Gal Gadot stylishly conceals her pregnancy bump with a sleek zip-up jacket while bonding with daughter Maya

In March, Gal Gadot, the star of Wonder Woman, joyfully announced that she was expecting her third child, sharing that she would soon be surrounded by her three little girls. The 36-year-old Israeli actress was spotted in Los Angeles, proudly displaying her growing baby bump in a snug white zip-up and vibrant spandex leggings while spending time with her youngest daughter Maya, who is four years old.

Recently, Gal received some negative feedback online after sharing her feelings of sadness over the increasing tensions between Israel and Palestine. As a result, she decided to disable comments on her social media post to avoid further backlash.

Wonderful news! Pregnant Gal Gadot, 36, flashes her growing baby bump in a fitted white zip up as she enjoys quality time with daughter Maya, four, in Los Angeles

Exciting news! Gal Gadot, 36, proudly displayed her growing baby bump in a snug white zip-up top while spending quality time with her four-year-old daughter Maya in Los Angeles. The actress, known for her action roles, showcased her fit physique in stylish maroon leggings adorned with pink and black mesh detailing. Despite keeping her athletic jacket zipped up, her bump was still visible as she stepped out of her car with her daughter. She accessorized with a black cellphone case secured across her body and styled her hair in a casual high ponytail. Carrying a sippy cup for Maya and a travel coffee mug, Gadot completed her look with a white face mask and trendy aviator sunglasses.

Taking a breather: The actress relaxed with a hydrating beverage

Unwinding: The actor kicked back with a refreshing drink to rehydrate.

Just the girls: The mommy-daughter-duo stepped out into the sunshine

In a sunny outing, the dynamic duo of mother and daughter were all smiles. Back in March, Gal revealed the wonderful news that she and her husband Yaron Varsano were expecting a new addition to their family with a joyful Instagram post. The announcement came just days after they attended The Golden Globes together, where Gal cleverly concealed her growing bump under a gorgeous white dress. During a virtual interview with Live With Kelly and Ryan, Gal happily shared that they were expecting a baby girl, who would soon join their daughters Maya and Alma. The actress also admitted that this pregnancy has brought out her emotional side, making her more prone to tears from simple things like a touching song or a fleeting thought. It’s a new experience for her, but one that she embraces with love and laughter.

Third time's a charm! Gal announced that she and husband Yaron Varsano were expecting in March with a post that said: 'Here we go again'; pictured March 1

On her third go-round, Gal excitedly shared the news of her and husband Yaron Varsano’s upcoming arrival back in March with a social media post that exclaimed, ‘Here we go again!’ The announcement was made on March 1st.

Days prior: She hid her bump underneath a flowy white mini dress to prevent any showing before she planned to announce just days before at the Golden Globes; pictured February 28

Prior to revealing her pregnancy at the Golden Globes, she cleverly concealed her baby bump under a loose white dress. This special moment was overshadowed by the heartbreaking situation in her home country, where a conflict with Palestine was escalating. In an emotional Instagram post, she expressed her concern for her family, friends, and fellow citizens amidst the ongoing cycle of violence. She called for peace and safety for both Israel and its neighbors, praying for an end to the hostility.

Despite her efforts to promote peace, some criticized her past as an IDF soldier, accusing her of contributing to the conflict. Calls for boycotting her and harsh comments flooded social media, but there were also voices defending her intentions of spreading a message of peace. In response to the backlash, she disabled comments on her social media and has since remained quiet.

War of words: The Israeli born actress penned a relatively neutral tweet about wanting the best for both countries who had lost many lives to violence, but the internet was quick to attack her with many citing the fact that she was a former IDF soldier

Verbal Battle: An actress, born in Israel, posted a tweet advocating for peace and expressing her desire for the well-being of both nations affected by violence. However, social media users wasted no time in criticizing her, pointing out her past as a soldier in the IDF.

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