Revealed: Scarlett Johansson’s Secret Ribcage Tattoo shines on game night with Jimmy Fallon

The new mom impressed fans with her latest tattoo reveal on the Tonight Show, adding to her collection of six existing tattoos. Scarlett Johansson proudly displayed a winged design on her right ribcage during her appearance, peeking out from the keyhole cutout of her chic Jonathan Simkhai dress. The intricate artwork featured a bird motif, enhancing her overall aesthetic. The 30-year-old actress delighted audiences with discussions about her upcoming hosting gig on Saturday Night Live and insights into her latest Avengers project, all while having a blast playing Box Of Lies with host Jimmy Fallon. Check out the video for all the entertainment!

Peek-a-boo: Scarlett Johansson displayed a winged art piece on her ribcage that peeked through the keyhole detail of her white dress during her appearance on the Tonight Show on Thursday

Hide-and-seek: Scarlett Johansson revealed a gorgeous tattoo on her ribcage that peeked out from a keyhole detail in her elegant white dress during her recent guest spot on the Tonight Show. Flaunting her post-pregnancy body, Scarlett looked stunning in a sleeveless ivory gown with a playful cutout below her chest. Adding a touch of sophistication with black suede heels, the actress styled her pixie cut hair in a sleek, windblown look and adorned herself with stylish pointed earrings and gold bangles to complete her chic ensemble.

Never-before-seen ink: The 30-year-old actress donned a sleeveless ivory frock that featured a sexy cutout below her chest

In an elegant outfit that revealed a touch of allure, the 30-year-old actress shone brightly in a sleeveless ivory gown featuring a daring cutout detail beneath her chest.

White hot! Scarlett showcased her impressive post-baby body yet again

White hot! Scarlett showcased her impressive post-baby body yet again

Scarlett looked absolutely lovely in white as she showed off her amazing post-baby body following the birth of her newborn.

Classy chic: The mother-of-one styled her conservative laser cut print design with a pair of suede black high heels

Chic and classy: The mom sported a sleek laser-cut patterned dress with stylish black suede heels. The actress, who has a fondness for tattoos, confidently shows off six unique tattoos on her stunning physique. Some of her standout ink includes a chest tattoo, a sunset design on her left forearm, and a charm bracelet tattoo on her right wrist, as they were glimpsed during a casual chat. On a recent SNL episode, Scarlett and Cecily Strong bonded over their tattoos, jokingly comparing them to the heavily tattooed musician Wiz Khalifa.

Charmed: Scarlett shared her 'Lucky You' horseshoe tattoo on her right ribcage in November 2012

In November 2012, Scarlett joyfully showed off her horseshoe tattoo, called ‘Lucky You,’ located on her right ribcage.

Two of six tats: She has a sunset tattoo located on her left forearm and an 'I [heart] NY' charm bracelet tattoo on her right wrist

Two of six tats: She has a sunset tattoo located on her left forearm and an 'I [heart] NY' charm bracelet tattoo on her right wrist

During a casual chat late at night, the new mom proudly displayed two special tattoos alongside her other ink: a stunning sunset design on her left forearm and a cute charm bracelet saying ‘I [heart] NY’ on her right wrist.

Deceiving: The Avengers: Age Of Ultron star schooled host Jimmy Fallon in the fan favorite game Box Of Lies

Deception: During her appearance on The Tonight Show, Scarlett Johansson from “Avengers: Age Of Ultron” cunningly outwitted host Jimmy Fallon in the fun game Box Of Lies. When discussing their tattoo counts, Scarlett claimed to have six tattoos, while Cecily had three and Wiz jokingly said he had 411. Scarlett successfully misled Jimmy with clever descriptions of bizarre items, such as a Starbucks cup filled with baked beans and a Gumby doll paired with a Black Widow figurine. Make sure to catch Scarlett in the highly anticipated film “Avengers: Age Of Ultron,” premiering in the U.S. on May 1.

Cool 'do: The ex-wife of actor Ryan Reynolds slicked back her pixie cut hairstyle to appear windswept

The ex-partner of Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds sported a chic windswept style with her pixie cut hair swept back.

What is that? Jimmy tricked Scarlett by describing a mannequin head that had on cubic zirconia-filled swim goggles

What’s happening over there? Jimmy managed to trick Scarlett by mentioning a mannequin head wearing swim goggles filled with cubic zirconia.

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