“My Journey to Healing: Katy Perry Opens Up About Moving on from Exes John Mayer and Russell Brand…and Reveals Surprising Details in Recent Interview”

Katy Perry recently opened up about the challenges she faced in moving on from her past relationships with Russell Brand and John Mayer. The 29-year-old singer shared in a recent interview that therapy played a significant role in helping her navigate through her emotions and cope with the break-ups. Perry also candidly disclosed that she doesn’t have any set rules when it comes to her intimate life, revealing the longest period she’s gone without sex.

Revealing chat: Katy Perry discusses her relationship history in new issue of Cosmopolitan

In a candid conversation with Chelsea Handler for the latest issue of Cosmopolitan, Katy Perry talked about her past marriage to Brand, which ended in 2012 after 14 months. “It feels like a lifetime ago, like unearthing an old tomb. I’ve had a lot of therapy, growth, and understanding since then,” she shared. Reflecting on the experience, Katy mentioned, “Sometimes you have to go through tough times to understand where you stand in life and set new boundaries in your relationships.” She added, “You have to go through challenges to reach a place of peace. Ultimately, I needed to find someone who is more of a partner in life.”

Talking about the exes: The Roar singer chats about her 14 month marriage to Russell Brand, pictured in Los Angeles in December 2011

Discussing past relationships: The singer of Roar opens up about her 14-month marriage to Russell Brand, as shown in a photo taken in Los Angeles in December 2011.

No breakup blues: The star split from John Mayer in February, pictured in Los Angeles in January

Katy Perry opened up about her breakup with John Mayer earlier this year, mentioning that she is trying to live in the present without dwelling on the past or getting anxious about the future. She expressed respect for John and hinted that there may be some inspired songs coming out of their split. Katy also mentioned that she is not very strict when it comes to her sex life.

Hear her roar: Perry is the first-ever global covermodel for Cosmo

Listen to her roar: Perry has landed an impressive title as the first-ever global cover model for Cosmopolitan magazine. The singer known for hits like “Roar” doesn’t follow strict rules when it comes to intimacy, but she values a strong connection.
She humorously remarked, “I’m not as rigid as Professor Higgins in my sex life. I’m all about that connection.” Perry admitted that the longest she’s gone without sex is around six months to a year, emphasizing that she’s not one for one-night stands.
During an interview with Handler, who has delved into the topic of one-night stands in her writing, Katy revealed, “Maybe six months to a year. I don’t stay single for too long. I always have my rose quartz to attract the opposite sex. Maybe I should tone it down with the amethyst.”

Global sensation: The 29-year-old appears on 61 international editions of the publication

International superstar: The 29-year-old graces the covers of 61 different international editions of Cosmopolitan magazine. Katy has made history as the first global cover model for the publication. This groundbreaking move by Cosmo showcases Katy’s immense popularity as one of the most beloved female stars in the world today. On the cover, the Roar singer looks stunning in a sparkly mini dress with vibrant candy-colored hues and a front zipper. With her toned legs on display, Katy gives the camera a sultry look while her tousled green hair adds a touch of playful charm. In another cover shot, the Dark Horse singer rocks a strapless blue dress adorned with a fun doughnut pattern. Showing off her curves, Ms. Perry strikes a seductive pose with her mouth open wide and her arms positioned in a classic pin-up style as she bends her knee provocatively.

Sensation: Katy is currently on her Prismatic world tour

Excitement: Katy is currently rocking the stage on her Prismatic world tour
In a laid-back chat with Chelsea Handler for Cosmo, Katy opens up about the possibility of reuniting with John Mayer, her longest time without intimacy, and her admiration for Beyonce.
The pop star also had some words of encouragement for Cosmo readers who are keeping their mag reading a secret: ‘To all you sneaky readers out there, if you’re not supposed to be reading this, don’t sweat it – I’ve been there too.’

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