Selena Gomez stuns in a stylish cut-out jumpsuit, flaunting her allure while delivering a captivating performance in the heart of New York City

Whenever Selena Gomez makes a public appearance, she never fails to impress with her impeccable sense of style. This was especially evident on Monday when she graced the stage of NBC’s Today Show at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. Dressed in a stunning black cut-out jumpsuit, the 23-year-old singer looked absolutely breathtaking. The outfit accentuated her toned midriff, showcased her ample cleavage, and revealed a hint of side-boob, creating quite a stir. Watch the video below for a closer look.

Sexy Gomez! Selena Gomez looked incredible as she put on a seriously racy display in a cut-out jumpsuit while appearing on The Today Show in New York on Monday

Sensational Gomez! Selena Gomez appeared absolutely stunning as she showcased a daring and alluring fashion statement in a stunning jumpsuit with provocative cut-outs during her appearance on The Today Show in New York City on Monday.

Selena Gomez, the pop star who has been actively promoting her latest single “Same Old Love,” showcased her striking features with a touch of rosy pink lipstick, matching her talons and complementing her black mascara and smoky eyeshadow. However, during the launch of the Today Show’s Citi Concert Series, she took a more casual approach, opting for a low-key outfit. Her toned curves were accentuated by a slouchy grey jumper and a suede leather skirt. Stay updated with Selena Gomez’s news, pictures, and video updates.

Working it: The beautiful star has shed her good-girl image judging by her latest revealing ensemble

Putting in the Effort: The stunning celebrity seems to have abandoned her previous innocent image as evidenced by her recent and daring outfit choice.

Sultry: The stunning star ensured she put on an extremely sexy show in her skimpy ensemble

Steamy: The gorgeous celebrity made sure to deliver an incredibly seductive performance in her revealing outfit.

Styled to perfection: The beauty wowed crowds in a sexy black cut-out jumpsuit, which drew heaps of attention to her toned midriff and ample cleavage

Styled to perfection: The beauty wowed crowds in a sexy black cut-out jumpsuit, which drew heaps of attention to her toned midriff and ample cleavage

Looking absolutely flawless, the stunning lady captured everyone’s attention with her chic black cut-out jumpsuit that accentuated her well-defined waist and alluring décolletage.

Daring to bare: The brunette star whipped off an off-white robe, revealing the striking ensemble in all its glory

Boldly revealing her fashion choice, the dark-haired celebrity swiftly removed her creamy-colored robe, exposing the eye-catching ensemble for all to admire.

Style star: Selena looked good from every angle as she hit the stage on Monday

Fashion icon Selena dazzled from all perspectives during her captivating stage performance on the fabulous Monday evening.

Born to perform: The pop star powered through some of her high notes

Innately destined to shine: The sensational singer effortlessly nailed several of her soaring vocal ranges.

Doing her thing! The singer happily got the crowds to their feet as she sang through some of her hits

Rocking the stage! The vocalist joyfully energized the audience, enticing them to rise to their feet while belting out a medley of her chart-topping songs.

Selena effortlessly paired her elegant outfit with durable platform shoes and styled her beautiful brown hair in effortlessly tousled waves. As the singer danced along the dance floor, she joyfully sang her popular songs, captivating the crowd at the star-studded event. Throughout the day, Selena amazed everyone with her impeccable fashion choices, effortlessly transitioning between two more stunning outfits, each one equally stylish and chic.

Catching her eye: Something seemed to stun Selena as she belted out her latest hits

Grabbing her attention: There was an unmistakable awe in Selena’s expression as she passionately sang her latest chart-toppers. She effortlessly radiated beauty while flaunting a captivating striped maxi dress, effortlessly elongating her petite figure. Completing her ensemble, Selena confidently slipped on a pair of stylish blue suede mules, adding a touch of glamour to her look.

Displaying yet another remarkable transformation, Selena effortlessly pulled off an oversized camel-colored jumper, effortlessly paired with a stunning scallop-hemmed skirt. Completing her chic outfit, she confidently rocked sky-high cream heels that added a sense of elegance and grace to her overall appearance.

The sighting of Selena comes at an eventful time, as she recently revealed her courageous battle with autoimmune disease lupus, disclosing her resilience in undergoing chemotherapy treatment to combat its debilitating symptoms.

Busty: As she bent down , Selena gave her sea of fans a treat when she gave them a glimpse of cleavage during her trip

Busty: Selena delighted her multitude of fans during her excursion by graciously offering them a sneak peek of her décolletage as she leaned forward.

Caged back: The scantily-clad star gave a glimpse of her side boobs as she gyrated on the stage

Trapped behind bars: The risqué performer revealed a sneak peek of her alluring side profile while confidently moving and captivating the audience on the stage.

She's got the moves: Surrounded by male backing dancers, the songstress showed off her dance moves

She’s got the groove: Embraced by a group of male dancers, the talented songbird effortlessly flaunted her dancing skills.

Popular: The brunette babe happily entertained the buzzing crowds

Well-liked: The dark-haired beauty joyfully captivated the lively audience.

American beauty: Her striking facial features was set off with lashings of rosy pink lipstick, which matched the hue of her talons, swipes of black mascara and smoky eyeshadow

US beauty: With her stunning facial traits, she accentuated her looks by applying ample amounts of rosy pink lipstick that perfectly complemented the shade of her nails. She also added touches of black mascara and seductive smoky eyeshadow to complete her glamorous look.

Busy lady : The pop star has been busy promoting her latest single Same Old Love from new album Revival

Hectic Schedule: The musical sensation has been occupied with the task of endorsing her most recent song Same Old Love, a track featured on her newly released album Revival.

 A vision: With her dark tresses left loose, Selena looked nothing short of glamorous 

An envisioning: Selena appeared absolutely glamorous with her untamed dark locks cascading freely.

Having a laugh: The sexy singer was having a hoot with her beloved fans 

Enjoying a good time: The alluring vocalist was having a blast with her adoring supporters. In an interview with Billboard, the talented singer openly shared that she had to cancel her tour in Australia and Asia back in December 2013 due to her diagnosis. She firmly debunked any rumors of rehab by stating, “That’s what my break was truly about. I could have had a stroke.” She further expressed her desire to disclose the truth, saying, “I wanted so badly to say, ‘You guys have no idea. I’m undergoing chemotherapy. You’re insensitive jerks.'” After taking time for herself, she secluded herself until she regained her confidence and comfort. Lupus, a complicated and poorly comprehended condition, causes the body to falsely recognize its own tissues as foreign intruders and attack itself.

Earlier on: Selena ditched the glamour by stepping out in something relatively low-key as she launched the Today Show's Citi Concert Series

In the past: Selena decided to forgo the glitz and opted for a more understated look as she kicked off the Citi Concert Series on the Today Show.

Keeping her cool: She dressed her toned curves in a slouchy grey jumper and a suede leather skirt

Keeping her cool: She dressed her toned curves in a slouchy grey jumper and a suede leather skirt

Staying chill: She effortlessly flaunted her well-defined figure by pairing a relaxed, oversized grey sweater with a stylish suede skirt.

Strong: Her sighting comes soon after Selena revealed she had undergone chemotherapy to treat the symptoms of autoimmune disease lupus

Notable: Shortly after Selena disclosed her experience with receiving chemotherapy as a method to alleviate symptoms related to her autoimmune condition, lupus, this woman’s appearance emerges.

'I could've had a stroke': The songstress confessed she cancelled the Australian and Asian leg of her tour in December 2013 due to the diagnosis

“I could’ve experienced a stroke”: The talented singer openly admitted that she called off the tour she had planned in Australia and Asia in December 2013 due to being diagnosed with a health condition.

Earning her stripes: Selena showed she can nail any trend as she stepped out in the stunning dress 

Showing off her fashion prowess, Selena demonstrated her ability to effortlessly pull off any trend as she confidently donned a breathtaking dress.

Brunette beauty: Selena looked stunning in her clinging gown which exhibited her tones frame

Selena looked absolutely gorgeous in a long, striped dress that added a touch of height to her petite figure. To complete her look, she opted for a pair of blue suede slip-on mules. It’s unclear why, but the immune system sometimes fails to distinguish between healthy tissue and harmful germs or viruses that enter the body from outside sources.

Meanwhile, Selena has been actively promoting her new album, Revival, which is a follow-up to her 2013 hit album, Stars Dance. Recently, she took to Instagram to express her gratitude towards her loved ones and dedicated fans for their unwavering support. Along with a picture, she wrote, “These two amazing individuals mean the world to me. They are like my uncles, big brothers, advisors, heroes, and best friends all rolled into one! I am incredibly thankful to have the most amazing fans and family who celebrate with me every step of the way.”

Casual cutie: In another transformation, Selena wore an oversized camel-coloured jumper with a contrasting scallop-hemmed skirt and sky-high cream heels

Chill cutie: Embracing a new look, Selena rocked an oversized sweater in a warm camel hue, pairing it effortlessly with a skirt featuring a striking scallop hemline. To elevate her style game, she opted for cream heels that reached for the sky.

Coordinating: All the hues in Selena's ensemble tied in nicely together

Legs eleven! Selena rocked a relaxed outfit that effortlessly showcased her incredibly lengthy legs.

'I have the best fans and family that celebrate with me': In an Instagram snap, posted on Sunday, the singer thanked her close ones and loyal fans for their support

On Sunday, the singer took to Instagram to express her gratitude to her loyal fans and beloved family who have always stood by her side. She lovingly acknowledged their unwavering support, stating that she feels incredibly fortunate to have such amazing individuals celebrating alongside her.

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