Wonder Woman Wows! Gal Gadot Shines on Jimmy Kimmel Show to Talk About Keeping Up with the Joneses

Gal Gadot looked absolutely stunning as she made her way to the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood to chat about her latest film Keeping Up with the Joneses on Jimmy Kimmel. The 5 foot 10 inch Wonder Woman actress flaunted her long legs in a chic white skirt, pairing it with a stylish Burberry trench coat and fierce leopard print Schutz heels. With her brown hair pulled back and sporting dark glasses, the 31-year-old Israeli beauty flashed a bright smile and rocked a bold red lipstick. Keep reading for a peek at the video footage from the event!

Peace and love: Gal Gadot, 31, walked confidently into a Jimmy Kimmel taping in Hollywood, California on Monday

Peace and affection: Gal Gadot, aged 31, made a poised entrance into a Jimmy Kimmel show recording in Hollywood, California on Monday.

A step ahead: The Israeli actress-model was on hand to promote her new comedy Keeping Up with the Joneses, which co-stars Jon Hamm, Isla Fisher and Zach Galifianakis

One step forward: The Israeli actress-model made an appearance to support her latest comedy film Keeping Up with the Joneses, alongside actors Jon Hamm, Isla Fisher, and Zach Galifianakis.

Fashionista: Gadot was immaculately put together in a white skirt and stylish khaki jacket

Stylish Star: Gadot looked effortlessly chic in her white skirt paired with a trendy khaki jacket.

Gorgeous gal: The statuesque beauty, with Jon Hamm, is part of a strong cast in the new comedy

Stunning woman: With Jon Hamm by her side, the glamorous Gadot shines in the new comedy alongside a talented cast. In the movie, she portrays Natalie Jones, a government spy who, along with her spy husband Tim (played by Jon Hamm), moves into a quiet suburban area. The plot thickens when their neighbors, the Gaffneys (portrayed by Isla Fisher and Zach Galifianakis), discover that the Joneses are not your average couple.

Gadot adds another feather to her cap with this role, showcasing her talent in a variety of genres. From her beginnings as Miss Israel, she has gone on to star in blockbuster hits like Furious 7 and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, where she captivated audiences as Wonder Woman.

Looking ahead, Gadot is set to take center stage in an upcoming summer action film as the DC comics superhero. Get ready to see her shine on the silver screen solo next year!

A reason to smile: Gadot's rocketing to new heights, both in the star-studded upcoming comedy as well as what will likely be a career-defining role as Wonder Woman

One thing that will bring a smile to your face is Gadot’s soaring success, set to reach new levels in the star-studded comedy and the potentially career-changing role of Wonder Woman.

Beauty queen: Gadot, who finished her ensemble with a pair of Schutz heels, captured the title of Miss Israel in 2004

Bling: The tall beauty wore rings on her hand

Pageant winner Gal Gadot, completed her look with stunning Schutz heels, clinching the Miss Israel crown back in 2004.

In a recent interview with Variety, Gadot explained why the character of Wonder Woman, originally portrayed by Lynda Carter, resonates with audiences. Gadot mentioned that Wonder Woman’s relatability comes from her compassionate nature and human heart, along with her curiosity and naivete which allow her to see the world with genuine interest. Gadot also addressed statements from comic book writer Greg Rucka, who suggested that Wonder Woman must have had romantic experiences with other women due to her upbringing on the all-female island of Themyscira.

Summer blockbuster: Gadot gets a feature role in next summer's Wonder Woman

Summer sensation: Gadot lands a major role in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie set to hit theaters next summer. Discussing her character, Gadot mentioned that there are aspects of Wonder Woman’s background that have not been fully explored yet. She emphasized the importance of representing diversity and inclusivity in the film, stating that while there may not be any bisexual relationships depicted on screen, the character’s love for people transcends labels. As she prepares for the Wonder Woman role, Gadot is also gearing up for the release of Keeping Up with the Joneses, alongside co-stars Patton Oswalt and Ari Shaffir, premiering on October 21.

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