Enchanting Selena Gomez Mesmerizes in Silken Bra, Strolling by the Poolside in Captivating “Wolves” Music Video

Selena Gomez is all set to release her highly anticipated follow-up to her successful album Revival. The talented 25-year-old recently released the music video for her new track Wolves featuring Marshmello exclusively on Apple Music. In this visually captivating video, Selena effortlessly showcases her sensuality, sporting various mesmerizing outfits including a silky pink bra, a plunging blue sequined ensemble, and a seductive nude look.

Making a splash! Selena Gomez dropped the video for her new track Wolves, which features the pop star sizzling in several high-class looks as she saunters around a swimming pool

Creating a splash! Selena Gomez has released the music video for her latest song “Wolves,” where she captivates audiences with her stunning fashion choices and confident presence by the swimming pool.

The video commences with Selena immersed in a golden glow, dressed in an elegant asymmetrical nude gown, her hair wet and styled effortlessly, and her lips painted a vibrant red.

By the poolside, the talented Texan songstress exudes an alluring charm as she wears a pretty pink bra, elegantly paired with a flowing red coat and matching trousers.

Teetering at the edge of the diving board, Selena embraces opulence with a striking ensemble adorned in eye-catching blue sequins. The outfit accentuates her enviable figure with its plunging neckline and emphasizes her long legs through a dramatic slit.

Later on, she switches into a dazzling geometric halter top and a skirt in a mesmerizing aqua hue. With grace, Selena dives into the refreshing, crystal-clear waters, leaving a trail of shimmer behind.

Grand return: Selena donned wet looking tresses throughout the song, which is the third single she's released in past months

Exciting comeback: Selena sported a glistening hairstyle all along the performance, marking the release of her third single in recent times.

No shirt, no worries! Poolside, the Texas native sizzles in a pink bra worn with a sweeping red coat and matching slacks

Who needs a shirt when you can embrace the carefree vibes! Basking by the pool, this Texan beauty effortlessly rocks a pink bra, accompanied by a stunning long red coat and perfectly matching trousers.

Tickled pink! Never one to skimp on glamour, Selena oozes elegance in pink feathered couture while literally walking on water across the pool

Ecstatic! Selena, who has always been a proponent of opulence, radiates sophistication as she struts across the pool on a majestic field of pink feathers.

Taking the plunge! The on-off love of Justin Beiber amped up the drama in a plunging sequined gown which looked better suited for a red carpet than a swimming pool

Selena Gomez, known for her on-again, off-again relationship with Justin Bieber, made a stunning entrance at a swimming pool. She turned heads in a plunging sequined gown that could easily pass as a red carpet outfit. Not one to shy away from glamour, Selena effortlessly exuded elegance in a shimmering pink feathered couture ensemble as she confidently walked on water, strutting her stuff across the pool. This bold and captivating look perfectly showcased Selena’s style and fashion choices. Additionally, it seems that Selena is building anticipation for her upcoming album with the release of her third track of 2017, titled “Wolves.” This new release follows the success of her 2015 album Revival, which featured some popular tracks.

She shines! A shimmering geometric halter and matching aqua-hued skirt were just another one of the star's fantastic poolside looks for the Wolves music video

She’s absolutely radiant! The star effortlessly stood out with a captivating halter top adorned in glistening geometric patterns, perfectly complemented by a stunning skirt in a mesmerizing aqua shade. This striking ensemble was just one among the many remarkable poolside outfits worn by the artist for the Wolves music video.

Hungry like a... Wolves is the third track Selena's released in past months in anticipation of her followup to 2015's Revival

Craving like a pack of hungry animals, “Wolves” marks the latest addition to Selena’s growing collection of tracks, building up excitement for her much-awaited album following the success of “Revival” released back in 2015.

Sound the alarms! The former Disney favorite wears cherry red lips throughout the video

Get ready, because there’s some exciting news on the horizon! The beloved Disney star has everyone buzzing as she confidently rocks a bold cherry red lip color in her latest video. After making her highly-anticipated comeback with the catchy track “Bad Liar” in May, she kept the momentum going and dropped another hit, “Fetish,” featuring the talented Gucci Mane, in July.

Although Selena recently revealed in an interview with Billboard that she has not one, but two whole albums worth of amazing music ready to unleash upon the world, she has yet to formally announce the details of her upcoming release. However, fans are eagerly anticipating the big news and can’t wait to hear what she has in store for them.

But that’s not the only exciting thing happening in Selena’s life right now. Her on-again, off-again relationship with fellow pop sensation Justin Bieber seems to be heating up once again. As Selena gears up to make her musical comeback, her romance with Justin is capturing the attention of fans and keeping the gossip columns buzzing.

Solid gold! This year Selena returned to music with several hits, starting with May's Bad Liar and later releasing Fetish featuring Gucci Mane in July

Absolutely amazing! Selena made a triumphant comeback to the music scene this year, delighting her fans with a string of sensational hits. It all began in May with the unforgettable track, “Bad Liar,” which was an instant success. And as if that wasn’t enough, she treated us to another chart-topper in July with “Fetish,” where she teamed up with the extraordinary Gucci Mane. Selena’s musical journey in 2021 has been nothing short of solid gold!

Ready or not? Selena told Billboard she has 'two albums' of music ready to release, but the star has yet to make an official announcement about her new release

Are you prepared? Selena disclosed in her interview with Billboard that she has prepared “two albums” worth of music for her fans. However, the renowned artist has not yet made a formal declaration regarding the release of her highly anticipated works.

Game on? Selena's  relationship with pop star Justin Bieber appears like it's gaining steam once more, as the pair were seen unabashedly packing on the PDA this week

Is the game back on? There seems to be a resurgence in Selena’s romance with pop sensation Justin Bieber, as they were spotted shamelessly showing affection to each other this week. The couple took a significant step forward on Thursday when they sealed their reunion with a passionate and public kiss. It is no secret that Justin and Selena have a deeply intertwined past. Their love story began in 2010 and was marked by numerous on-again, off-again phases, until Selena decided to call it quits for good in 2016 due to Justin’s unruly behavior. However, it seems that Selena’s recent breakup with rapper The Weeknd in October has paved the way for a new chapter between her and Justin.

Rocky road: Justin and Selena have a long history, starting in 2010 while weathering an on and off relationship before Justin's wild streak saw Selena end things for good in 2016... until now

The rocky path: Justin and Selena share a deep and complicated past that initiated back in 2010. Over the years, their relationship has witnessed many ups and downs, leading to numerous breakups and reconciliations. However, in 2016, Selena decided to put an end to their love story due to Justin’s rebellious behavior… but, things have taken a surprising turn recently.

Retro chic: Her on/off boyfriend Justin Bieber was spotted out and about in Hollywood on Friday

Throwback style: Justin Bieber, the on-again, off-again beau of the fashion world, was seen wandering the streets of Hollywood last Friday.

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