“Oops, Mom and Dad!”: Katy Perry lets slip a naughty word on live TV followed by a subtle dig at Britney (and her jaw-dropping silver ensemble turns heads!)

Despite being raised by a preacher’s daughter, Katy Perry didn’t hold back from letting out a curse word during her live TV appearance at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night. The network was quick to censor the slip-up by cutting the sound and blurring Katy’s lips. The 32-year-old was clearly caught off guard and apologized, saying, “Sorry, I’m live. I still couldn’t stop swearing. Sorry mom and dad.”

In addition to this incident, Katy also made a comment that sparked some controversy among fans, leading some to believe it was meant as a subtle dig at Britney Spears.

'I haven't shaved my head yet!' Katy had been explaining the long gap since her last album, 2014's Prism when she made the dig at Britney 

Apologies, Mom and Dad! Katy Perry accidentally swears on live television (and stuns in a bold silver ensemble!) while making her entrance at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles over the weekend.

Eye-catching: Before her indiscretion Katy who wore an attention-grabbing Tom Ford dress, had been explaining the long gap since her last album, 2014's Prism

Dressed in a striking Tom Ford outfit, Katy had been discussing the significant time lapse since her last album, Prism, released back in 2014. When E!’s Ryan Seacrest asked about the break in her music career, Katy responded by saying, “Yeah, that’s called looking after your mental well-being.”

Not impressed: Fans did not like Katy's reference to Britney Spear's breakdown

Fans were not pleased with Katy’s mention of Britney Spears’ breakdown. When asked about her performance, Katy made a quip suggesting she had not reached the same breaking point as Britney. In 2007, Britney famously shaved her head during a highly publicized breakdown.

'Tragic' They felt the dig was not needed

‘Tragic’ They believed the critical comment was unnecessary.

The 32-year-old also talked about her upcoming album, expressing her pride in it. She described it as a new chapter in her career, calling it an era of purposeful reflection. Her latest single, Chained to the Rhythm, was released on Friday, and she sees it as a politically charged track that aims to spark discussions.

In the past, her songs have always been multifaceted, with layers of meaning. She used to rely on innuendos, but now she considers herself more of a master of subtext. She believes that her new single encourages dialogue and emphasizes the importance of listening to one another.

Who created that? Katy said her distinctive dress was by Tom Ford

“Whose creation is this?” Katy mentioned that the unique dress she was wearing was designed by Tom Ford.

Peace out! The 32-year-old immediately apologized after swearing on live TV

Later, the 32-year-old quickly expressed regret for using profanity during a live television broadcast and said sorry for his language. Take it easy!

Speaking out: The politically minded singer urged her fans to come together

Encouraging unity: The singer with strong political views called on her followers to unite and stand together.

Katy made a daring statement with her outfit at the Grammys, showing she no longer pays attention to others’ opinions of her style. While she used to obsess over social media comments about her appearance, she now values the opinions of her inner circle more.

Moving on: Fans blasted Katy for 'throwing shade' at Britney's mental breakdown

Transitioning forward: Katy Perry faced criticism from fans for seemingly making a dig at Britney Spears’ mental health issues.

New music: The 32-year-old also discussed her upcoming new album, revealing one of her favourite new tracks is called Bon Appetit

New music: The 32-year-old also discussed her upcoming new album, revealing one of her favourite new tracks is called Bon Appetit

Exciting tunes: Sharing details about her upcoming album, the 32-year-old mentioned one of her top picks from the new record titled Bon Appetit.

It's Katy! Her fans were delighted to see the pop star on the red carpet

Guess who it is? Katy Perry! Fans were ecstatic to catch a glimpse of the popular singer as she strutted down the red carpet. During an interview, she shared, “I’ve stopped caring about what others think of me. I have an amazing support system whose opinions I truly value. I no longer waste my time reading through comments. Fashion is a powerful tool for self-expression. The way we dress can reflect our personalities – whether we’re funny, romantic, serious, or sarcastic.” Katy’s words resonated with her fans, reminding them to stay true to themselves and embrace their individuality.

Getting ready: Katy posted an Instagram showing her make-up artist using her Covergirl range

Prepping up: Katy shared an Instagram snap featuring her makeup artist using products from her Covergirl collection.

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