Jennifer Lopez rocks cropped sweatshirt and bold pants on her way to dance studio in Los Angeles

Initially gaining fame as a dancer, Jennifer Lopez quickly rose to become a top celebrity. On Saturday, she appeared prepared to dance as she showed up at a Los Angeles dance studio. The 52-year-old star was photographed stepping out of a fancy white car wearing a midriff-baring outfit.

Dance! She first burst onto the scene as a dancer before becoming an A-list superstar. And Jennifer Lopez looked ready to bust a move on Saturday as she arrived to a dance studio in Los Angeles

Dance! Jennifer Lopez, who made her mark as a dancer before rising to A-list fame, was spotted heading to a dance studio in Los Angeles. Sporting a cropped charcoal gray sweatshirt that showed off her abs and baggy sleeves, she paired it with geometric pattern yoga pants that highlighted her toned curves. Completing her rehearsal ensemble were black-and-white sneakers and silver-framed sunglasses. The singer’s usual flowing honey blonde hair was tied up in a bun on top of her head.

Ab-solutely! The 52-year-old performer was captured emerging from a white luxury car in a midriff-baring ensemble

Absolutely! The 52-year-old entertainer was seen stepping out of a sleek white car wearing a crop top outfit.

Cropped: She flashed her abs in a cropped charcoal gray sweatshirt with baggy sleeves

She showcased her toned midsection in a short charcoal gray sweatshirt with loose-fitting sleeves.

Curvy: The Jenny From The Block singer also donned a pair of geometric pattern yoga pants that clung tightly to her toned curves

Curvaceous: The singer and actress, famous for hit songs and acting gigs, displayed her well-defined curves in a pair of stylish geometric patterned yoga pants. In addition to her entertainment career, Lopez has also delved into various business opportunities over the years. Recently, she was featured in a promotional photo for her successful beauty company, JLo Beauty. The captivating images were posted on the brand’s Instagram account last Friday. In the photo, the talented artist confidently posed with a JLo Beauty product in hand, wearing a sleeveless black top that revealed a hint of skin.

Doing the most: The singer was recently featured in a promotional image for her cosmetics company, JLo Beauty, which were shared to the brand's official Instagram account on Friday

Going all out: The pop star was recently shown in a flashy ad for her makeup line, JLo Beauty, that was posted on the brand’s Instagram page last week.

Last year in January, Lopez made her line of skincare products from JLo Beauty accessible to the public. The products included a moisturizer, different creams, and a supplement. She has actively participated in promoting the company, appearing in various promotional materials.

Recent launch: Lopez initially made JLo Beauty's products available to the public in January of last year

Newly Released: JLo Beauty’s line of products was first introduced to the public by Lopez in January of the previous year.

In a recent interview with InStyle, Lopez opened up about her beauty ideals and the journey of launching JLo Beauty, which she revealed has been a dream 20 years in the making. She expressed genuine excitement for the project and emphasized that it was not just talk.

When asked about her skincare routine, the singer shared her secret to maintaining flawless skin, which she calls the “five S’s”: sleep, sunscreen, serums, supplements, and living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Lopez emphasized the importance of taking care of her skin and overall well-being to achieve her radiant appearance.

Hard work pays off: Lopez spoke about her beauty ideals during an interview with InStyle, where she noted that JLo Beauty took a considerable amount of time to launch

Lopez shared her beauty vision in an interview with InStyle, emphasizing that JLo Beauty required a significant investment of time to finally come to fruition.

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