Sweat it out! Selena Gomez promotes Puma collection during workout session… just before Justin Bieber’s 24th birthday

On Wednesday, Selena Gomez was spotted at a gym in Studio City, California, showing her dedication to staying fit. However, the 25-year-old singer, known for her hit song “Good For You,” didn’t opt for typical athletic attire. Being the ambassador for Puma, Selena made sure to sport the brand from head to toe during her workout. Watch the video below for more details.

Done with the treadmill: Selena Gomez looked flushed as she left the gym in LA on Wednesday

Finished with the running machine: Selena Gomez appeared a bit flushed as she exited the gym in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Lean: The Big Short actress had on a black tank top that showed off her toned arms


Sporting a sleek black tank top, the renowned actress of The Big Short proudly exhibited her perfectly defined arms. Before that, she was spotted wearing a stylish white top with long sleeves, which can be purchased for approximately $40, along with black-and-white leggings priced at $65. With her hair cascading down effortlessly after a rigorous gym session, she radiated a natural beauty, opting for a makeup-free look.

Happy lady: The cover girl was also seen smiling as she exited the mall which also had a spa

Happy lady: The cover girl was also seen smiling as she exited the mall which also had a spa

Joyful woman: The model on the magazine cover also sported a radiant smile as she left the shopping complex, which conveniently housed a tranquil spa.

Up for a workout: Selena Gomez headed to the gym in Studio City, California on Wednesday

Ready to get active: Selena Gomez made her way to the fitness center in Studio City, California on a sunny Wednesday morning.

But the 25-year-old Good For You singer didn't dress herself in ordinary workout togs

But the 25-year-old Good For You singer didn't dress herself in ordinary workout togs

However, the 25-year-old singer, known for her song “Good For You,” didn’t opt for regular gym attire. What truly caught attention in her outfit were the stylish high-top black sneakers she sported. Surprisingly, these sneakers come with a price tag of $120. It’s worth noting that Gomez has been collaborating with this brand since 2016. Notably, other famous personalities such as her ex The Weeknd and Rihanna have also served as spokespeople for this brand.

PUMA time: The girlfriend of Justin Bieber made sure she wore head-to-toe Puma, a brand she is the spokesperson for

PUMA o’clock: Justin Bieber’s girlfriend made certain that she rocked a complete Puma ensemble, representing the brand as its spokesperson.

The threads come at a price: The Big Short actress had on a white, long-sleeved top that retails for around $40 with black-and-white leggings that sell for $65

The cost of the outfit is not to be overlooked. The actress from The Big Short sported a stylish white top with long sleeves, which can be purchased for approximately $40. Pairing it with black-and-white leggings that retail for $65, she certainly knows how to make a fashion statement.

Selena’s demeanor seemed quite serious as she leisurely sipped on her iced coffee from Starbucks, not letting go of her trusty cell phone. As she stood there, a mysterious blonde woman lingered in the background, leaving us unsure whether she was a familiar face or a complete stranger.

Just the night before, the Wolves singer delighted in a delightful Mexican meal in Studio City, California, accompanied by her friend Ashley Cook.

Good kicks: The big stand out were her high-top black sneakers which cost $120

Impressive footwork: One item that truly caught everyone’s attention were her sleek high-top ebony sneakers, valued at a cool $120.

A friend or follower? Behind the siren was a pretty blonde woman in a shiny jacket

Friend or Follower? Concealed within the blaring siren, a captivating blonde lady donning a glistening jacket emerged. In a parallel event, her beau was sighted the following day, wandering within a Los Angeles community center all by himself. Speculation arose that the renowned pop star might have been orchestrating arrangements for his upcoming 24th birthday celebration, set to transpire on Thursday. Notably, the 25-year-old performer from Monte Carlo showcased a relaxed style, clad in an elongated sweatshirt from Vous Church, coupled with snug leggings and trendy sneakers. Adorning her head, the stunning Texan starlet opted for a sleek, low ponytail, with a few stylish bangs gracefully cascading down her forehead.

A passenger: Gomez has been working with Puma since 2016. Other celebrity spokespeople include her ex The Weeknd as well as Rihanna. Here she is seen getting out of a Fiat

A passenger: Gomez has been collaborating with Puma since 2016. Other well-known endorsers of the brand include her former partner The Weeknd, as well as Rihanna. In this instance, she is observed exiting a Fiat vehicle.
Her friend Cook was also wearing leggings, but she paired them with a black jacket and black purse.
Accompanying the girls was a bodyguard who stood at least 6 feet tall and sported a Puma hoodie.
Bieber seemed a bit downcast when he was spotted on Wednesday.
The Cold Water singer donned a blue T-shirt, colorful sweatpants, and white-and-red high-top sneakers.
He was seen in the parking lot of a community center.
The last time the two were seen together was four days ago at his extravagant Beverly Hills residence.

Fiesta time: The Wizards Of Waverly Place star grabbed a Mexican dinner with her friend Ashley Cook on Tuesday evening in Studio City, California

Time to celebrate: The famous actor from Wizards Of Waverly Place enjoyed a delicious Mexican meal with her good friend Ashley Cook on a delightful Tuesday evening in the charming Studio City, California.

Her fashion statement: The 25-year-old Monte Carlo actress wore a long Vous Church sweatshirt paired with leggings and sneakers

Her personal style: The 25-year-old star of Monte Carlo opted for a comfortable yet trendy outfit as she sported a lengthy sweatshirt from Vous Church, which she effortlessly paired with leggings and stylish sneakers.

Chances are, the lovebirds will reunite this Thursday to celebrate the 24th birthday of the talented Purpose singer. Reports have circulated suggesting the beautiful model will throw an extravagant party for her significant other, but Gossip Cop has debunked these claims. Their romantic journey traces back to 2011, when they begun dating casually before eventually parting ways after a three-year relationship.

The blues: Bieber looked a little down in the dumps when he was seen on Wednesday leaving a community center; he may have been planning his 24th birthday which falls on Thursday

Justin Bieber appeared to be feeling a bit gloomy as he was spotted departing from a local center on Wednesday. It is possible that his melancholic mood was attributed to his upcoming 24th birthday, scheduled to take place on Thursday.

No suit and tie: The Cold Water singer wore a blue T-shirt with multi-colored sweatpants - both from Daniel Patrick - as well as white-and-red high top sneakers

Casual attire all the way: Justin Bieber, the popular singer of “Cold Water,” decided to forgo a formal suit and tie. Instead, he opted for a stylish yet relaxed look, donning a blue T-shirt and multi-colored sweatpants from Daniel Patrick. To complete his ensemble, he chose a pair of white-and-red high top sneakers.

Justin’s love life has been quite the rollercoaster. After Selena Gomez’s whirlwind romance with The Weeknd abruptly ended last year, Justin managed to reignite the flames of their relationship. However, it seems that things are taking a more serious turn this time around.

In the midst of February, the couple attended a picturesque wedding held in Jamaica. They were an integral part of the wedding party, as Justin’s father Jeremy, aged 42, exchanged vows with his longtime girlfriend, Rebelo, who is 29 years old. The ceremony took place outdoors, surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of Jamaica.

A Gucci kind of guy: The Company singer was also seen with a male friend who held onto two ping pong paddles

A fan of Gucci fashion: The vocalist from The Company was spotted alongside a male companion, who had a firm grip on two ping pong paddles.
Gomez has been busy working on the set of Hotel Transylvania, where she shares the screen with Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg. The highly anticipated film is set to hit theaters on July 13.
In the near future, she will also showcase her acting skills alongside Timothée Chalamet in the upcoming Woody Allen project, A Rainy Day In New York.
Additionally, the dark-haired beauty has announced plans for the release of a new album this year. It has been four years since her last musical endeavor, Revival in 2015.

Back in love: The two have been on and off since 2011; seen in LA in November

Rediscovering love: Their rollercoaster relationship has been a constant since 2011; spotted together in Los Angeles last November.

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