“Twice as Nice: Katy Perry Poses with Lookalike Fan at LA Premiere of Her Prismatic World Tour Film”

During the LA premiere of her Prismatic World Tour movie, Katy Perry had a surprising encounter with a fan who could easily pass as her twin. The fan, dressed in a pink feline outfit and sporting the same dark black hair as Katy, caught the singer’s attention while she was signing autographs on the red carpet. It was clear that imitation truly is the sincerest form of flattery for this dedicated fan.

Seeing double: Katy Perry snapped a selfie with a doppelganger fan as she worked the crowd at the LA premiere of her Prismatic World Tour movie on Thursday night 

Double Vision: Katy Perry took a selfie with a lookalike fan while mingling with the crowd at the premiere of her Prismatic World Tour movie in LA on Thursday evening.

The Imitation Game: Katy posed with the lookalike on the red carpet at the Ace Hotel's theatre in Los Angeles

At the Ace Hotel’s theater in Los Angeles, Katy struck a pose with her doppelganger on the red carpet during The Imitation Game event.

She stole my look: The fan, who is wearing a popcorn ring from Katy's Eat Your Heart Out collection at Claire's, and Katy throw faux shade at each other at the event

She copied my style: A fan showed up wearing a popcorn ring from Katy’s Eat Your Heart Out collection at Claire’s, sparking a playful exchange of faux shade between Katy and the fan at the event.

Moment: No doubt the fan was ecstatic to meet her pop idol

The fan was undoubtedly overjoyed to meet her favorite pop star. She just needed to put on some of the same dark lipstick that Perry was wearing to complete the look and be even more of a match for the singer.

Katy appeared stunning in a tight black dress with satin lapels, but it was her tall black lace-up boots with spiked heels that really stood out. Her stylish shoes had a solid back and laces that crisscrossed all the way up the front.

Who invited her? The singer and the fan share a jokey exchange on the red carpet

Who extended the invitation to her? The singer and the fan engaged in a playful banter while walking the red carpet.

Selfie sisters: Katy grabs the fans Kitty Purry phone, which is encased in a cover from Katy Perry's Prism collection at Claire's, to take a snap 

Selfie siblings: Katy playfully borrows her fan’s Kitty Purry phone, protected in a stylish case from Katy Perry’s Prism line at Claire’s, to capture a quick photo.

Photobomb: It seems the lookalike wanted to make her mark on the night

Photobombing: It appears that the doppelganger was keen on leaving her imprint on the evening.

The lady is a vamp: Katy Perry went sultry in a tight black dress and black lace-up boots for the screening of Katy Perry: The Prismatic World Tour movie that premieres Saturday on EPIX 

Katy Perry rocked a sultry look at the screening of her movie, Katy Perry: The Prismatic World Tour. She turned heads in a figure-hugging black dress paired with stylish black lace-up boots. The movie premieres this Saturday on EPIX, showcasing her incredible tour performances.

Two sides to Katy: Ms. Perry exuded confidence in those provocative boots that she matched with a sassy updo and dark nail polish

Two sides to Katy: Ms. Perry exuded confidence in those provocative boots that she matched with a sassy updo and dark nail polish

Katy Perry showcased her dual personality with bold confidence, rocking a pair of provocative boots paired with a stylish updo and dark nail polish.

Sharp: Her fancy footwear featured a solid back and a crisscrossing of laces in the front all the way up

Stylish: Katy rocked a pair of chic shoes with a unique design featuring a solid back and crisscrossing laces up the front. Her hair was artfully tousled and swept back, adding a sultry touch to her overall look. With heavy eyeliner and purple lipstick, her milky-white complexion was enhanced.

Katy graciously stopped to greet her fans on the raspberry-colored carpet, taking time to take selfies with them. She even encountered a couple of girls who bore a striking resemblance to her, with one sporting pink cat ears and a jumpsuit reminiscent of her stage outfits, while the other emulated another one of her signature looks.

Vampy kiss: Katy's milky pale complexion got a boost thanks to that purple lipstick

Vampire smooch: Katy’s skin, as fair as milk, was enhanced by the addition of that bold purple lip color.

Tour mascot: The Roar singer brought along her furry pooch Butters

The lead singer of The Roar proudly introduced her adorable furry companion, Butters, as the band’s official mascot on tour.

Puppy love: The little canine showered kisses on Katy on the red carpet

Puppy love: The little canine showered kisses on Katy on the red carpet

Puppy love was in the air as the small dog affectionately gave Katy kisses while walking the red carpet.

That's her baby: Butters looked just like a sweet little teddy bear

That’s her baby: Butters was the spitting image of a cute teddy bear.
One of the standout moments of the evening was when Katy proudly presented her fluffy tour sidekick, Butters.
Katy lovingly held the dog that looked like a teddy bear, proving once and for all that she is not just a fan of cats.
Additionally, Perry also has a lovable cat named Kitty Purry on her team.

Fan friendly: Katy took time out to meet and greet some of her fans

Katy made sure to connect with her supporters by dedicating some time to meet and greet them personally.

Take a picture: Katy wanted the fun to last longer for this smiling fan and indulged her with a selfie

Grab a snapshot: Katy was eager to make the moment last for her happy fan, so she snapped a selfie together.

Not finished yet: Katy sidled over to yet another one of her admirers whom she delighted with a photo op

Not complete yet: Katy casually made her way over to another fan who she happily posed for a picture with.
Katy Perry’s Prismatic World Tour is filled with stunning visuals, electrifying performances, and catchy pop songs.
Fans can catch the premiere of Katy’s epic film this Saturday during EPIX’s free preview weekend. Subscribers of EPIX can watch the movie on TV, online, on demand, and through the EPIX app.
For those who can’t wait, Katy Perry: The Prismatic World Tour will also be streaming live for free on the official EPIX and Katy Perry Facebook pages.

Really must get back: Katy regretfully returned to the venue at The Theatre at Ace Hotel Downtown LA

Katy reluctantly made her way back to The Theatre at Ace Hotel Downtown LA, feeling a sense of obligation to return.

Coral wonder: Ali Fedotowsky simmered in a coral frock with black high heels and a slim belt

Coral beauty: Ali Fedotowsky looked stunning in a coral dress paired with sleek black heels and a stylish belt.

Details: Ali's clingy dress featured wide strips over both shoulders and a flirty split in the back

Details: Ali's clingy dress featured wide strips over both shoulders and a flirty split in the back

Ali’s dress had large straps over each shoulder and a playful slit in the back, adding a touch of flare to her outfit.

Joining the fun: Costume designer Johnny Wujek also attended the event

Getting in on the excitement: The event was also graced by the presence of costume designer Johnny Wujek.

Seeing is believing: Katy's movie will be shown as part of the EPIX free preview weekend, and EPIX subscribers will get to view the movie on air, online, on demand and via the EPIX app

Witness it firsthand: Katy’s film will be included in the EPIX free preview weekend lineup, giving EPIX subscribers the chance to enjoy the movie through various platforms such as on air, online, on demand, and via the EPIX app.

The amazing performance features Katy belting out crowd favorites like I Kissed A Girl and Dark Horse.

Ali Fedotowsky showed her admiration for the pop icon by attending the screening event.

The former Bachelorette star looked stunning in a form-fitting coral dress, the same outfit worn by former 90210 actress AnnaLynne McCord at a Beverly Hills luncheon earlier that week.

Adding her own touch, Ali paired the dress with black high heels and a sleek belt cinched around her waist.

Chat: The singer spoke to Mario Lopez following the screening

Conversation: The vocalist chatted with Mario Lopez after the premiere.

On show: The effect of Katy's boots were properly noticed when she sat down

During the show, Katy’s boots really caught everyone’s attention when she took a seat.

That was fun: Katy hugs Mario following the Q&A session

That was a blast: Katy embraces Mario after the engaging question and answer session.

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