her eyes with stylish sunglasses.

Popular: Selena seemed to embrace the attention from her fans

Selena appeared to fully enjoy the love and admiration showered upon her by her devoted followers.

White out: The white loose fitting one-piece featured a frayed detailing at the neckline and on the hem, and gold button down the waist to give the ensemble a pop of color

White-out: The white one-piece garment, which has a loose fit, showcases delicate frayed accents around the neckline and hemline. To add a touch of vibrancy to the outfit, the waist is adorned with gold buttons.

Golden girl: The actress added large black sunglasses with gold rim and kept her makeup to a minimum, showing off her natural beauty

Dazzling Diva: The actress effortlessly accessorized her look with oversized sunglasses in a striking combination of black and gold, while opting for a subtly natural makeup look that highlighted her inherent beauty.

As she embarked on a whirlwind media tour, the news of her lupus diagnosis also came to light, following her candid admission in an interview with Billboard Magazine, where she disclosed that she had undergone chemotherapy in 2013 to alleviate the symptoms.

The talented star, hailing from Texas, made a captivating appearance on the Elvis Duran Z100 Morning show to discuss her highly anticipated second album, which was released on October 9.

Amidst her eventful schedule, the starlet decided to make a bold fashion statement, donning an alluring ensemble in sleek black mesh. The dress boasted long sleeves, a modest high neckline, sheer arms, and a slightly shorter hemline, elegantly showcasing the star’s enviable legs.

Strutting in the city: The mesh long-sleeved  black dress had a shorter hemline, showing off the star's gorgeous legs

Strolling through the urban jungle: The stylish, black dress with a mesh long-sleeve design flaunted a flirty shorter length, effortlessly accentuating the star’s stunning legs.

All about the details: The singer's frock had a high neckline and  see-through mesh arms

Delving into the specifics: The vocalist wore a dress that featured a modest neckline and sleeves made of transparent mesh.
The figure-hugging dress accentuated her waist and gracefully flared out at the hips.
For an added touch of style, she slipped back into her mules and sported the same sunglasses she had worn earlier, while parting her hair in the center to achieve a more daring appearance.
Her former Disney star image was complemented by her loosely flowing hair, showcasing her subtly styled reverse ombre tips.

Happy day: The Texas born star stopped by the Elvis Duran Z100 Morning show to talk about her second album

Wonderful day: The Texan sensation made a visit to the renowned Elvis Duran Z100 Morning show to chat about her sophomore album.

Cover girl: The musician's new album, Revival, features her nude on the cover; her album dropped October 9

Featured on the cover of her latest album, Revival, the artist confidently embraces her vulnerability by posing nude. Released on October 9th, this highly anticipated album introduces a powerful and captivating musical journey.

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